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Trolling the Junior Section

Hello friends and Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I had the best time with four of my grandkids, they are so precious; I am very blessed. Not to mention they are a hoot! One grandson in response to a question, did you get enough bacon tonight said “Yes (in a news commentator tone) I had 23 pieces”! LOL! One granddaughter proves herself to be an excellent shopper in training at Build A Bear and had a stash of $$$ things she wanted but was very sweet to put most of it back. Another granddaughter is developing her sense of humor and put a dinosaur growl into her sweet lovable snugly kitty! Another grandson is at the age where he is learning about his emotions and is not quite adept at being effective to express himself (code: he had a meltdown in the parking lot when asked to hold hands for his safety, btw grandma is not going to let him run through parking lots)! Anyway it was fun and I love them so much!

I think these little people keep me young because I find myself trolling the junior section of Target looking for trendy, colorful and different wardrobe pieces that I can adapt for myself. I discovered this AH-mazing skirt (it’s so colorful and the material is kind of bumpy so there is that textural piece that is fun). I paired it with boots also from Target (these two items from their Wild Fable line-I’m guessing it’s targeting young women, but hey it’s cute so head there next time you’re in Target) and I added a spring-y graphic T from JCPenney, I just love graphic tees but I want my message to fit who I am, so this one is bomb! I also (just for kicks) added a real distressed jean jacket (last year from Forever 21) and my snugly faux fur backpack (from Walmart) and here ya go! A fun, trendy, colorful outfit that fits my personality!


The Blustery Day

Hello Friends!

Do you all remember Winnie the Pooh and The Blustery Day?? Well that’s how today feels to me! It’s windy and rainy and snow is falling in the mountains (kind of odd for Utah because there should be snow in the valley’s too) and it reminds me of “The Blustery Day” LOL.

Blustery day’s sure make for the best pictures though, it seems to bring out the colors of what I’m wearing and today is no exception although I’m wearing a lack of color along with all colors. (I learned that in art class a long time ago-white is no color and black is all colors mixed together).

I’ve discovered through the years that when my hair was platinum, darker colored hats looked really good on my head. Now that my hair is dark, lighter color hats look good. It’s the contrast that makes things pop.

My son spent two years in Moscow Russia on an LDS mission and brought me back this black fur hat which is gorgeous although hard to see now that I have dark hair. It looked great with my platinum hair (I’m enclosing a picture).

Today I wore my patterned embossed pants and striped/ruffled shirt both by Target along with my white coat (on clearance!) by Express and a cute pom pom beanie I snagged at Kohl’s. I love the contrast of the black and white along with stripes and patterns. This is a fun look for me and to be honest was somewhat hesitant at first in getting the coat cause it’s kind of trendy but who am I to resist trends?? I’ve found I really like my white coat (and it’s super warm, so out in the blustery day, I was cozy).

I hope you all have a great Wednesday (hump day)! You can make it through the week! Stay warm wherever you are, beware of the Blustery Day’s! ūüôā

Mixing Themes

Good morning! Thank goodness it’s Wednesday right?? I always think if I can get through Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday will be no big deal and then Thursday is close and Friday is a no brainer ūüėČ

I’ve noticed something interesting going on with my looks this week.¬†I’m a big fan of mixing items that you would never think match

. The last couple of days I’ve wore a few different patterns of pants that normally would be in certain categories of looks; for example: Monday I wore a holiday pattern textured skinny pant with a simple striped¬†every day sweater. Tuesday I wore a tweed pattern dress flair pant with a boxy sweater, statement necklace and¬†jean jacket? Today I’m wearing¬†camo curvy pants with a velvet jacket and my comfy converse.

I think most people would not put these items together-holiday pattern sparkly pants make me think of a party, not going to work. Tweed pattern pants bring to mind a suit, maybe a formal work wear look. Camo pants definitely do not seem to go with velvet!¬† But I think that’s what make these combinations work! It’s so unexpected that it catches your eye but in a fun, interesting way!

Let me explain why these work ūüôā The holiday pattern textured pants: you have to look at these as a neutral even though they have a fun pattern. They are black and basically go with anything, so I paired them with my striped sweater and fur leather jacket, taking this holiday item in another direction.

The tweed pattern flair pants are essentially also a neutral. They have charcoal, tan, and cream colors that each color taken separately are neutrals, so this can go with anything…most people typically match it with something more office wear type but I paired it with a tan boxy sweater, a statement blue/silver necklace, and a jean jacket along with open toe tan booties. I love how this turned out and it has several unexpected items matched together!

The camo pants are one of my favorite neutrals next to leopard. The pattern itself is a light green, darker green and almost a gray green-while this is a green pattern, together it is also a neutral. Camo pants are typically kind of an edgy look -and I wear with my gray t shirt, black pattern converse, black fringe bag, AND MY PINK VELVET BLAZER! Which is unusual but so fun and unexpected again!

I think it’s really fun to mix unusual items together to create fun looks. I’m kind of a rebel, so doing this is my way of rebelling without actually doing something bad ūüėČ

Have a great day everyone and mix different looks from your closet!


Morning my friends!

I love to layer and fall/winter is the easiest time to do this, but I don’t just mean “layers” as in coat, sweater, scarf; I mean layers as in textures, shine, shapes, patterns, and colors.

This morning I really wanted to wear my burgundy beanie with the pink poof. I’ve really been waiting to wear this for about a month when mama and I shopped at Express. I got this darling pink ruffle sleeve sweater and a burgundy beanie with a pink poof. Of course it was about 75 degrees a month ago and a beanie then is just too hot. Maybe you say a beanie doesn’t work for someone my age? I really don’t think that is the case. Look how cute this beanie is with the sweater! I’m in love!

So when I say layering; I paired the sweater with a plaid (gray/brown/cream) pants from H&M, my silver (Mars landing looking) Nordstrom Rack boots really shiny, square shiny silver earrings, my burgundy bag from Charming Charlie’s, and of course my new best friend: my velvet bomber from Target. This is what I mean by layering; this becomes an outfit with several complex, interesting, and complimentary items which makes it really fun! I had thought of doing pink velvet booties but I realized the pants bring out a kind of silvery brown¬†look (if you cross your eyes looking at them Haha) so I thought the shiny silver boots would be fun and unexpected. Fun and unexpected is a thing I like! Be fun and unexpected today! How does that look for you??

Velvet = Love (someone tell me how to insert heart emoji here)

Oh my goodness, so this morning I woke up to rain on my patio and I just knew this would be the day I could wear my velvet jacket! Yes I have been waiting to wear my snugly burgundy velvet (blanket) masquerading as a jacket. I got it at Target and it’s so soft, fluffy, and important: warm. It seems like something everyone would love ūüôā¬†So I had to wait for a colder day. I got up and looked outside and it’s snowing in the mountains, YES! Normally this isn’t something I would be super excited about, but….apparently today is opposite day. I’ve been waiting forever to¬† take this jacket for a roll and finally! I mean it’s November….seriously…do you know¬†Friday it was 70 degrees? I’m sitting here with all these snugly sweaters and jackets in my closet and I’m a tiny bit impatient…like that’s a newsflash! Anyone that doesn’t know I’m impatient please raise your hand…see no one raised their hand. Everyone knows…

So there are several things I think could work with this gorgeous velvet bomber jacket:

  1. Today (Sunday) I wore with a black and tan/cream floral printed skirt-black crew sweater, and my black booties. I really think this is a fun look and the burgundy of my jacket set off my eye shadow blending skills from Saturday’s Urban Decay event and my lipstick, while really flattering the other pieces. I¬†haven’t put these items¬†together before, but it’s fun to be creative with things I already have in my closet.
  2. Friday the hubs and I are attending a Veterans Day concert with some good friends (Gibbs’ are you there?) and I have a dusty pink dress (slip dress type of material, slinky but with sleeves) that I’m going to pair with this jacket and I’m thinking it will look very luxe. I’ll add pictures on Friday.
  3. Tomorrow is supposed to be icky, rainy, and cold (high of 48, which means it’s snowing in the mountains) and I thought I would wear my¬†leopard jeans, white tee, my¬†tan booties and this velvet jacket to stay nice and cozy while returning to work because it’s a Monday and work I go ūüôā Just because the weather is dreary does not mean I dress dreary (that should be on a crosstitch-kind of like my motto huh!)

I’m so happy velvet is in vogue right now, it’s seriously the funnest and comfiest fabric to wear. It’s like dragging your blanket around with you all day, I’m surprised everyone doesn’t do this. It’s a blanket, no it’s a jacket, no it’s a blanket…maybe I secretly want a security blanket? Everyone, it’s your assignment to find something velvet to wear and rock that like it’s 1999! Bahahaha! Have a great week all!

Quilted Velvet Bomber

Gear Up for the Holidays

Hello all,

Now that Halloween is over I can focus on…more holidays! Haha Seriously I love the holidays; January always feels like a let down cause it’s super cold and not much to look forward to other than more snow! Ice! and cold, dark days…eh not feeling it already!

Since I’ve been doing my blog I feel like I have things several times a week that I look forward. I love doing a blog and posting pictures on Instagram of my outfits and fashion. It’s really a new area of my life that I never thought I would be doing, but I really love to do, and wonder what the future will bring! It’s a new adventure and I love adventure!

Speaking of adventure, I love making fashion an adventure. I have this darling sweater from JCPenney, Libby Edelman and I’ve been brainstorming different ways to wear it than I did before. When I paired it with my black/white striped blouse from Ann Taylor, my black Stitchfix, Liverpool pants, and my black/white pattern converse from Nordstrom Rack, I felt very Parisian! It’s such a fun sweater, check out my link below.

All that would top it off (pun intended) would be a black beret (don’t have yet, but on my list). It’s a very fun look and I love it with my converse. I think this is a look some people wouldn’t think of putting together (especially the converse) but it’s different and fun and that’s why I like it! Let me know what you think and if you have a pair of converse – put it with something you normally would not- this is fun and trendy! I’ve seen it quite a bit lately in magazine and online! It’s super fun and an easy to incorporate with your own style!

Libby Edelman Cardigan

Converse Chuck Taylor

Patterns and Textures

Hello all!

I’m writing this Monday night, so you’ve got evidence that I survived my back to work Monday! AHHHH…then I get home and really?? My husband has not cooked me a meal! LOL I would love to have someone at home that had everything ready for dinner. Not that I don’t like to cook but at 5:17pm I DO NOT FEEL LIKE peeling and chopping a butternut squash (and I’m not demeaning women who are stay at home mom’s, I used to be one and it was hard work! I just wish I didn’t need to come home and cook when I’m already tired….I see that squash looking at me on the counter and I just can’t get the motivation (even though it would taste mighty good) we might as well eat cardboard tonight! Anyway, I survived Monday just so you know (maybe not cause I need food and we got Chik Fil A Saturday, I don’t have another excuse).

So I thought I would write in my blog (self-care-soul above food)….none of this makes any sense logically.

Yesterday I was thinking how pretty different patterns, shapes,¬†and textures look together and how much fun it is to pair these different style elements. Try to pair several in one outfit and see how complex (sort of like flavors in a delicious dish, think “chopped) your outfit looks!

I wore a charcoal patterned dress yesterday, silver square earrings, with a black (leather look & quilted) moto jacket, along with a large flowered (fluttery) black/charcoal/turquoise scarf. The pattern in the dress almost looks snake skin (1), it’s real interesting and sort of tiny diamond shapes. Then I wore square silver earrings (2). Black moto jacket adds a different texture (3)¬†along with a pattern (quilted-4), and then the scarf has a ruffly/fluttery (it’s not a flat scarf) which is a texture in my mind (5)¬†along with the floral pattern (6). I then added my suede booties (7) to top it all off. I really thought all these elements made for a complex/fun outfit (visually interesting is a better description).

Today I tried to do something similar but also different: I wore my burgundy pixie pants (I think just the color-bold makes it on this list-1), leopard print blouse (2-one of my favorite prints), buttery soft leather kind of chocolately moto jacket (texture, along with lots of fun detail 3 & 4 for leather and pockets/snaps -visually different), sand dollar shaped¬†gold earrings (5), and my suede like tan booties (6). I wanted to pair with another interesting item as a bag, I think something with a small tan/ivory print (makes me think of an expensive bag) would add some more interest to this outfit and be real fun! Of course you could snag something at a secondhand store or a smokin’ sale for the bag.

Anyway,¬†are you¬†getting a good idea of my suggestions? Try to combine as many elements that you can, as if you were a chef creating the most complex and delicious dish! I might still be hungry? Yeah no one’s cooked yet that I can tell…..I’m gonna have to complain to the management!