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Simple Outfits for a Win!

Hello friends!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I thought I would share a couple simple outfits that are classy and have some personality! You know outfits with personality are one of my favorite ways to dress πŸ™‚ Both outfits showcase white shirts, just because I think white is a great color to wear in the heat of summer.

The first two outfits show the same peasant embroidered shirt. One day I wore it with raw edge ankle crop jeans and a camo jacket (cause it was quite cold) and another day I wore it with high waisted wide leg crop jeans (same wedges each time) and I can’t decide which outfit I like more! I really like the shirt with camo as it’s such a juxtaposition of styles which really speaks to me! I love the opposite idea….a lovely peasant embroidered shirt, so genteel and delicate/dainty with the tough look of camo. It’s like saying “you really don’t know me at all, I’m a lady AND don’t underestimate me! LOL it’s such fun!

Then the next two outfits, I’m wearing a basic button up white shirt (with a little bit of texture) with shorts AND some cropped striped pants. Either are fun and provide a little bit different personality to fit different plans for your day. I have worn short to work before but I always try to pair it with something really fancy to dress them up. Typically shorts would be a weekend outfit idea or for a summer holiday. The cropped striped pants can also be a weekend outfit, summer holiday or work outfit.

I love the idea of an interesting white top/shirt (all these items are super affordable and on sale at JCPenney) to dress anything up or make an outfit simple AND fun!

Pastels for the Win (Ter)

Hello friends!

I had a wonderful day off (thanks to all the past presidents)-work holiday. But tomorrow I go back to work πŸ™ I wish I could figure out a way to get paid and NOT work. I haven’t figured that out yet πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Anyway! It’s still WINTER and one way I cheer myself up is through fashion; specifically fashion that defies winter!

When you think of Winter, do you think of darker days, cold weather, snow, and slick roads? Well I do too, and so I think it’s fun to play opposite game and switch to something opposite of all that which in this case is PASTELS! Pastels are usually reserved for spring or weddings right?? Not anymore!

I found this awesome mint green faux fur jacket on clearance at Target, combined with these cute mint Nike’s from JCPenney; then I added white just to be feisty! White jeans (also JCPenney) and a pastel striped “Hello” sweater I accidentally snagged from Walmart! (Score!)

Isn’t this the perfect attitude when facing winter?? Gimme all you got, I’m not scared… yep that’s what we’ve got to do to get through- chin up and show some attitude 😊

Follow up to Prime Wardrobe (review)

Hello friends! Happy Hump Day!

I thought I would follow up with a review of what I got from Prime Wardrobe (Amazon). It’s a new service with Amazon Prime that a person can pick up to 8 items in fashion (shoes, clothes, jewelry, bags, etc) in a certain section of Amazon, have them shipped for free to your home, try on the items, and decide what you love while shipping back for free what you do not like and not paying for the items you don’t want.

I tried it a few days ago. I ordered two pairs of sandals, (one white one pink), a Betsy Johnson bag, and a pair of Betsy Johnson earrings. My package was delivered Monday and I had fun opening up all the “gifts”! I love getting packages in the mail, it’s a thing.

So the shoes are amazing! I wore the pink sandals (Franco Sarto Wedge Sandal)yesterday. It’s a little bit of a wedge but not really high and the pink material feels like leather and is a hot pink. I love them and will probably find many things to match them πŸ™‚

The white sandals (Rockport Women’s Briah-picture below with fresh toenails πŸ˜‚) are also a wedge but strap behind my ankle and the white material is perforated so it looks like polka dots! I’ve been trying to find a white wedge but unsuccessful until this pair. They’re super comfy too and I’m wearing them today.

The Betsy Johnson bag is so cute, although a little spendy $100 and the (inside room) is about the size of a small protein bar so I couldn’t justify keeping it. It is darling though and a fish, so how cute!

The Betsy Johnson earrings are super cute, although different than what I expected and I returned these also.

The return is simple; the package comes with a self addressed stamped (UPC coded) sticker and the box has an adhesive strip. I just put my unwanted items in the box, sealed it with the strip, and stuck the addressed sticker on the box over my address sticker. I then dropped the box off at UPS and it is now on it’s way back to AMAZON. Easy peasy!

I hope you try Prime Wardrobe, it was fun and I like my shoes (I don’t get any reimbursement for this BTW, paid with my own dough). I just like to shop. πŸ™‚

Betsy Johnson Gone Fishing

Betsy Johnson Confetti Earrings

It’s a dress, no it’s a cardigan! (It’s not a plane)

Hello friends!

How is your weekend going?? Mine is good although seemed short; I know some of you might have the next few days off until the 4th, unfortunately I work tomorrow and Tuesday but yes I do have 4th of July off! We have a fun amusing day planned! ( we are going to an amusement park with the kids and grandkids!)

Leading up to the fourth I thought I would share one red white and blue outfit that might include a dress and it might be a cardigan! It’s up to you which you’d like!

I saw a cute lady on IG @chicover50 wearing an outfit like this and I had to imitate her! (Follow her; she is darling!)

Anyway I found a jean dress (button up) at Target – Universal Thread and amazingly enough it was on sale I think 40% off so it came up to about 13.99 and then I found the scarf in Target’s dollar ($3) section-although it was an infinity scarf so I just cut the seam and wore it as a regular scarf with red Target Sugarfix Baublebar earrings and red sandals. I also added red lips and my bamboo bag which is a great match all the red (cools it down I think 😜

I’ll spend more time this week sharing more of my red white and blue! Happy Fourth of July!

Parking Lot Shenanigans

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday and weekend! I wonder if any of you have sweet plans this weekend? I’m on call, so I’m staying close to my cell phone but hopefully things will be smooth πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I WAS NOT ON CALL, so me and hubs lived it up with some of our married children and grandchildren! Our married son and daughter in law gave hubs an evening of bowling and so that’s how our fun started out! There were six of us in total, and I ended up winning (121)- still not a great score but it’s better than I did last time so that’s good!

Then we ate at Costa Vida which has a location right at the bowling alley. After that the little kids were getting pretty tired and they called it a night but I talked hubs into taking me to a movie! Jurassic World! Whee! (I didn’t like it as much as the previous Jurassic Park movie but really I got out and did something so that’s most important πŸ˜‰

Although we had some struggles in the parking lot! We couldn’t find anywhere to park and so I suggested hubs drop me off and I would check in on our MoviePass app with both our phones….interestingly enough after I got out of the car I realized I left my phone in the car but spent the next ten minutes chasing after hubs car in the parking lot but he never did see me! He is driving away and I’m running behind him trying to catch him….he didn’t see me and turned down another lane, I went through cards and tried to get his attention but he didn’t see me again and this happened about four more times until he parked! Picture this woman running up and down the parking lot waving her hands and yelling! Yeah that was me! Hubs needs a new windshield if he can’t see me chasing after him! LOL

Running through the parking lot, I blended in with the asphalt with my black/white/gray/edgy outfit! It’s my high waist-wide leg striped pants by Express, my graphic Beatles Tee, my gray mini shoulder bag, and my white wedge sandals by JCPenney (at the movie theatre I had changed into flip flops-thus I could run hahaha and I got about 1000 steps so there’s that) and a new edgy eye shadow look inspired by an advertisement I saw on Instagram!

Hope your weekend is wonderful friends!

High Waisted Striped Cropped Pants

Affordable Fashion

Hello friends!

I discovered something the last week or so: I follow several popular ladies on IG and I realized one I follow that used to tag affordable fashion is not doing so much anymore. I think she might be getting too popular (?) or too many followers (?) and is now linking outfits (Kate Spade for example) that are just gorgeous but not attainable for the every day woman.

I can’t afford, except for an unusual occasion (see once every few years) a $250 dress and I get frustrated following people that link items that are super expensive ($$$). I would rather pay less for clothes.

So I thought I would share a couple of inexpensive items that are trendy now but super cheap!

I perused several stores looking for a white jean jacket and lite pink jeans. JCPenney has both for around $80 with a 20% coupon. But the next day I found both these items (jacket and jeans) at Old Navy for (think it was $51). There was a sign above the jackets showing them 50% off so I got the jacket for 20! Typically you can also find coupons for OldNavy or you might have rewards and it’s even cheaper.

I saw someone else wearing something similar except higher prices at a high end store. I don’t need high end items; I love to find great deals so I thought I would pass on my finds to you my friends! Happy Thursday!

Spring is in the Air

Hello friends and happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday for some of you!)

This morning I had a hard time getting up, seriously I’m not sure I actually fell asleep til after 3am…that’s when I looked at the clock to be able to prove I was having a hard time sleeping! Does anyone else do that? If I’m feeling like I’m tossing and turning, I look at the clock to “prove” that I’m not asleep. If I’m not awake enough to look at the clock, we (me, myself, and I) know sleeping is good. I know, it’s odd…:) anyway I had a hard time getting out of bed. We’ve already established that LOL

But as I got dressed, I decided to wear something spring-ee and it’s somewhat of a different combination for me. I’m wearing white skinny jeans and white tee both JCPenney and a lavender cardigan from Express along with my white snake pattern flip flops (don’t even recall where I got these things)….It’s a spring look which I felt like doing and white sometimes makes me look like I’m awake lol so maybe that’s another reason.

But as I got in my car to leave the house, I’m thinking to myself…wow it’s 15 degrees warmer than it was last week at this time (even though it’s super cloudy), my outfit totally works for today πŸ™‚ I love when this happens! (Sometimes I dress for weather that was only in my mind! LOL!

(Something sad about this morning: I drove to take pictures at a neat fuschia wall/building here in my city and got there, realizing the WHOLE building has been torn down and replaced with four (seven story)(? that many) apartment buildings?? When did that happen? How did I not know?…so pictures are at one of my regular back drops)

Anyway, catch up to me leaving work and the temperature is 69 degrees! Whaaaaat?? Holy mother of pearl! All of a sudden either I moved to Arizona or spring is here! I love it!

My dad had a poem I’ll share with you (he passed away 33 years ago):

Spring is sprung

The grass is rized

I wonder where the flowers is πŸ™‚

Sharing my spring outfit pictures with you! Have a happy day friends!