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(It’s SNOWING now, sooo glad we’re leaving) Packing in Earnest/And We’re Off!

Hello friends and happy weekend!

I’ve finally started packing for my trip! But before that, I made a few stops to pick up: Dramamine, ear plugs, small hand lotion, vitamins, hand sanitizer, cash, and gas in my car! Just normal stuff really.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve washed my clothes, got down suitcases, set out each of my outfits/work out clothes and brainstormed shoes/jewelry to wear on each day (not working out of course)…and my swimsuit bottom finally arrived! It fits and for the most part is cute with the top (that was cutting it close right??) Tell me what you think of my choices??

I have to make another decision-there are two fancy dinners to attend and here are the choices of dresses: silver/taupe sparkly, red velvet, and black/white striped. Which do you like better?? I will end up taking at least five pairs of shoes, I don’t see any other way around it now LOL

So now I just have makeup and hair stuff to pack which will have to be done in the morning-there’s just no other way to do it!

Our flight leaves at 1:50pm tomorrow!

White in Winter?

Hello friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I have had a lovely Saturday! I really adore sleeping and not using an alarm to wake. It’s so heavenly 😍 Saturday and Sunday are made for me!

I thought I would share my love for white today! I found a beautiful white coat on clearance at Express a couple weeks ago -40% off the already 40% off. It was the last one and perfect fit (what are the chances right?) it was waiting for me 😉

All my life I’ve heard this rule: No white after Labor Day. I have more white hue clothing now than I’ve ever had in my life but I’ve always had a great pair of white jeans! They really go with everything! I had one pair forever that I washed all the time and they always looked perfect! I wore them out LOL.

So I’ve always wore white fairly regularly and as I’ve aged I’ve kind of been a rebel in regards to what is “normal” and “appropriate” for a woman my age so when I hear someone say don’t wear white- I really go out of my way to do just that! LOL

I thought I would share some of my white looks this week in the middle of January! I think you will see that Winter White is very pretty and you might want to snag more white for yourself!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Have any of you watched the movie “In Her Shoes”? It came out quite a few years ago (2005) with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. I love one part in that movie, Cameron (Maggie) is asking her sister Rose (Toni) why she bought all the shoes (Rose has a closet full of gorgeous shoes) and Rose replies “Shoes always fit”, and I’ve remembered that line ever since. Would someone look up the song “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini, also a favorite song. Wish I could have it playing on my blog. Someone tell me how to do that!
I’ve always had a love for shoes. I remember as a senior graduating high school, I got a dress in my favorite color (purple) and somehow my parents found me a gorgeous pair of purple (think they were a sort of suede?) sandals. We lived in Wyoming! How did they find some purple sandals?? Oh my gosh they were just killer!
I’ve had a lot of pretty shoes since then. I spent some time picking out shoes I would wear to my wedding, looking for the perfect over the knee boot last year, scouring online stores trying to find a silver boot, and frantically searching for the perfect red boot the last couple weeks. Shoes always fit right?
After my last pregnancy in 1998, my shoes actually did not fit….the size of my feet changed….whaaaaat?
Yes, previous to pregnancy, I wore a size 10…after I couldn’t fit in any of my shoes. So….in a moment of impulsiveness…I got rid of all my size 10 shoes! Nooooooo, but yes I did and have always regretted it. Some time later, I don’t know if it was two months or how long; I realized my feet were back to size 10. Only then I had some (maybe two or three) pairs of size 11 shoes and no size 10. Gone were the cute boots and flats and anything else that fit. I had to start from scratch.
A couple years ago I had a garage sale and (don’t say it) got rid of two or three pairs of shoes…I can see them now: one pair of brown chunky/army style boots I got at Journeys, a pair of tall tan boots with fur on the top from Buckle, and a slinky pair of rhinestone studded heels I got somewhere but can’t remember. Although they were so pretty, I just never found anywhere to wear them.
Reminder to self: Never get rid of any more shoes! This is a really important rule to remember!!
Back to my love for shoes! A couple weeks ago I saw a gorgeous pair of red booties and since then I’ve been trying to find a size/color/fit I like! Finally I found one in my size and impatiently waited for them to arrive; and voila! Seriously people, they are incredibly gorgeous and fit perfect! I get light headed and giddy when I look at them, they’re so pretty. Although I didn’t pay a pretty penny for them, got them at Asos.
Here are some of my favorite shoes and me wearing the pumps with red! So fun!

Asos Emberly Point Ankle Boots
Big Leopard Sueded D’Orsay Pumps
MIA Utility Peep Toe Bootie
Chase & Chloe-Ava Bootie

Women’s Bridget Mod Bootie


Bright fall colors!

Oh my gosh I’m loving this darling plaid jacket by #target new line ANEWDAY. My charcoal ruffle sweater is the same line. This jacket is so fun and colorful! I think I also need to pair it with a bright pink skirt and booties, that would be gorgeous too!

This look is also trendy right now but I love the colors!

BTW I took a risk and used my bright pink #mac New York Apple lipstick to match💋lovin’ it!

Graphic Arms

For some reason I seem to name my outfits! 😂

Today I’m feeling graphic, with my fun Beatles tee and army look sweater #jcpenney #libbyedelman. I love my red leggings #jcpenney ANA line cause red is so in right now and one of my favorite colors to wear! I also love the big gold hoops!

I know this whole look is pretty trendy but I think it’s super fun; fashion should be fun right??<<
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Love me some bell sleeves!

I love my #whowhatwear #target blouse and these billowy sleeves! They make me feel aristocratic! I love black but try not to wear it too much because back in 2002 that was only color in my closet!

How cute are these booties! #shoedazzle Oh my goodness! Studded shoes are trendy but I think this works for my age, because it’s not all in your face! 😜 and my distressed jeans #express make it all work!

There is a story with my pendant, it’s my mother’ pendant and she died when I was 7, so I love to be able to remember her in wearing this as a focal point.

Thanks for reading!

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I’m having fun today pairing my leopard leggings with striped ruffled shirt! So trendy and exciting! Leopard print is a neutral and you can pair with anything so have fun! I thought it needed a belt and this sequin one keeps my look feminine. Aren’t these booties cute? They have zippers on both sides, very stylin!

#whowhatwear #target #jcpenney #shoedazzle #fashionover50