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Fashion for Fall

Hello friends! And happy Wednesday! Sometimes I get overwhelmed on Monday (it seems a lot to get three groups accomplished between Monday-Tuesday) but this week I had more energy and not so overwhelmed. It might be I’m having a Cabi party on Thursday and Saturday traveling to St George Utah to see “Thriller” at Tuacahn Amphitheater. So yeah I’m super excited this week!

But I wanted to share one secret of dressing for fall and I promised to share my super affordable coat from OldNavy ($10).

My friend ANNE (!) found this amazing jumper on clearance ($7) at Target but unfortunately (for her) it didn’t fit and she passed it on to me. It fits me perfect and I used a strip of leather as a belt along with a nude t shirt and cognac heels (these cheap from OldNavy too).

Now it’s been super cold in the morning but warmer later in the afternoon so this morning I’ll be wearing my gorgeous new taupe (cheap) trench type jacket from OldNavy and the taupe really pops with the jumper underneath. It’s such a fun combination.

I hope this idea helps you think of ways you can also dress for fall (cold in morning and warm afternoons)! It doesn’t have to be so hard ❤️ plus you can do it very affordably!

Jumper Problems

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!

Yay! We made it to Friday (thank goodness right??)

I have a jumper that I love! I got it from Target (of course right?), it’s a super cute material (gray and white stripes) and style…there’s just one problem 🙂

Jumpers have this typical challenge: one must completely undress to pee! Seriously it’s a huge deal! Plus my shoulders are a little bit wider and I feel like I’m gonna dislocate something trying to get it off, contorting my body in ways that are alarming! Yet I continue to wear my darling jumper cause it’s so cute!

I’ll let you know when my shoulder pops off! LOL