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Spring is in the Air

Hello friends and happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday for some of you!)

This morning I had a hard time getting up, seriously I’m not sure I actually fell asleep til after 3am…that’s when I looked at the clock to be able to prove I was having a hard time sleeping! Does anyone else do that? If I’m feeling like I’m tossing and turning, I look at the clock to “prove” that I’m not asleep. If I’m not awake enough to look at the clock, we (me, myself, and I) know sleeping is good. I know, it’s odd…:) anyway I had a hard time getting out of bed. We’ve already established that LOL

But as I got dressed, I decided to wear something spring-ee and it’s somewhat of a different combination for me. I’m wearing white skinny jeans and white tee both JCPenney and a lavender cardigan from Express along with my white snake pattern flip flops (don’t even recall where I got these things)….It’s a spring look which I felt like doing and white sometimes makes me look like I’m awake lol so maybe that’s another reason.

But as I got in my car to leave the house, I’m thinking to myself…wow it’s 15 degrees warmer than it was last week at this time (even though it’s super cloudy), my outfit totally works for today 🙂 I love when this happens! (Sometimes I dress for weather that was only in my mind! LOL!

(Something sad about this morning: I drove to take pictures at a neat fuschia wall/building here in my city and got there, realizing the WHOLE building has been torn down and replaced with four (seven story)(? that many) apartment buildings?? When did that happen? How did I not know?…so pictures are at one of my regular back drops)

Anyway, catch up to me leaving work and the temperature is 69 degrees! Whaaaaat?? Holy mother of pearl! All of a sudden either I moved to Arizona or spring is here! I love it!

My dad had a poem I’ll share with you (he passed away 33 years ago):

Spring is sprung

The grass is rized

I wonder where the flowers is 🙂

Sharing my spring outfit pictures with you! Have a happy day friends!