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Dressing with Plaid

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend (now that the last minutes are ticking away LOL)

I visited with two of my grandkids that live farther away so it was a great weekend getaway so to speak ❤️

I want to share my love for these green/purple/black plaid pants I got on clearance at Target. At first I matched them with a striped purple and black sweater but this time I toned them down with a green sweatshirt- which normally means more casual but I added my vintage black fur coat with my Walmart faux fur backpack, my purple fringe earrings (target again) fur loafers (also Target- its a Target type of day) and TADA! My purple Anastasia lipstick!

All of this made for a classic look even though I was wearing a sweatshirt! (It was pretty comfy and I was warm). So anytime you are thinking you can’t wear a sweatshirt cause it seems too casual; just add a few classy-sassy items and you can UP your wardrobe game.

I’m also still trying to see how many looks I can combine without adding a new item (shop my closet fun)! I’ve been re organizing my closet too and it gives me more ideas for new outfits so stay tuned!!

Closet Problems

Hello friends! (Happy almost Wednesday)! You and I have almost made it through the week! I’m so proud, it’s so hard 😂

I’ve noticed that I can clean my closet, be so organized I should get an Oscar, and have a plan for my outfit the next day… but somehow by the end of two days I’ve got the makings of several outfits clumped together and all my previous planning and organization appears to be a waste of time. 😳

Saturday I even tried several things on and took pictures to remind myself of what I liked together (things that seem new but shopping my closet- which actually makes me feel like Wonder Woman-REALLY) and I felt so productive and had a sense of accomplishment….and today my closet is messy.

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!? Why can’t I maintain my closet?? These are my odd and obviously very important thoughts this Tuesday evening. I’m open to feedback…maybe LOL!

before:after: (obviously a fictional depiction and not my actual closet cause I’m embarrassed!) 😂🤣

Weekend Revival

Hello friends!

So this weekend I got to lay in bed after six am twice!! I think it’s so peaceful to wake up naturally:) (granted I did wake up sweating at 1am but I’m pretty sure that had to do with yesterday being the hottest day so far (freaking AC is not on) and NOT me waking naturally LOL).

Even though I was very busy yesterday: grandson basketball game, lunch with kids, grocery shopping, wash car, organizing my pantry and putting in shelves, laundry mat to wash huge mattress pad and pillows, but at the end of the day I felt very accomplished (Celebrated by watching 2nd Avengers!) I even found time to discover a new pair of fringe sandals and circle bag at Target (while looking for shelves!) so I really think as I accomplished stuff on my list, I gradually de stressed and was able to find something cute!!

What a great weekend! (I hope your weekend was lovely too and thanks so much for reading my random weekly thoughts!)