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I’m lovin’ this

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t usually say this on Mondays but today the sun is shining and after a few days of rain, even sunshine on a Monday makes me happy.

I am super excited to share with you more new found fashion loves! I found this gorgeous velvet kimono at #JcPenney and oh my goodness it’s so bright, colorful, and really fun! It’s just my style. I paired it with a black #madewell top, my fun plaid #kohs stretch leggings and these pearl/stud ballet flat from #jcpenney #libbyedelman. I love how all this works together. When it gets colder I might wear a black turtle neck instead or you could put the kimono with your favorite jeans and black kicks. This really is a fun add to my wardrobe.

The Libby Eldelman flats are a trend I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I saw something similar in an upscale store but just couldn’t afford too $$$ and these are perfect for my budget while still trendy and fit my personality. I love the ballet ties too, I haven’t tried that before but such a cute pop of fun along with the pearls and studs on the front of the foot. I will proabably wear these with dresses too and when summer comes around again, will work great with some of my capri pants! They are so versatile.

Let me know if you have added these two trends to your wardrobe and how you like them. I think it’s fun to be trendy a little bit every day (I don’t have to be younger to wear trends) and I will wear these two pieces often they are so cute!

What’s red and tan with black stripes/studs?

Today’s outfit! Sometimes I think I’m funny but my adult children assure me I’m not lol. Actually red is one of my favorite colors to wear, it really goes well with my features (platinum or brown hair) and I have lots of red in my wardrobe. I got this gorgeous red jacket last year at Nordstrom Rack and I wear it everywhere!

As I was trying to decide what to wear today, (let’s be honest, I think everyone looks at their closet and doesn’t know what to wear), I wanted to wear a sweater cause it was chilly but still wanted a fun pop of color. It’s just my personality to wear something a little funky or interesting whether it’s shoes, jewelry, or a cool top/pants. When I set my eyes on this sweater/pants/booties/jacket combo I was really excited. I wore my red jacket all day and felt very stylin even though I was at work.

I have two kinds of red pants, red sweater, red shirt, red jacket, and I have to tell you I have some patent red booties coming in the mail! I can’t wait! I just love the color red! and it’s such in trend right now, it’s so fun! What red items do you have that you can add to your daily ensemble and feel more stylin? Let me know how you do it too!

Have a great Saturday! Mine is extra special because I get to spend the day with my sweet two year old grandson, Kale. He is such a cutie!

No Porn

So at work today my boss (Eric) stopped by my office and said he heard I had a blog, and it sounded like fun while remarking on my cute beanie. I showed him my site and explained a little bit about what I’m doing. I reassured him that I didn’t do it on work time, although I did write it on my work computer. As he was walking out of my office, he said “Yeah that’s fine as long as you don’t look at porn”. Ok, no porn, I can do that LOL!

I think I get a lot of slack at work to wear what I want: I’ve worn my leather pants, furry vests, sparkle shoes, LOUD LOUD colors and my hair is always different. I feel really supported by my employers and co workers, although I do dress office professional when we have special visitors. 🙂

Back to today, of course I wore leopard pants #jcpenney again! This time with a beautiful plum sweater #whowhatwear #target that almost matched my hair! Is there anything more wonderful? I also paired my lovely ensemble with tan booties #shoedazzle and a darling beanie #jcpenney with jewels on it in the shape of bees which looked so cute with the leopard. I seriously love having fun with fashion and it was cold today too, so the beanie is functional! You heard it here (sparkly beanies are functional)  🙂

Gotta wear velvet

So it was supposed to be stormy weather today and I knew! I just knew it was the perfect time to wear my velvet pants!

This is me at a store: I see something fuzzy/furry/shiny/sparkly/purple/pretty print and I stop…I have to touch it….if it’s soft then I’m hooked….”honey”? It’s so soft, feel how soft this is”….

So this is how I purchase many of my clothes…oh it’s so soft! So when I see that velvet is big, I’m so excited! “It’s so fluffy”! Let me know if you know what movie that quote is from.

It turned out to be a sunny day and I drove home in my hot/black car starting to get a little sweaty, but #sorrynotsorry cause I love my velvet! I did quickly change once home….here are my outfits for today 🙂

Velvet pants #whowhatwear #target, striped shirt and black booties #jcpenney ANA line, and jean jacket #stitchfix Liverpool. My gorgeous necklace is #anntaylor.

Change for the heat! Striped (light) sweater #handm, jeans (of course my fav) #express! Have a great day whether cool or warm!

Age Rules! or rules?

Hey everybody! Oh my goodness it’s Wednesday, halfway through my work week.

I got my roots dyed Monday evening and have been thinking a lot about hair, age, and fashion. When I was 45, I saw this book about women my age and fashion/makeup. I thought to myself “I need to figure out how to dress now that I’m getting older”, I know crazy thinking right? I’ve finally figured that out, thank goodness. So I’m not gonna throw this author under the bus, but there are some rules in his book that I thought were true for awhile.

One is “Long hair on an older face looks insecure, not confident, not sexy” and “As women age, most will look better with shorter hair”?? Really?? Says who?? I have a beautiful mother and she has the most amazing gorgeous long hair and I told her about the book I found. We both agreed that her hair is amazing and beautiful and why would she cut her hair? (I attach a picture of my beautiful mother below) That’s crazy talk, although I never considered long hair for me. I’ve had short hair most of my adult life (so far) and hadn’t taken the time to grow it out.

Over the last two years I have been growing my hair with a little bit of help with Halo (an extension that fits over my head) due to thyroid disease I go through stages of hair thinning, so the extension helps. As I’ve been doing this, I thought to myself: why did I listen to someone else telling me how I should look? Why does it matter to someone I haven’t even met (I’m directing this at the book author specifically, media in general toward women of my age and older). Why does my age mean I can’t wear clothes, shoes, or my hair a certain way? Why does someone else decide what is age appropriate for me? (I’ve always been kind of a rebel).

Another rule of this book is that women over 50 should not wear dark makeup. Now the models in his book looked as if they were made up like clowns; their makeup was dark, garish, and very unflattering but what if a woman were to still wear makeup artfully applied but it’s dark or silver or purple? Who’s to say that’s wrong or she can’t be herself? These are some questions I’m asking myself. Deep dark lipstick tones are very trendy right now and I love one particular #UrbanDecay CONSPIRACY…oh my gosh it’s beautiful but seriously dark and I feel real risky wearing it but I love it! So I will continue to wear my dark lipstick when I want! Boom!

Today was a cold rainy day and I finally got the chance to take more risks! I finally wore my velvet blue duster! You might have heard me say that velvet is a big trend and it’s seriously so soft that it makes my day better just wearing it. I’ve been waiting forever to wear duster #NordstromRack along with my #express peach jeans and ruffle floral #jcpenney top! I added my studded #shoedazzle boots and boy am I having fun! Guys I even wore this to work and my clients reported that my duster looks like my “wizard coat”! Isn’t that the most amazing comment?!!

Victorian Moto

I know, you’re thinking “Victorian Moto” doesn’t sound like a thing and I have to admit to myself that I notice I don’t stick with one style in one outfit. Who knows what’s going on there?? LOL BUT I think it works!

Lace, or rather mesh is super trendy right now although see through clothing doesn’t work for me so I found this gorgeous #express lace blouse that fits the bill along with my #express jeans. Moto jackets, especially leather look are trendy also and this one in a lovely pink #jcpenney #soworthit I(heart)Ronson is super cute! To top it off I added a gorgeous velvet (also super trendy) floral sandals #asos and I have my Victorian moto look down!

I did an updo with my hair, almost accidentally cause I had it in a bun yesterday (just didn’t feel like doing anything) and today it’s in these fun waves as I have somewhat curl in my hair…so I just bobby pinned it up and voila! The hair works with the outfit! How often does that happen?? LOL

I hope you can have fun with some trends going on too: velvet, mesh/lace, and moto. Don’t be afraid to try new things and above all….have fun!

Haute Fashion for All

Hello everyone!

I went to the City Creek Fashion Show (Salt Lake City) on Saturday and want to show this week how you can apply some fun trends out now!

One thing I saw quite a bit and super cute is oversize shirts and jean jackets. In the fashion show, it was styled for younger/college age women but I think it works for me too! One look from #chicos styled a maxi button up dress as an oversized jacket/cardigan. It was also super cute but I neglected to get a pic 😦

Here I am in an Aztec print maxi skirt #macys, black shirt #madewell #Nordstrom, gladiator sandals #jcpenney #soworthit Arizona jeans line, and I added my somewhat oversized front tie jean shirt #chicos. I think it’s a real fun look and matches my personality. I also changed my eye color (golds and browns, I always fall for the 705 #CoverGirl G FR TH GLDS, originally created for Star Wars) for fall.

Let me know how you’re changing your look for fall! Try to fit in (LOL) some oversized shirts or jackets! Follow me on IG @hautechocolate4fashion