Age Rules! or rules?

Hey everybody! Oh my goodness it’s Wednesday, halfway through my work week.

I got my roots dyed Monday evening and have been thinking a lot about hair, age, and fashion. When I was 45, I saw this book about women my age and fashion/makeup. I thought to myself “I need to figure out how to dress now that I’m getting older”, I know crazy thinking right? I’ve finally figured that out, thank goodness. So I’m not gonna throw this author under the bus, but there are some rules in his book that I thought were true for awhile.

One is “Long hair on an older face looks insecure, not confident, not sexy” and “As women age, most will look better with shorter hair”?? Really?? Says who?? I have a beautiful mother and she has the most amazing gorgeous long hair and I told her about the book I found. We both agreed that her hair is amazing and beautiful and why would she cut her hair? (I attach a picture of my beautiful mother below) That’s crazy talk, although I never considered long hair for me. I’ve had short hair most of my adult life (so far) and hadn’t taken the time to grow it out.

Over the last two years I have been growing my hair with a little bit of help with Halo (an extension that fits over my head) due to thyroid disease I go through stages of hair thinning, so the extension helps. As I’ve been doing this, I thought to myself: why did I listen to someone else telling me how I should look? Why does it matter to someone I haven’t even met (I’m directing this at the book author specifically, media in general toward women of my age and older). Why does my age mean I can’t wear clothes, shoes, or my hair a certain way? Why does someone else decide what is age appropriate for me? (I’ve always been kind of a rebel).

Another rule of this book is that women over 50 should not wear dark makeup. Now the models in his book looked as if they were made up like clowns; their makeup was dark, garish, and very unflattering but what if a woman were to still wear makeup artfully applied but it’s dark or silver or purple? Who’s to say that’s wrong or she can’t be herself? These are some questions I’m asking myself. Deep dark lipstick tones are very trendy right now and I love one particular #UrbanDecay CONSPIRACY…oh my gosh it’s beautiful but seriously dark and I feel real risky wearing it but I love it! So I will continue to wear my dark lipstick when I want! Boom!

Today was a cold rainy day and I finally got the chance to take more risks! I finally wore my velvet blue duster! You might have heard me say that velvet is a big trend and it’s seriously so soft that it makes my day better just wearing it. I’ve been waiting forever to wear duster #NordstromRack along with my #express peach jeans and ruffle floral #jcpenney top! I added my studded #shoedazzle boots and boy am I having fun! Guys I even wore this to work and my clients reported that my duster looks like my “wizard coat”! Isn’t that the most amazing comment?!!


Victorian Moto

I know, you’re thinking “Victorian Moto” doesn’t sound like a thing and I have to admit to myself that I notice I don’t stick with one style in one outfit. Who knows what’s going on there?? LOL BUT I think it works!

Lace, or rather mesh is super trendy right now although see through clothing doesn’t work for me so I found this gorgeous #express lace blouse that fits the bill along with my #express jeans. Moto jackets, especially leather look are trendy also and this one in a lovely pink #jcpenney #soworthit I(heart)Ronson is super cute! To top it off I added a gorgeous velvet (also super trendy) floral sandals #asos and I have my Victorian moto look down!

I did an updo with my hair, almost accidentally cause I had it in a bun yesterday (just didn’t feel like doing anything) and today it’s in these fun waves as I have somewhat curl in my hair…so I just bobby pinned it up and voila! The hair works with the outfit! How often does that happen?? LOL

I hope you can have fun with some trends going on too: velvet, mesh/lace, and moto. Don’t be afraid to try new things and above all….have fun!

Haute Fashion for All

Hello everyone!

I went to the City Creek Fashion Show (Salt Lake City) on Saturday and want to show this week how you can apply some fun trends out now!

One thing I saw quite a bit and super cute is oversize shirts and jean jackets. In the fashion show, it was styled for younger/college age women but I think it works for me too! One look from #chicos styled a maxi button up dress as an oversized jacket/cardigan. It was also super cute but I neglected to get a pic 😦

Here I am in an Aztec print maxi skirt #macys, black shirt #madewell #Nordstrom, gladiator sandals #jcpenney #soworthit Arizona jeans line, and I added my somewhat oversized front tie jean shirt #chicos. I think it’s a real fun look and matches my personality. I also changed my eye color (golds and browns, I always fall for the 705 #CoverGirl G FR TH GLDS, originally created for Star Wars) for fall.

Let me know how you’re changing your look for fall! Try to fit in (LOL) some oversized shirts or jackets! Follow me on IG @hautechocolate4fashion

Age Positivity

Happy Saturday all!

I admire and follow some great body positivity women on IG. I’m a mental health/addiction therapist (CMHC) in my day job and observe many women struggling with body image and aging. I notice in the media and in general around me, a feeling of fear or dread when women speak about aging. I started a blog to bring more awareness and acceptance of aging; it might even be an enjoyable journey. I recognize that with aging, many people suffer from health problems they did not have when younger, I do too but I don’t think that means we stop living and enjoying life as it is-as we experience it. I enjoy life quite a bit through fashion.

I would like to be a kind of role model for other women my age and older, maybe even younger women that aging is a normal and enjoyable part of life. I’m heading off to “City Creek Fashion Show” (Salt Lake City) tonight, first time I’ve ever done that, by myself, and I think it’s going to be great fun! I love clothes and love trying to create an interesting outfit.

Today I’m wearing a mustard yellow, bell-double ruffle sleeve blouse from #JcPenney #SoWorthIt and these HAUTE #whowhatwear #Target pleather pants with my super fun #Target ANEWDAY (new line) leopard booties. Now all this is super trendy and quite a bit feisty which normally wouldn’t work for me at work but as I’m going out I think it’s perfect. I have worn my pleather pants before to work but toned down their “wow” with a baggy sweater or casual/baggy sweatshirt which makes it ok for work but super fun.

One day at work we (employer) had educational consultants tour our facility (residential treatment) and I was wearing one of my “louder” outfits, trying to mix some prints and bright colors. It makes me laugh to remember both of them looked at me while trying to be polite and said “you sure have some bright colors there”! I was thinking they meant I was pretty loud LOL but it was one of my favorite outfits so I didn’t take it personally. I do dress somewhat more conservative (less loud) when I know a client’s (young adults) parents are coming into town and I want to make a “mature” impression. Which brings me to another topic: my voice! You’re gonna love this-

I have a very distinctive voice, to be perfectly clear, I have a very young sounding voice. When telemarketers used to call our landline, they would ask “honey is your mommy home”? and I would honestly say, “no she’s not” LOL because I was 35! So in my work I speak with a lot of people on the phone and I have to constantly try to convince people I am mature/old (really, I do)…it’s just a real weird dichotomy…women aren’t supposed to talk about their age (stupid rule) and here I am telling people how old I am to try and make them think I am responsible because they just don’t get it from my voice or the way I dress either! It’s too funny! One of these days I will do a live video so you can hear me speak 😉

Anyway, I hope each of you takes a little risk (like I’ve been doing) in fashion, in your life, show your personality, and have some fun.

Bright fall colors!

Oh my gosh I’m loving this darling plaid jacket by #target new line ANEWDAY. My charcoal ruffle sweater is the same line. This jacket is so fun and colorful! I think I also need to pair it with a bright pink skirt and booties, that would be gorgeous too!

This look is also trendy right now but I love the colors!

BTW I took a risk and used my bright pink #mac New York Apple lipstick to match💋lovin’ it!

Graphic Arms

For some reason I seem to name my outfits! 😂

Today I’m feeling graphic, with my fun Beatles tee and army look sweater #jcpenney #libbyedelman. I love my red leggings #jcpenney ANA line cause red is so in right now and one of my favorite colors to wear! I also love the big gold hoops!

I know this whole look is pretty trendy but I think it’s super fun; fashion should be fun right??<<
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Happy National Bootie Day!

No it’s not like K.C. and the Sunshine Band “Shake Your Bootie”! This is about the shoe on your foot that’s super cute and versatile!

Growing up in Wyoming I didn’t have any booties, only snow boots!

I’ve added pics of my favorite new booties: black studded #shoedazzle and super comfy! I wore them yesterday and got so many compliments! The tan bootie, also #shoedazzle and they are comfy while being perfect with some of my upcoming fall/winter outfits! Then the leopard (rose tint, gorgeous) bootie #anewday #target and they are so fun/comfy to wear! I got tons of compliments when I wore these too!

Have a fun bootie day!