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Jason Bourne in the Fashion World

Hello Friends!

So since I’ve been sick, I’ve been entertaining myself with every disaster movie I own- Titanic, 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Poseidon (I saw the original I think in 1974 with my mom and Dad; Michelle and Kami were visiting their dad in California and we went to the movies-granted it was two years after release, but that was normal for our part of Wyoming). LOL

I’ve watched all the Twilight movies (my son Connor watched the war scene at the end last night, then realized “wait that wasn’t real??WTF!!” ha ha I know, crazy huh), all the Bourne movies (which are really good BTW, we watched Bourne Legacy last night) and I got this crazy idea promoted by Jason Bourne….what if I was a secret agent? I’m undercover for AMAZING OLDER WOMEN COMPANY working for (some elite design company) trying to uncover a sadistic plot to keep older women out of the fashion scene. Several executives found out my real identity and have secretly given me “green pills” that cause a terrible virus and super accelerated aging that will keep me from exposing their terrible truth (Thus the reason I am sick)! But I will not be thwarted! I will live! I will survive this awful virus (this will make a great movie right??) Let me know if you’re interested in the rights 😉

(these are the odd things I think while stuck on my couch sick watching every movie ever made) LOL oh and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (I did get dressed- see my pink and floral pants below-but that took too much energy and effort so I’m laying back down)

Being sick is dramatic

Hello friends!

I thought I would share what is going on in my life today….I am sick…sick…sick….it’s no fun and I feel like I’m going to die (that’s a little dramatic right?) but seriously my head hurts and I can’t even sleep I’m so miserable…and it’s no fun being sick. I would rather feel better. I would rather be shopping at Target or working….

Can I choose door number two? Is that the door where I’m not sick?? I don’t even mind going to work, that’s surely better than being sick. Just for future reference, I would rather work every day than be sick. (Just putting that out in the universe).

So since I’m so sick that I can’t sleep, I’m here on my couch (although the remotes are too far away to reach) and thought I’d share a fun look I found on IG the other day. It’s a pink/red floral skirt combined with a ruffly pink/black sweater and black/white plaid purse from Target-WhoWhatWear! Isn’t it darling? I couldn’t find the sweater or bag in my local store (earlier this week when I wasn’t on my deathbed-dramatic I know) but found them on Instagram and ordered online. The sweater isn’t here yet but will be next Monday and we are going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day so I could wear the obligatory RED/PINK then and totally be on point (yet there is a large dose of black which is a little rebellious and not so Vday obedient) ha ha so check out your local Target/WhoWhatWear section (I can’t cause I don’t have the energy to dress, take a shower, reach for the remotes, eat, or leave the house) but if you’re like me, you could always shop online!

Hopefully soon I won’t feel like this and be back to my normal happy shopping fashion color fun trendy self!

So please send prayers my way that soon I will not be sick and back to being happy??

Valentine Bandwagon

Hello friends!

Did you ever feel like there is a Valentines bandwagon in February?? Like we all have to wear Red or Pink and be deeply in love and have all these romantic plans for the BIG DAY that just blows everyone else away? Valentines Day is automatically highlighted in my calendar, just so I WON’T forget LOL

I normally wear lots of pink and red, it’s kind of my color and lots of fun to wear, but I gotta be honest. February 14th is a Wednesday and I’m just not up to staying up late on a weekday…we also just got back from vaca and need to tighten the belt, so we probably aren’t have a big shindig either! Does that make me a party pooper? I think not, and I don’t think I’m the only person that feels this way.

Sooooo…don’t expect me to post all gushy just because it’s February 14th! I told hubs I love him before I left for work today, we had a really fun weekend together and yesterday some of our children came over to watch the game, so I’m a happy camper no matter what happens on V-day.

Here is what I do like! I’m wearing my favorite white distressed jeans (JCPenney) with a fun tie sleeve pink sweater (Express), and combined this with a new thigh high pair of pink suede boots (AMIclubwear)…to make sure it’s super fun, I added my new bag that I snagged at the Dallas airport (Desigual), so it sort of looks like I’m on the Valentine Bandwagon, but really I just love PINK! I gotta be me!

Sexy Dust Pink Pointy Toe Thigh High Boots

Have a great week my friends!