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Journal and journal

So last night at 1130 when I still couldn’t sleep; I got up and started reading my journal that my grandma gave me when I was 12.

I wrote everyday from 1978-1984. I was about halfway done at 130 and finally fell asleep.

It was fun reading about my life when I was 12; many things I had forgot. I was almost embarrassed at how immature I was at, well honestly 12 but how mature is a 12 year old anyway??

Most embarrassing is the number of young men I had crushes on during these years. I probably had a crush on every boy in a 60 mile radius. A common theme was- I wore a blue shirt today-he wore a blue shirt today-this is a SIGN! MFEO! 😂 (made for each other if you didn’t know)

It was hilarious. And some parts sad.

I wrote about President Reagan getting shot

I wrote about my grandma being diagnosed with cancer

I wrote about my parents calling to the house from Salt Lake City telling us (me) that dad’s cancer had returned and being worried

I documented three of my younger sisters births (I am the oldest daughter of 7 girls)

It was amazing to read 7 years fly by in the blink of an eye (ok several blinks but it went by fast)

I have not journaled for many years but I am rededicating myself to writing again.

I think I am around 12 in the first picture below. The next picture is 1984-I am on the top row in the middle of my sisters. The next picture is two of my journals (not to be read by others until I’m dead 😂)