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(It’s SNOWING now, sooo glad we’re leaving) Packing in Earnest/And We’re Off!

Hello friends and happy weekend!

I’ve finally started packing for my trip! But before that, I made a few stops to pick up: Dramamine, ear plugs, small hand lotion, vitamins, hand sanitizer, cash, and gas in my car! Just normal stuff really.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve washed my clothes, got down suitcases, set out each of my outfits/work out clothes and brainstormed shoes/jewelry to wear on each day (not working out of course)…and my swimsuit bottom finally arrived! It fits and for the most part is cute with the top (that was cutting it close right??) Tell me what you think of my choices??

I have to make another decision-there are two fancy dinners to attend and here are the choices of dresses: silver/taupe sparkly, red velvet, and black/white striped. Which do you like better?? I will end up taking at least five pairs of shoes, I don’t see any other way around it now LOL

So now I just have makeup and hair stuff to pack which will have to be done in the morning-there’s just no other way to do it!

Our flight leaves at 1:50pm tomorrow!

All about me

Good morning! Here I am starting my blog and I thought to explain my recent Instagram name changes! 15 years ago I ended an emotionally abusive marriage and began discovering/remembering who I am. One way I did this was through fashion. At the end of my aforementioned marriage, I bought a darling zip up sweater, gray leopard print, with faux fur on the collar and cuffs. My (now ex) criticized my looks and the sweater and a rebel was born.

Fast forward six years and I found the love of my life, we were engaged to be married and my wedding ring is a beautiful Levian, “Chocolate Diamonds” band. So whenever I do something I remember I need to remember who I am. That is why I have “chocolate” in my blog name and how it is connected with my love for fashion. I feel like fashion was one thing that helped me come out of my shell.

Now it’s been nine 1/2 years since I married the love of my life- Mike and I finally decided to start a blog. I want to help other women my age recognize their beauty, accept the aging process, and we might even have a little fun!

My ring (chocolate diamonds) and fashion represent my discovered authenticity!