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End of Week Fashion

Hello Friends!

First I want to say thank you for reading my blog, I feel super grateful for all the support in my new venture into blogging and wanted all of you to know I appreciate you!

I thought for Friday fun, I would share my last couple of days of fashion choices 🙂

I try to combine things that are different but fun and here is what I wore yesterday and today!

Yesterday I felt like wearing my gray with pink polka dot shirt from Express, so I combined it with my pink Express jeans. I felt a dilemma because I needed a jacket but nothing seemed to match until I grabbed this tan cardigan from OldNavy, it has a pink hue and with my silver/sparkle boots from Nordstrom Rack set the whole outfit perfectly. I rationalized that tan is close to gold (hue wise) and thought it would be fun to add my gold earrings with silver stones and my leather tan wrap bracelet with pink stones. I think it’s fun to combine lots of different elements for a complex look! I think this one is a win!

Today I had to wear my new embroidered Express jeans! I’ve been searching forever for a well fitting pair of embroidered jeans and finally! Me and Express seem to go well together, their fit and rise is perfect for my shape, so I was super excited. In warmer months I would wear these jeans with a T shirt but it’s super cold so I grabbed a tan sweater (H&M) and my tan boots (I almost have a cowgirl thing going on which I totally love!) then the piece de resistance (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) is my H&M red Faux Fur coat….oh my gosh how much more fun can Friday be without being a weekend or a holiday???

High Waist Embroidered Stretch Jeggings

Polka Dot City Shirt

Short Faux Fur Jacket (similar to mine, but mine sold out quick)

Shop your closet!!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I love finding new ways to wear my clothes. I don’t like to wear the same thing every day but at the same time, it is not reasonable for me to buy something new to wear every day! I’m sure others know what I mean 🙂 So I just love when I’m looking at my closet and some new combination pops into my mind.

I had this happen today! I have a wonderful, colorful, pair of floral pants that I snagged on clearance from Loft early last spring. They have such a vibrant background color (it’s kind of a jeweled blue) with sea green vines and rose and gold flowers…it’s one of my favorite patterns but I’ve only wore these in warm weather. The cuff of the pants is shorter (normally paired with fun heels or flips) but I paired these pants with my burgundy sueded booties-DSW, my gray ruffle sleeve sweater from Target-WhoWhatWear, and my new Betsy Johnson pendant I snagged from TJMAXX. The pants are so vibrant, it’s sort of a holiday look! Score!

I love this pendant and finding another way to wear it just puts me in a splendid mood, which really helps out my week cause let’s be honest…it’s only Tuesday…the work week is just beginning and I need a little help to move it along typically. I don’t think I’m the only one in this boat either! Mondays and Tuesdays are a challenge right? So have some fun and shop your closet! Find new ways to mix and match items in your closet different than you have before!

Sparkle Season!

Hello friends!

Here we are almost through the week! How is everyone doing? I am just in a cheery mood, I don’t know where it’s coming from…oh yes I do! I spent the evening shopping with my mom, dad, sister, two nieces (niece’s two little girls). We really had fun and I seriously found the cutest two pieces of jewelry.

We were roaming through the mall forever and I was still dressed from work, wearing my black booties which are super comfy but not necessarily meant to roam the mall 😉 hahaha (I should store flat shoes in my trunk for mall roaming)!

Anyway, we were in Maurice’s looking for a gift for someone and I happened to find a lovely watch/bracelet double wrap thingy (I’m seriously not sure what to call it) but it’s super fun (cheap, hope that doesn’t sound bad) and totally matches my style! Score!

Then I had to fuel up at Chik Fil A- grilled nuggets and lemonade heaven. Is there anything better than Chik Fil A lemonade? Ok I digress…

We then moved on down the road to TJMAXX because it’s always a good place to snag a deal for gifts right? But I “accidentally” found a bootiful pendant from Betsy Johnson and it’s amazing, so I’m super stoked that I got these bargain finds that add to my sparkle season! I’m a sucker for something pretty and sparkly! I’m going to wear this pendant with my gray Madewell shirt, maybe my leopard jeans, and pink/gold sparkle blazer. A girl’s gotta bling….again and again….

And there’s more! We then went to another mall to JCPenney and wandered into Sephora inside the store. My sister showed me a Stila display and we spent nearly 15 minutes swiping (lipgloss wand type of containers) of glitter eyeshadow on our wrists! I didn’t buy any but I think it’s on my (Christmas) stocking list. I found it online, it’s called Magnificient Metals!

SPARKLE SEASON IS UPON US, JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON WITH ME (or else I’m going down alone Muahahaha)!


Good morning friends!

I realize it probably isn’t morning where you are and I post this later in the day but…it was morning when I blogged so there 🙂

I love fall…seriously, leaves are and have turned so many colors. The mountains just look orange now, I’m guessing because leaves are on the ground and that’s how it looks down here in the valley. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons.

I just wanted to share my morning with you: here I am at 8am outside, the sun hasn’t really came up yet, but there is a golden light all around. It’s not dark but not light yet. The area just above the mountains is glowing because you know the sun is coming and it’s so pretty and serene. I just love it. So I took pictures out in the road (being careful of traffic haha, everyone going to work or taking their children to school…yes I’m taking pictures of myself) and I tried to get the glow of the mountains behind me. It’s such a pretty time of day and it just fills my soul. There is sunshine in my soul today, which is nice because some issues at work have had me discouraged at different times this week. I need to fill my soul with things that bring me joy: reading my scriptures and watching the sun rise and just now seeing the beauty of the sun beaming through one of my trees that has turned a vibrant red. I’m so thankful for the beautiful world I live in and am surrounded by.

My outfit today matches the sunrise; a bright pink pleated skirt (you didn’t know you could get away with that right?) from Asos, along with a black/white plaid shirt and black moto jacket from JCPenney. I paired this with my textured pattern converse, a knotted silver skinny belt, and pink jeweled earrings (also JCPenney). My daughter Callie helped me with the skirt/shirt/belt combo because sometimes I just love something but the creative juices do not flow and my daughter McKenna helped with the jacket decision.

I’m so thankful for my children. It also fills my soul when I spend time with them. It was the joy of my life to be a mother and more joy every day as a grandmother. I feel so blessed.

Ruffles and Stripes

Ruffles are very trendy right now and so fun. I love the big ruffles on cuffs of sleeves; seems to give even the simplest top some pizzazz.

I have several tops with ruffles and I can’t get enough of wearing them. I got this fun top from Target, (apparently my favorite store haha) and fell in love with it from first seeing. It has a small ruffle edge on the high collar and hem along with a long cuff which I love. The colors are beautiful too with background of black with silver, gray, charcoal, and pink stripes in varying widths. Varying widths of stripes is intentional too, the wider widths are around my chest and hips, making me appear more curvy and the skinnier stripes are on my waist minimizing that area. Isn’t that perfect planning? Obviously I didn’t make the shirt but look for those things when buying stripes.

I think you could wear this top with many things. Today I’m pairing it with my black Stitchfix Liverpool pants and a Rhinestone/studded jean jacket from Chicos. I love the fit of the Stitchfix pants (Stitchfix is an online styling service you can subscribe to: you fill out their assessment and can schedule your personal stylist to send you packages every month or more often), they’re made from a heavy stretch material which is very flattering to my full hips. The jean jacket from Chicos I’ve had for more than a year and love the fit and cute details. I think both these items go with the top really well and make it super fun. I’m adding my slip on tennis shoes in a faux quilted black leather for a bit of texture. And I couldn’t help it, I added my jewel pink chandelier earrings! A light pink purse would look great with this combination!

I also thought I could wear this shirt with white or pink pants along with my soon to arrive white boots. YES you can wear white after Labor Day! That is an old rule that I think is similar to “The Earth is Flat”, someone just made that up maybe because they thought brighter colors in the winter did not work…however you can wear anything you want and I can prove it.

A few months ago I wore a mixed pattern outfit to work. I was super excited about it, had planned a few days before (taking into account the colors, pattern, and complimentary accessories). After work (quite a bit later) I was getting ready for bed changing my clothes and wouldn’t you know….I hadn’t wore the pieces I planned. I wore a different pair of print leggings with my print shirt and neither one of them worked together (the way I planned previously) but no one that day said “Uh I don’t know if you know, but that DOES NOT WORK TOGETHER”. It was too funny, so then and there I decided that it didn’t really matter what I wore, if I liked it, things would be fine, and the world would not end! There! Proof! FACTUAL! Ha ha seriously, please don’t be afraid to wear something a little bold or a little bright, or something you haven’t before. I guarantee that no one else has more judgments than you do, and if you silence your own judgments, you might discover you can dress your personality! LOVE to all!

How To: Bold patterns with Texture

I like bold patterns and they’re so trendy right now. I have a black and cream flowered blouse from Target with double ruffled sleeves I purchased at the beginning of summer. Now that is bold! I always thought it would look good with silver shoes but did not have any.

Fast forward a couple months….it’s fall and I have a cute niece (Bronwyn, doesn’t she have a darling name?) that found the same top and paired it with some textured burgundy pants. This led me to put my top with my ankle pixie burgundy pants and my silver boots. I also added a kind of peacock burgundy necklace and burgundy crystal earrings from Charming Charlie’s.

You might naturally think that a bold piece like a blouse would need to be toned down with other separates. But I think it looks so fun with these rich pants and flashy booties. Something bold can be paired with another equally bold item if the texture is different.  For example, my niece Bronwyn with her textured pants or me with my glittery (they are textured) booties and interesting necklace (pendant). If you have something bold, look for a complimentary color (another separate perhaps) that has texture to pair and see what happens to your bold item! My guess is it will really pop!

Embroidered Style

Happy Hump Day everyone! Wednesday is that day where I think to myself, “I can do this, I’ve got through three days, I can get through to Friday”! I encourage myself like that and it works most times. 🙂 Friday makes me happy, in addition, you all know that I feel happy when I think of clothes, jewelry, or shoes….you can tell by my blog right? Here are some more details of what I love that happens to be trendy right now:

I’m a sucker for embroidery. Let me explain…

  1. Last year Santa (disguised as me picking my own Christmas present) gave me a sassy embroidered Bomber Jacket from Asos; it’s blue and gold with these gorgeous trout and flowers on the front and back.
  2. Earlier this year I was visiting my mother and sisters in Boise (Nampa is really where they all live, hi sistas!) and we (mother and I power shopping- it should be an Olympic Event…seriously) found a gorgeous embroidered jean jacket at Macy’s. I loved it and immediately snagged it up. The floral embroidery on the back, sleeves and lapels is beautiful.
  3. In a sprint to the mall I found a beautiful black embroidered shift dress at Express and oh my goodness it just called to me. It’s a little short for me to wear but I paired it with some interesting jeans I’ve destructed and my cute red boots. I even wore it to work! I did add a black Tee underneath because the dress has a slit in the back between about mid back to button at the top; it’s not me to show that much and with the tee on you can’t even tell.

Each of these pieces are unique but so fun to wear. I think embroidered clothing is such a beautiful look and very luxe; some might think it too trendy or risky to wear but I say take some fashion risks, wear what you love, and it will work just because you love it! I think it’s that simple.

Your assignment for today, if you choose to accept: Search for something embroidered and rock it! 😉

Floral Embroidered Shift Dress

Asos Premium Bomber Jacket (similar to mine, although mine is out of stock)

Macy’s INC Embellished Denim Trucker Jacket (similar to mine, although mine is out of stock)

Gotta wear velvet

So it was supposed to be stormy weather today and I knew! I just knew it was the perfect time to wear my velvet pants!

This is me at a store: I see something fuzzy/furry/shiny/sparkly/purple/pretty print and I stop…I have to touch it….if it’s soft then I’m hooked….”honey”? It’s so soft, feel how soft this is”….

So this is how I purchase many of my clothes…oh it’s so soft! So when I see that velvet is big, I’m so excited! “It’s so fluffy”! Let me know if you know what movie that quote is from.

It turned out to be a sunny day and I drove home in my hot/black car starting to get a little sweaty, but #sorrynotsorry cause I love my velvet! I did quickly change once home….here are my outfits for today 🙂

Velvet pants #whowhatwear #target, striped shirt and black booties #jcpenney ANA line, and jean jacket #stitchfix Liverpool. My gorgeous necklace is #anntaylor.

Change for the heat! Striped (light) sweater #handm, jeans (of course my fav) #express! Have a great day whether cool or warm!

All about me

Good morning! Here I am starting my blog and I thought to explain my recent Instagram name changes! 15 years ago I ended an emotionally abusive marriage and began discovering/remembering who I am. One way I did this was through fashion. At the end of my aforementioned marriage, I bought a darling zip up sweater, gray leopard print, with faux fur on the collar and cuffs. My (now ex) criticized my looks and the sweater and a rebel was born.

Fast forward six years and I found the love of my life, we were engaged to be married and my wedding ring is a beautiful Levian, “Chocolate Diamonds” band. So whenever I do something I remember I need to remember who I am. That is why I have “chocolate” in my blog name and how it is connected with my love for fashion. I feel like fashion was one thing that helped me come out of my shell.

Now it’s been nine 1/2 years since I married the love of my life- Mike and I finally decided to start a blog. I want to help other women my age recognize their beauty, accept the aging process, and we might even have a little fun!

My ring (chocolate diamonds) and fashion represent my discovered authenticity!