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Predicting Fashion

Hello friends!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! I did some last minute yard preparations yesterday for winter (and I do mean last minute) because it snowed today. 😂

Have you ever wondered what wardrobe items to buy each season? I’ve been thinking of this since I’ve done this blog for two years. There seem to be some recurrent themes unusually enough (“Florals in Spring…Groundbreaking”-Devil Wore Prada)

Usually in Fall, you will see sweaters in rich hues of brown, black, ivory, green, red, orange, and burgundy with pops of leopard, camo, and snakeprint on all separates, accessories and footwear.

In the winter look for sequins and glitter on anything! I’m of the opinion that you can wear sparkle anytime of the year but these items are most often found during the holidays. Faux fur is always a great choice in any color or print.

Spring calls for florals and fun stripes; bright and pastels colors are always to be found.

Summer comes shining in with shorts and silky kimonos, reds, blues, whites, more brights of pink, yellow, green, and violets.

Over the years I’ve noticed buying quality made pieces in these categories will last me year after year.

I have a pair of black sequin leggings I bought from Express two years ago (during the holidays) that I just love, but they come in and out of vogue depending on the time of year.

It’s interesting to note that styles/colors are pretty stable from each year to the next. Sometimes you just need an updated accessory to look fashionable and on trend.

Crop Tops (are for you)

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! I hope this post helps you ignore that tomorrow is Monday! 😊

I thought I would share something I discovered lately; it seems as if crop tops are making another splash into fashion. That is all fine and good if you are 24 (I used to think)-

A few months ago (really it was probably 6 months) I found the cutest crop tee -regular neckline) from Forever 21, it’s an army green with bold letters spelling “Chicago” and I just fell in love (plus it reminds me of my trip to this beautiful city)! It’s been in my drawer forever (you know I seldom get rid of clothes-just in case) and this week I was scrounging for something different to wear when I re discovered my crop tee!

Let me tell you how a crop tee works for someone my age…you wear high waisted jeans with it! And I also added a structured plaid jacket (I wore to work) so it seems very businesslike until you realize I’m wearing distressed denim and a crop top. It’s so fun!

I’m gonna keep my eyes open for more crop tops! (Think Forever 21- such a wallet friendly place) Be open to all kinds of styles no matter your age! You can make anything fit your own vibe!

One Dress Several Ways

Hello friends and happy Monday eve! (Generally no one looks forward to Monday so I hope you hear my tongue in cheek tone!) 🤣

On Labor Day I snagged some sweet deals from Chicos at 50% off and I thought I would share one special vibrant pink dress!

It’s actually a magenta made of ponte knit. It has wonderful button details down the sleeves and it fits really well! Ponte is such a long wearing material which almost acts like a shaper itself. It’s such a great choice for this dress.

Today I wore it with my leopard heels (they’re old from Old Navy) When the weather cools down I’ll include my leopard cardigan also from Chicos.

It’s such a fun dress that I added another way to wear it! I bought a zebra print ruana (check out the pretty details) from Chicos too and added it to my dress while switched out my leopard heels for gray suede booties (these are also old- bought from Nordstrom Rack maybe three years ago).

I hope you like these different options for such a vibrant flattering dress! I really do like the magenta shade!

Jogging pants = High Fashion?

Hello friends and happy Thursday! You are almost to the weekend! Push just a wee bit harder!!

Thanks for joining me again today! I’ve got the buzz for jogging pants for a year or so and want to explain cause I think they have a bad rap 😂

A year or so ago I saw a picture in a Fashion magazine of a woman wearing jogging pants with heels- and I thought- wow really? Can I get away with that? It would be sweet right?

Soon after I snagged a black pair and at a family New Years (around that time) dinner -I wore my black joggers, a sequin shirt, a eggplant (color) long cardigan, and some kickin black heels with zipper details (along with purple jeweled earrings)! Super fun look I’m telling ya!

Since then I have four extra pair of joggers- a red and a olive green pair with a slight slinky sheen, (From Bridgette Briana-linked below) and a pink and a cream pair (JCPenney) that are more terry material.

Today I wore the olive slinky pair with my leopard shirt, open toe tan booties, and gold/green jewelry. I think it’s a fun look!

It’s not sweat pants anymore baby! Dress those cuties up and be creative!

Bridgette Brianna Joggers

Feeling Neon

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday (almost halfway through our week!)

How are you all doing? I talk to you as if you are right here and we are face to face 🙂

I’m actually quite cheery today despite some sadness over the weekend. I think I must be recovering or the joy of halfway through the week is pushing me up the hill? Who knows!

I wore some Neon the other day and thought to share because it’s so fun! I got this shirt (seriously some time ago, was it three years? I was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory -I think in Nampa Idaho with my sisssy Tenae) so it’s not a new shirt but such a fun color.

Recently I found some real cute tie front pants at JCPenney, they’re kind of a nylon/rayon material-have a sheen and are so pretty (was 40% off I believe) so I got at a smoking price- I think $20.

I had so much fun pairing these pants with my neon shirt, my pink heels, pink sparkly earrings, and a pink wall! I was in such a PINK mood and my neon shirt just seemed to hit it off in a very friendly way with the pink! I was super excited to find a new friend for my old blouse 🙂

Don’t be afraid to wear bold or bright colors! They’re so trendy right now (well always for me, I love bold and bright)!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Libby Edelman Tie Front Pants

Closet Shopping Success

Hello friends!

I was so excited this morning!

I wanted to wear my yellow blouse, actually it’s more gold. Yellow is such a trendy and fun color lately; it’s a color you can combine with almost anything but I wanted a new combination! (That’s so unlike me right??)

But it’s unreasonable to always have a new outfit! It’s more fun to be creative and create something new out of clothes I already have.

I’ve also seen (online and in magazines) many outfits combining pajama pants in every day outfits! Who would think?? Trust me, it’s cute though.

I realized I had a pair of striped pants (I bought a couple years ago in South Carolina-at Tommy Bahama) and my daughter always told me they looked like pajama pants! Haha!

So I combined my Tommy Bahama pants and my yellow JCPenney blouse along with tan sandals from Old Navy-Score! I have a new outfit and appears to be pajama pants!

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think or if you want to try it out yourself!

Bag Lady

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!

Thank goodness I made it to Wednesday, although it was terribly difficult to wake with my alarm this morning…hit snooze twice and then finally I rolled out of bed 😉

I bought a bag recently on Amazon (isn’t Amazon Prime amazing? Hubs noticed our Prime membership renewed and wondered if we could cancel and I’m like??? No way, don’t take that away from me! LOL) anyway, about the bag. It’s a really pretty bamboo, half moon bag and I got it in the mail Monday. It smells so good, like new cabinet smell, it’s very fragrant. It also appears delicate but the construction is not, so I love it.

I had never noticed before buying, but upon getting it out of packaging, it is somewhat open like a fence and I worry about my essentials falling through the cracks….I asked some IG friends how they would handle it and a couple sweet people (@gerbilu and @oysterstopearls) suggested lining it or putting my stuff in a smaller make up bag to sit inside (I’ve already learned how to downsize my bag). I like those ideas and I will look for a simple, plain (tan) makeup bag to put inside so I can use this fun bag more often and increase it’s versatility. I’m adding the link for the bag on Amazon as it’s super cute, trendy, and affordable for all (the high end bag is super $$$).

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope all of your dreams are affordable and ship quickly (think Amazon for life) 😉 LOL

Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag

Do Geese attack? (selfie concerns)

Hello friends! Happy Thursday!

My second favorite day of the week is Thursday! Yay! How is everyone doing?? I hope you all are having a great week and have some fun weekend plans 🙂

I thought I would share a couple of favorite outfits from this week and my concerns taking pictures this morning: DO GEESE ATTACK??

This morning I was at a location close to my employment (same suburb) and this area has a little creek, lots of trees, and a couple of pretty brick bridges. I love this area, it’s so pretty in the middle of huge office buildings…interesting huh? So I got out of my car to take pictures and there are several geese by me and a weird thought pops in my mind…do geese attack? Should I be worried?

I mean, I’m normally a very cautious person, (except on the freeway); I don’t get close to Bison in Yellowstone National Park or hang over the edge of the cliff at Grand Canyon National Park, but I don’t quite know how to deal with geese. Should I be cautious? Are they going to chase me? Granted I don’t think they’re vicious right? Are they going to squack me to death? Will they flap their wings and blow me away? Not likely but these are odd thoughts running through my mind as I take pictures! Does anyone else think like this or am I the only one?? LOL The things that pop in my mind would probably concern other people!

Anyway here are a couple of my favorite outfits this week. My first one happened by accident! I found this darling spring plaid shirt at Target and realized I have earrings (Also Target) to match, then I thought about wearing white jeans (JCPenney) to make the color in the shirt pop, but it was a little chilly so I wondered what jacket to pick… eyes set on my destroyed jean jacket from Forever21 and then I realized I have a coral bag (JCPenney) that perfectly matches the shirt and earrings. The only thing I missed is coral lipstick, interesting I don’t have that color….I’m not sure if it would match my skin tone but now I need to find one right?? It’s a need….

Today (geese picture episode) I have to dress more professional as I have meetings with adults (LOL) but I’m still wearing a pop of color -my red pants (AnnTaylor- old) with my black/white gingham shirt by Express and tassel earrings also Express. I added my black moto jacket by OldNavy because it’s again a little cloudy and chilly 😦 but even though it’s cloudy I still dress my personality with the pop of color and fun print!


Everyone have a happy Thursday!

Buy versatile pieces

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday!

I read something online that emphasized having a positive attitude, so I’m trying to pass that along. I didn’t drive in snow this morning and it’s been a somewhat sunny day so that is wonderful. I hope your day is going well too!

I thought I would share my thoughts about buying versatile items; like the pants I’m wearing now for example. I purchased these pants at Loft last year, maybe in April? They were in the clearance section for a good deal and I fell in love with the floral and gorgeous blue background.

Last summer I wore with a bright melon top but they’ve really got my love over the winter. I’ve wore them with a tan stripe top, gray sweater (with burgundy jacket), bright pink sweater, and pink stripe top. They really flatter many different things because there are so many colors/tones in the pattern. They’re one of my funnest most favorite print!

I recommend, when you’re contemplating buying an item of clothing or shoes/jewelry; think to yourself, how many things can I combine with this? If there are more than two combinations, I think that’s a great buy! Sometimes you might want to buy something for a special occasion and that is normal, but I want my clothes/accessories/shoes to go with many different things. It’s like the ABC’s, there are only 26 letters but all those combine for dictionaries full of words! I hope I can make that many combinations with my clothes #clothesgoals right??

Happy Monday ya’ll! 🙂