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Cara Mia Halloween

Oh hi friends!

I so wanted to share my Halloween style this year! It was a crazy few weeks but it all came together and I was so excited!!

So a couple months ago, you might remember I changed my hair and got super long extensions which made me think of Morticia Addams- one of my favorite Halloween characters- she is so chic yet deathly dramatic that’s I just love her and had to be her for Halloween!

Lucky for me, hubs is a good sport and agreed to be Gomez Addams also! (Coincidentally my oldest daughter planned to be Wednesday Addams!) (I got my dress and hubs costume from Amazon!)

The makeup was tricky and I watched several YouTube videos on Morticia’s makeup until I found one I liked. The day before Halloween and the day of -I wore my makeup to take pictures with my daughter and then to take less time getting ready Halloween night.

I purchased cheap foundation at the grocery store- the fairest I could find and my face (read:rosacea) did not like the drug store brand and both days appeared (close up) fairly irritated and peeling and red) but luckily has not continued since that day. It seems back to normal with my regular Estée Lauder Doublewear in Light Beige which is really soothing for my skin and lasts throughout my long days.

Here are our two pictures of The Addams family, first with Morticia and Wednesday; then with Gomez and ‘Tish… you’re gonna love this as much as I did!!(This might even be my Christmas card picture)

Eyebrow Emergency

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday! Isn’t Friday the most wonderful day?? It’s sort of like Christmas Eve, the day before the best day of the week leading to my favorite days of the week. Friday is usually always a good day 🙂

I had an eyebrow emergency yesterday. I grabbed my eyebrow pencil, Anastasia Brow Whiz and tried to roll up the pencil, but nothing happened and I realized it was empty! NOOOOOOOO…..hence my emergency. There was a little nub that I managed to outline my brows but it was not the same LOL

So after work yesterday I quickly walked to Ulta (from parking lot/car) and found my favorite eye brow pencil.

I’ve learned that my eyebrows are not exactly alike and that’s ok. Someone once told me, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins” and I love remembering that. I’m adding pictures today of before I do my eyebrows, after I do my eyebrows, and then with my hair and lips done. I’ve noticed my right eyebrow has more of an arch and my left eyebrow is more straight, no matter what I do to try and make them the same, they want to do their own thing.  I’m exercising acceptance with my eyebrows LOL!

When younger, my eyebrows were thicker and I also did not have rosacea so I didn’t wear heavy foundation (most times I did not wear foundation at all). Now my eyebrows are a little thinner due to age or thyroid disease, I am not sure; so I pencil more in and it seems to also match my dyed hair. I dye my hair (I have a lot of gray) and right now I like my hair this color; I also like the red streaks, it’s fun. Maybe when I’m older, I will let it go gray, I’m not sure yet. I’ve also tried lighter foundations because my skin tone is originally fair, but rosacea has made my face and neck so red that the lighter tones on my face look odd against my dark (red) neck. So I wear a darker foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) and pencil in my brows so everything kind of matches.

I hope this helps anyone else who suffers from rosacea or age related eye brow thinning.

Thanks for reading Friends and Happy Friday!

Comedy, Relaxation, Fashion, and Baking! What else does a woman need??

Hello friends!

How is your weekend? My Friday/Saturday has been amazing!

Last night our son Connor treated us to a night out at a comedy club, Comedy Sportz which was super fun! We were right at the front, they are hilarious!

Then this morning I got to wake without an alarm which is something I really Love! (Last night I tried out my new nourishing face and eye mask, so I heated a wash rag this morning and sort of soaked Olathe residue off) then went through my new skin care routine that I discovered on the cruise ship- I think it is improving my rosacea.

I then cleaned/super scrubbed every inch of my bathroom! Even dusted/oiled my hand turned wood candlesticks in my tub surround. Now they glow even without the candles lit. I feel so accomplished! 😂

Then I put on my fancy glitter eyeshadow because I didn’t want to wash my hair today ( that means I can wash tomorrow and not wash on Monday when I have to commute to Salt Lake-early morning). So I pile my hair on top of my head-hence the sparkle eye shadow to distract from my hair!! 😂😂

It’s so sunny today and I’ve got spring fever so I wear a simple tee shirt with my embroidered jeans from Express!

Then we went grocery shopping and really how much fun can that be?? But the fun started when I got back home! I tried a recipe my hubs saw on Good Eats- Alton Brown- Chocolate layer cake with ganache filling and a special buttercream frosting. The ganache turned out perfect (it kind of squished out between the layers, but I think that’s ok! I’ve never made this type of frosting before- ya beat four eggs til fluffy- while you bring corn syrup and sugar to a boil in a pan- then drizzle syrup into eggs while beating furiously being careful not to get the syrup on the side of bowl or on beater and then you add half a pound of butter (little at a time) and it’s supposed to turn out fluffy and creamy!

At first I was freaking out cause it sort of looked like curdled milk (Alton’s warning-“it should not look like this”!) nooooooo 😩😩 😂😂 but after 10 more minutes of furious beating it became really fluffy and Carmel color- and now it’s like cotton candy “It’s so Fluffy”! Success! So I load the cake with this frosting that I hope is good (remember I’m GF and can’t even eat this lovely confection) and put it in the fridge for tomorrow!

We end the evening by sitting and watching “Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark” my favorite Indiana movie. Since we hiked through the jungles of Belize, I feel more of a connection to Indy! 😂😂

It’s a ship not a boat 😂

Hello friends!

Well here we are on our Carnival Cruise! I’ve been on one cruise before and that was our honeymoon; we went on a NCL cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Boy that was fun!

So we are headed to Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay-Roatan Honduras. Our first day was spent getting to know the ship, finding our cabin, doing a safety training, and guys! I got a bamboo massage! It was fabulous ! I’ve never had one before!! She brushed my body previous to everything which seemed odd but maybe that’s normal- she said it was to open my pores. And then I got a 75 minute massage which was wonderful, along with the ship gentle rocking, it’s pretty amazing.

The whole aft end of the ship is dedicated to “Cloud Nine Spa” and we alto took a tour yesterday and it is state of the art!

This morning I’m going to get a facial which they say will improve my rosacea, (that would be a miracle, but I’m not opposed to trying it) and then I’m going to work out in their amazing gym! I’ll add some photos too!

Hubs and I have an appointment this afternoon to get our pictures taken (black and white session) so I’m hoping we get a nice picture to remember this trip. We did that on our honeymoon and it brings back a lot of memories when I see the picture. Tonight is also “elegant” night and I get to dress up for dinner! We all know I’m not ever opposed to that! LOL

Stay tuned!! Wish you were all here with me!

Musings on Exercise and other random thoughts on makeup

Hello Friends!

So I worked out yesterday and today! Yay me! I do feel better when I work out. It was interesting though. At the gym I rode the stationary bike for eight miles…felt very accomplished and strong…I love bike riding although it’s more fun outside, same with hiking/walking. Although there is snow and ice out there now so I’m not taking any chances.

I got a bicycle for my birthday this year and I love it…except for the seat. One day I rode 10 miles and it wasn’t hard except my pelvis was in super pain, seriously I felt like something was broken every time I went over a bump. That’s not good right??

Yesterday when I rode eight miles, I’m not even sore today. Not my legs and not other parts, so I’ve decided gotta get rid of that seat on my bicycle or get some different shorts. My son told me about bike shorts that have cushion in them, to get them at Big 5. I’ll do one or the other, cause I’ve gotta ride my bike 🙂

I also talked with my cousin about her Maskcara line of makeup to cover my rosacea and she is getting me a kit to try out. Sometimes I think my foundation is so dark to cover my rosacea that I look like I have a spray tan LOL! I normally have fair skin if it wasn’t for my rosacea, although I tan easily (before rosacea also). So when I get my kit from Maskcara, I will be excited and I’ll make a video putting it on….then we can all see which foundation looks better on me!

Before I sign off, I wanted to add some pics of my clothes and makeup today. I’m wearing a shirt and jeans from Express, jacket from JCPenney, and check out these cute shoes from Target!! My son/daughter in law got me a Target gift card and these are so fun! My makeup is a new color by Stila- Magnificent Metals-Smoky Storm on my lids and I used a green shade from Urban Decay above that…although it turned out red? I was like WTF?? Why is this red? So here it is….I didn’t take it off cause that would take too long and my day is a wasting…LOL! Tell me what you think 🙂

These are my New Years plans….new seat for bike and new foundation..then my daughter and I are doing makeovers on New Years Day! Doesn’t that sound like fun? What are your New Years plans?

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Years! See you all in 2018!

Living with Rosacea

Hello Friends!

I thought I would share my experience of living with rosacea. I developed this skin condition in 2005. At first I noticed my face was very red and felt like it was burning. I worked graveyard shift at the time and people would comment I had been out in the sun and got sunburned. The reality of working a graveyard shift was that I hardly ever saw the sun; I slept from 7am-4pm and was only outside very late in the evening when the sun was heading down, so that was unusual. Then after about a year I noticed I had a bumpy rash on my face and it did not go away. That’s when I saw a dermatologist.  When I saw my dermatologist, he prescribed Metrogel but after using that for about six months we realized it didn’t work very well. I next tried Finacea-prescription cream- which is great, it helps keep my real bad flare ups at bay, but rosacea is uncurable and will never go away unfortunately.

Finacea has at times been super expensive at the pharmacy depending on insurance coverage…one time it was over $200 but now it’s only around $60. One tube lasts around three months, so it’s not bad. I rub a small amount all over my face and neck at night after cleansing. When I first began using Finacea, my pharmacist (I developed a friendship with) told me someone she knew had got laser treatments from their dermatologist and had really improved her skin condition. Three years ago I tried laser through my dermatologist and it actually made my rosacea worse; instead of it just being on my cheeks, after laser it spread to my nose, chin, forehead and neck…so I didn’t do laser again! I was not happy spending money to make my rosacea worse, talk about a bummer!

Since that time I’ve used several different products to try and cover or medicate my skin and I’ve found several things that help.

To take my makeup off, I’ve found Estee Lauder Verite line, Light Lotion Cleanser to be the best, gentlest, and least irritating for my skin. I love this stuff and sometimes feel a little panicky if a certain department store doesn’t have it in stock. I usually buy this at Dillards or Macy’s. They keep threatening to discontinue the line and then I don’t know what I would do. I used an alternative this fall to develop a back up plan but it made my rosacea worse, so I won’t name it or recommend it.

I’ve tried many, many brands of moisturizers for my skin and only one works well for me, it’s Olay Total Effects Moisturizer-fragrance free. You can buy this at your local supermarket or Target. All other moisturizers, even $$$ brand names increase the redness in my face or cause more breakouts.

It’s interesting the rosacea makes my skin very dry- it’s always sort of peeling off, but also my skin is still very oily, so my skin is really very delicate and sensitive. I haven’t found any foods that make my rosacea worse but environmental elements affect my rosacea extremely. I can’t be out in direct sun or out in the heat of the day; that makes my rosacea very bad. This last summer hubs and I went on Trek with the young men and women in our ward (my religious organization, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) to Martin’s Cove in eastern Wyoming and I was out in the sun/heat with no makeup on for four days (although I had a big hat the whole time). I wore sunscreen (sometimes sunscreen causes a flare up) but it was hot and I couldn’t ever get out of the heat really. My face looked bad, really bad…I worried that I looked like a burn victim and my face peeled/broke out for weeks afterward. But now it has calmed down.

Getting my hair dyed is also tricky with my rosacea. Every time I get my roots done, I have to sit under a hair dryer for approximately 20 minutes, that’s normal. But my rosacea doesn’t like that heat and most times my hairdresser (love ya Danica) gives me wet/cold towels to hold on my face. My face/rosacea is a diva and does not like that heat!

Another thing that affects my rosacea is stress. If I’m super stressed at work or for other reasons, my rosacea will flare up. If I’m not sleeping well or get sick, my rosacea flares up; so my rosacea is a super high maintenance diva princess and doesn’t like life to be bumpy! Stupid diva princess!

Anyway, these are things that make my rosacea worse. But I’ve found a great cream that helps cover it. It’s called NYX Color Correcting Primer. In the morning, I put this on my face over my moisturizer…it’s green and covers the red in my face so well. I love it! I found it at Ulta.  Then I discovered a great foundation that I’ve been using for YEARS…I found it soon after visiting the dermatologist…it’s Estee Lauder Double Wear-Light Beige. I’ve worn lighter colors in previous years but as the rosacea spread to my neck, it was odd to wear a lighter color (matching my normally fair skin) and then contrast that with my darker red neck…it looked weird. So the last two years I’ve worn light beige. It covers really well and I think it also protects my skin. If I don’t wear foundation, I seem to flare up more often and develop more redness. This might not be true although that is my observation.

I then just use any brand of pressed powder to set my makeup and then apply eye shadow and whatever else you want.

OOOH I also don’t use very much blush! I almost forgot to mention this…I use more bronzer than blush because my face is already red, so I don’t need more red. Bronzer seems to work better for me and then with just a dab (really tiny, think half the size of a pencil eraser…just a dab of blush on the apple of my cheek and that is it.

Below I’ve attached links to products I’ve mentioned and my YouTube video demonstrating how I cover my rosacea. I hope this is helpful for any of you who suffer or if you know someone that does, share this post with them.

NYX Color Correcting Liquid Primer

Olay Total Effect 7-in-1

Verite Light Lotion Cleanser

YouTube video-how to cover rosacea