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Training to be Silent

Hey friends!

So this weekend I’m involved in a training for work (Friday-Monday) on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound (Outside Seattle)

This is a silent mindfulness training (labeled a retreat) and honestly works well for me because I don’t like to go to training and be expected to get to know a huge bunch of people I don’t know (I’m sort of a introvert masking as an extrovert cause obviously I’m blogging and IG)!

This is part of a DBT certification that I’m doing with some of my co workers. (So the whole time I’m here I have to stay silent!) (Also no shopping, so we’ll see how everything goes!)

The Therapist Who Lived

Hello friends!

It’s been a few days since I blogged; I was out of town kicking up my heels away from work! Yay!

Yesterday back at work but had a nasty run in with a mean lady (not a client)!

She appeared at our facility in Salt Lake and I decided to make the effort to repair our relationship; after our last phone call I told her I would not communicate with her by phone ANYMORE-only by email.

So when she showed up I thought I would be a bigger person and speak with her (mistake).

She is argumentative, insulting, disrespectful and super high anxiety/energy so I felt like I couldn’t breathe and wasn’t safe.

At one point I stood up- 👠 and all of a sudden realized-I’m a foot and a half taller with about 75 pounds on you- I could kick your trash little vicious chihuahua-

I felt so much safer after that; plus she tried that crap with my boss too and he told me to keep my contact with her on an email basis. SCORE!

Therapist Lives!