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Red= Cheerful and Festive

Hello friends and happy Sunday!

I am continuing with my series of shopping my closet! I hope you enjoy and I hope this inspires you to shop your own closet!

Here I am (right after surviving my semi annual dentist appointment) in my red trench (Nordstrom Rack probably about three years ago I think it’s Michael Kors-classic I know) my black Cabi Jeans, my H&M sweater earlier this year, sexy black Target/SugarFix earrings, my snugly Target loafers, and a fun bag (Deseuigal) procured from the Dallas airport last January! It was a gloomy cold day and who in their right mind is excited to see the dentist?? but my red brightened up my mood (especially after the appointment- seriously the hygienist stabbed my top gums by my dental implant with a two inch needle and wonders why it hurt! Seriously?? Stop stabbing me and I’ll be fine LOL!) I just had to vent about that, I’ll get back to the topic! LOL

I didn’t wear any lipstick to the appointment because I knew they (hygienist and dentist) would be stretching my lips to unusual proportions and it would just be a mess. So afterward I put on my red lipliner and lipstick and even though I had a headache and my teeth ached (I guess I’m still venting, but my teeth are good and everything looks great-I’m a good little flosser) so afterward I looked like everything was fine. And really it is, dental health is so important and it’s always matched my overall health so it’s a good sign.

So back to shopping clothes in my closet: If there is ever a time you want to be cheerful and festive, reach for that red friends! I haven’t wore these two (sweater and trench) together before, but they totally worked! Add the pop of red lips and I felt like I was wearing all new items. I felt so fresh and chic!

Wrap Wonder!

Hello friends!

How are you all doing?? I hope you are well and thanks for reading or following my blog! This has sure been a fun road!

Today I wanted to share my newfound yellow dress! I’ve been on the hunt a couple months for a yellow dress- I’ve found several but style/size/length somehow hasn’t worked. It’s been a (buy the dress- I’ve bought two at Target)-then next day return for reasons listed above. (For some reason I really don’t like trying on items in the dressing room of a store-that annoys me) so I’m constantly or often returning ill fitting items that look good on a hanger. ūüėā

So late (9pm for me ūü§£) I checked out some emails arriving earlier in the day and discovered one from someone I follow: Rach Parcell who launched her own clothing line. Amazingly enough I discovered a yellow gingham wrap dress that was in my budget (her every day line-less expensive) and yellow, along with wrap style (flatters my figure) and ruffles! Checks all the boxes right ??

I have to admit I ordered it that night and was excited when I got it two days later! It’s seriously a darling dress and I paired it with some pearl earrings, pearl necklace for church (no necklace for work) and my new white wedges from Amazon Prime Wardrobe! (I’ve wore the dress twice since I got it- and I think when the season cools I could wear it with my jean jacket and my blue cowboy boots and be super cute!)

I added a link to the dress and wedges so you can buy if you’ve been searching like me!

Have a great day friends!Rachel Parcell Cheery Gingham Dress

The shoe is Rockport Briah Perf Sling -when I try to add link it goes directly to my Amazon account- weird huh?!

Me and Rose DeWitt Bukater

So since I’ve been sick, I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Usually when I’m sick, I watch a lot of Jane Austen…but this time I seem to be hooked on disaster movies. Being sick calls for lengthy movies (so one doesn’t have to constantly get up and put another movie in…Jane Austen movies….especially Pride and Prejudice…go on forever! Which I love, I love the period dramas/comedies…they’re so fascinating but also long which is perfect when one is ill) But this time, since I just went on a cruise, I felt a fascination with Titanic and Rose DeWitt Bukater!

She went on a cruise-I went on a cruise…granted her cruise ended differently than mine. I noticed one thing:I am not the biggest high maintenance woman on this planet!

I offer evidence of my claim: here is a picture of me at the airport with our luggage (I have two 50# checked bags and one carry on bag (my husband also has two checked bags, but I’ve put shoes in one of his so I guess you have to count them all) and here are pictures of Rose DeWitt Bukater’s luggage (character played by Kate Winslet) “all the trunks from that car there, 12 from here, and the safe to the parlour suite rooms B52, 54, and 56”-explains Cal’s assistant, that bad guy that’s always harassing Rose and Jack. I don’t have near the same number of bags, of course she had these huge hats and several beaded dresses along with corsets that took a lot of room; but holy cow they had TRUNKS…have you ever seen a trunk? I could’ve got all my clothes in my closet into one trunk…I only had two suitcases and a carryon…who knew I’m a simple woman.

Maybe I need to up my game? I’ll be pondering my simple nature (compared to Rose DeWitt Bukater) while I watch another disaster movie-“2012” which coincidentally also has a cruise ship… maybe the next movie will be “Poseidon”???

Patterns and Textures

Hello all!

I’m writing this Monday night, so you’ve got evidence that I survived my back to work Monday! AHHHH…then I get home and really?? My husband has not cooked me a meal! LOL I would love to have someone at home that had everything ready for dinner. Not that I don’t like to cook but at 5:17pm I DO NOT FEEL LIKE peeling and chopping a butternut squash (and I’m not demeaning women who are stay at home mom’s, I used to be one and it was hard work! I just wish I didn’t need to come home and cook when I’m already tired….I see that squash looking at me on the counter and I just can’t get the motivation (even though it would taste mighty good) we might as well eat cardboard tonight! Anyway, I survived Monday just so you know (maybe not cause I need food and we got Chik Fil A Saturday, I don’t have another excuse).

So I thought I would write in my blog (self-care-soul above food)….none of this makes any sense logically.

Yesterday I was thinking how pretty different patterns, shapes,¬†and textures look together and how much fun it is to pair these different style elements. Try to pair several in one outfit and see how complex (sort of like flavors in a delicious dish, think “chopped) your outfit looks!

I wore a charcoal patterned dress yesterday, silver square earrings, with a black (leather look & quilted) moto jacket, along with a large flowered (fluttery) black/charcoal/turquoise scarf. The pattern in the dress almost looks snake skin (1), it’s real interesting and sort of tiny diamond shapes. Then I wore square silver earrings (2). Black moto jacket adds a different texture (3)¬†along with a pattern (quilted-4), and then the scarf has a ruffly/fluttery (it’s not a flat scarf) which is a texture in my mind (5)¬†along with the floral pattern (6). I then added my suede booties (7) to top it all off. I really thought all these elements made for a complex/fun outfit (visually interesting is a better description).

Today I tried to do something similar but also different: I wore my burgundy pixie pants (I think just the color-bold makes it on this list-1), leopard print blouse (2-one of my favorite prints), buttery soft leather kind of chocolately moto jacket (texture, along with lots of fun detail 3 & 4 for leather and pockets/snaps -visually different), sand dollar shaped¬†gold earrings (5), and my suede like tan booties (6). I wanted to pair with another interesting item as a bag, I think something with a small tan/ivory print (makes me think of an expensive bag) would add some more interest to this outfit and be real fun! Of course you could snag something at a secondhand store or a smokin’ sale for the bag.

Anyway,¬†are you¬†getting a good idea of my suggestions? Try to combine as many elements that you can, as if you were a chef creating the most complex and delicious dish! I might still be hungry? Yeah no one’s cooked yet that I can tell…..I’m gonna have to complain to the management!

Joys of Age

Happy Weekend All!

I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple days about the benefits of aging. I think media, culture, old beliefs give us a skewed perspective about aging. I think younger women have this (fear? Is that it?) about aging that I don’t¬†think is reasonable. Plastic surgeons make¬†truckloads of money encouraging people (mostly women is my perspective) that we need to avoid aging¬†AND look like we aren’t aging. Wow! That’s so much pressure right?!! Cause uh…everyone ages…I don’t think I’m making that up. WE ALL AGE and it’s not a bad thing!

I think we can choose how to see our life (I’m a real positive person if you haven’t already noticed) and I don’t think aging is a bad thing. I think there are lots of positive things about aging that people don’t talk about enough.

1.Free time-I have lots of free time now that my children are grown and out of the house. My children live nearby and we see each other often although I have free time frequently throughout the week after work and on the weekends. After spending 32 years raising children (My oldest is 32, that’s how I figure it and our youngest just moved out in June) it feels somewhat unusual to have free time but not a bad thing. It’s something I had to get used to but over time I think is good. My husband and I now can pick up and do something without making sure we aren’t conflicting with any school play or sporting event. There’s a lot of freedom in free time.

2. Grandchildren-I have six grandchildren with one more on the way. They are wonderful; each has a special place in my heart. Two are coming over tomorrow and we will paint little pumpkins, it will be sooo fun! When they (any of them) run into my house it’s so exciting to hear their little voices calling me, I just love it! Sometimes when my grandson Chris (6) comes over he knocks on the window next to our front door excitedly. A few days ago I heard a tiny knock at our door and thought it was Chris; I excitedly ran to the door and knocked really quick on the window, opening up the door and it was a little girl selling cookies but looked like I freaked her out with my tradition of knocking on the glass. LOL she quickly left, weirded out apparently. It was kind of funny but I didn’t mean to scare her.

3. Work-this one is unusual, before my children were grown (they were all in school before I went to work and returned to schooling), there was a period of time that I hurried home from work¬† to make sure they weren’t by themselves longer than need be. Now I don’t need to hurry home from work, although who wants to stay at work longer than I need?!! Haha kinda conflicted about this one! Too funny! My husband still works too, maybe we will retire in 10 years and sometimes he works late too, so if I get home I can work out, watch a movie, do my nails, go shopping, hang out with a friend, read a book, watch a movie (I love movies) or do some scrapbooking or home d√©cor. This is one reason why I started my blog and it sure is fun for me. It’s something I never thought I would do before.

4. Travel-My husband and I could take off on a random weekend without giving anyone notice. There’s a lot of joy in that area. We haven’t done too much of that the last couple of months due to paying off recent wedding expenses (youngest daughter that moved out got married in June) but have plans of trips that we would like to do. Hubs and I love to see the country and would love to go National Park hopping. Last year we drove to Lake Havasu for his family reunion and returned home via Grand Canyon National Park which was gorgeous. I love¬†road trips and seeing the countryside. We live in a beautiful country, I never tire of seeing this beautiful land we are so blessed to live. I would someday like to do some foreign travel, have only done a bit up to now. I would love to see Italy and Switzerland specifically. I have ancestors in Switzerland and Wales and have always love to see Italy. It looks so scenic and romantic.

These are just a few of reasons I think aging is awesome. I hope you agree it’s not a bad thing and have fun in your “free” years. I’ve heard them referred as “Golden Years”; not a bad name.

Granted, there is also disease and death that most people associate with age although young people and children develop disease and die. I’ve had five people very close to me die at a young age; aging does not have the monopoly on death. My grandfather will be 96 in a couple weeks and is in excellent health. We all will die at some point, I just hope that we learn to have joy in whatever stage of life we are in; FIND JOY IN THE MOMENT.¬† How can you find joy today? The sunrise, the sunset, the changing of colors in fall, the crisp mornings, grandchildren, the sound of birds; what brings you joy?? I’m LDS and having more time means I can go to the temple more or do work in family history, which brings me joy. Let me know what brigs you joy…

Another thing that brings me joy is fashion and dressing up! I’ve always loved dressing up.¬†I usually dress up on Sunday and here is another¬†Sunday Style. I purchased this dress a few years ago from Chicos and just love it. My husband calls it my rubber dress, but I think it’s real fun. I thought to add my JCPenney moto jacket for a little flair, my colorful¬†black/gray/turquoise Talbots scarf,¬†and my gray suede booties. Let me know what you think and if you could add some flair to your own wardrobe. Happy Weekend and love to all!

Morning People (me)

So I’m a morning person…it’s a little disappointing right? My eyes pop open at 5am; I force them closed on Saturday mornings hopefully til after 7am but there ya go.

Now that it’s getting later in the season, I’m all up and ready to go and uh it’s dark. That is totally getting in my morning person way! I like to see the sun rise and the sky get all pink and gold; I also like to get pictures of my outfits in the morning before I go to work because the light is really good at that time and after work is kinda hectic. NOW it’s getting dark so it’s hard to say “the light is really good”….what light?? It’s as if the universe is fighting against me, although logically I know it gets darker at this time every year. Eventually daylight savings time will come along and I’ll get to set my clocks back which is always fun and then that will help with the whole “going to work in the dark thing” but until then YES IT’S GETTING DARK and COLD. ūüė¶ Sadness

So as it’s still dark I’m trying to get some fun pictures; but we all love my velvet duster, so this is my¬†inspiration today to be cheery and not worry about lack of light! My velvet duster can actually do this for me! LOL¬† It’s soft and kind of shiny which makes me happy until I see the sky light up!

This time I’m pairing my duster with my (you guessed it) leopard booties. Is there anything more fun than velvet with leopard? I think not! I wanted to find another way to wear my duster because it’s so fun and each item in my closet NEEDS to go with more than one other item. It’s more fun and functional if there are a few cute outfits I can create with one thing I love.

So here goes, more fun with my ice blue velvet duster. You’re welcome. If you are also a morning person, let’s commiserate together about our lack of light in the winter waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (ok I’m done).

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday my friends ūüôā

I love Sundays, I always have and always will. Through the years I remember several of my favorite Sunday dresses. I love dresses too BTW. One dress I had in high school, sewn by my talented mother was a black dress with a subtle pattern of purple flowers that you could only see in certain light. That was one of my all time favorite dresses growing up. I identified it with “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress-by The Hollies”, not me personally but definitely my dress. I have this thing for black clothes that I need to balance out with color.

Another favorite dress was my high school graduation dress also sewn by my mother. (When did the woman have all this time?? I also have six younger sisters and she sewed clothes for all of us!) This dress is purple (small flowers) and had ruffles around the collar, short sleeves (ruffles) and hem (ruffles). It was so pretty; give me something purple to wear please! I also have a purple bag, purple shoes, purple jewelry, purple jacket…although I digress we are talking about dresses.

One year I made (sew) myself¬† really pretty jacket and skirt out of a type of rose woven material (I can’t remember what it was) but remembered feeling very proud of myself for creating it (out of a pattern for sure) and it felt very svelte and sleek.

This last year when hearing my daughter is engaged and discovering her wedding colors, I found a gorgeous burgundy lace mermaid dress (David’s Bridal) that I absolutely love! Of course when she changed her colors sometime later, I am not one to begrudge a new dress am I? Not I! I kept said lace dress, please it’s lace! Really do you expect me to return that beautiful creation? I then got a tea length blue/peach flowered number that I also adore. Score! My husband always remembers I scored two dresses for ONE event ūüôā

Today I’m wearing a really pretty black (don’t be scared, I’ve added color) and red flowered maxi dress by JCPenney (ANA line with a slip and shirt underneath due to see through) and added a (you guessed it) Leopard Cardi/Coat from Old Navy. I thought they are so fun together and it is tricky for me to stay warm at church (thus the cardi/coat). One Sunday I wore a sweater, tights, sweater skirt, socks, boots, a coat and my son’s wool jacket over me. I think that was a sign I had hormone problems LOL! Most times my inner thermostat is not that outta whack! Here are links and pictures of some of my looks.

a.n.a. Foral Maxi Dress

Leopard-Print Cardi-Coat

Weekend Revival

Good afternoon everyone! I had the best weekend! For starters, I got to spend the whole day with my two years old grandson, the weather was kind of drizzly, and he was such a snuggle bunny! I love that! He’s so cute!

Then I got to listen to the LDS broadcast of conference, women’s session last night which is another way I am empowered as a woman. I very much enjoyed the messages of peace, service, and connection as I am trying to live¬†to be more like the Savior Jesus Christ.

Sunday we went to church which I love and helps me feel so much peace and then in the afternoon my newly married daughter and her new husband came over to visit. I feel so renewed. Really…time with my loved ones is one of the most important things to me and I count my blessing by the times I spend with them, so precious.

I thought to share a look from Sunday: I got this jacket from H&M some time ago and could never figure out what to wear with it but just love the colors and pattern. Last winter/spring I found a sparkly pleated midi skirt from WhoWhatWear Target and finally put my look together with a gorgeous navy blouse from Stitchfix and pumps. I know this sparkly skirt was originally for the holidays but I like to wear it for any occasion because I really like sparkle. Sparkle makes me happy, especially on a drizzly day.

Is there some way you can incorporate sparkle into your every day? I don’t think it’s just for the holidays. Take a risk and sparkle ūüôā