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Halloween Makeup Fun

Now that Halloween is over, I can share with you all the Halloween makeup looks I tried this week. I didn’t have a costume but instead tried to do several different eye make up looks. Remember I am not a trained makeup artist so I think I did pretty good!

My first one was a spider! I might even use the colors in my regular day because I think it complements my eye color.

My second one was just black and orange. Typically orange is not a good color on me but it turned out ok.

My third look is a more cartoon witchy color with purple, orange, and black.

By the fourth day I am super tired of orange. It’s just not me! 😂 so I tried to copy some colors from the Disney character Maleficent. I used a couple different shades of green with gold and black. It was more fun and I have some green/gold flecks in my brown eyes.

On Halloween I decided to try a clown look with black, pink, and gray. It’s kind of chalky for me but it was fun although hard to take off at night 😢

I also used my different wigs with my Halloween looks which I thought was fun!

I hope this gives you ideas of how many different ways you can use makeup for Halloween!

Cara Mia Halloween

Oh hi friends!

I so wanted to share my Halloween style this year! It was a crazy few weeks but it all came together and I was so excited!!

So a couple months ago, you might remember I changed my hair and got super long extensions which made me think of Morticia Addams- one of my favorite Halloween characters- she is so chic yet deathly dramatic that’s I just love her and had to be her for Halloween!

Lucky for me, hubs is a good sport and agreed to be Gomez Addams also! (Coincidentally my oldest daughter planned to be Wednesday Addams!) (I got my dress and hubs costume from Amazon!)

The makeup was tricky and I watched several YouTube videos on Morticia’s makeup until I found one I liked. The day before Halloween and the day of -I wore my makeup to take pictures with my daughter and then to take less time getting ready Halloween night.

I purchased cheap foundation at the grocery store- the fairest I could find and my face (read:rosacea) did not like the drug store brand and both days appeared (close up) fairly irritated and peeling and red) but luckily has not continued since that day. It seems back to normal with my regular Estée Lauder Doublewear in Light Beige which is really soothing for my skin and lasts throughout my long days.

Here are our two pictures of The Addams family, first with Morticia and Wednesday; then with Gomez and ‘Tish… you’re gonna love this as much as I did!!(This might even be my Christmas card picture)

A New Day

So today I took down all the Halloween décor’. You might have seen my pictures of hanging candles in my front entry; those took about an hour and a half to take down.

I made them a couple years ago from Pinterest. I took a whole bunch of toilet paper and paper towel tubes, dripped hot glue down the sides, painted them white,, and poked holes to hang them with fishing line. The inside of the tube has a LED tealight, so it looks like they really are candles hanging from the ceiling.

The first year I hung the candles with tape…which kept falling off. The second year I used white duct tape which worked, but took paint off our ceiling (during the summer before my daughter’s wedding, the hubs repainted the ceiling) so this year I didn’t want to do that again! This year I got some tacky glue (it’s kind of a gum type of substance) that’s supposed to be safe for your walls and such. So I spent about 30 minutes hanging candles up…three went up and two fell down, three up and two down…until I started getting annoyed (might have said S H I word) and gave up for the evening.

Hubs had the idea to tie the fishing line to a button and use the tacky substance on the button, which then did work really well. It was just an arduous process to hang up this year. So I wasn’t super excited to take all the darn things down…up the ladder and pry the tacky substance off my ceiling -precariously propped on the top step of the ladder- sometimes I did three at a time before I had to go back down and move the ladder again. I might have made too many of these…..Took quite some time (oh and I was in my nightgown too, just didn’t want to take a shower and get ready when I had THINGS TO DO)! And I thought to myself, this is so annoying, I might not put them back up next year…but I probably will by the time Halloween comes around again.

Every new holiday calls for a change of décor (Change),  or a A New Day, so to speak 🙂 I got out my sparse Thanksgiving decorations (I have this bouncy wire turkey from Pier 1, it’s so cute) and then I realized I forgot to share my pictures of our creepy Halloween dinner last Sunday, just as a last adieu before moving on. A good friend (there you are Dave) reminded me.

Here are our fun pictures of Halloween 2017 Spooky Dinner! I hope these fun pictures add to the enjoyment of your weekend!

Fashion Fits

Hello all!

I’m in such a cheery mood, even though this will post on Monday (it’s a couple of days before Halloween) and I just love Halloween! So even on a Monday I am happy! I love Fall, love all the holidays, (only tolerate the snow, except on Christmas Day), and I love to decorate and shop for special gifts. This is my season! But I digress…

I’ve learned something I want to pass on to my friends: wearing clothes that fit is such an important rule. I don’t necessarily believe really any rules but this one. WEAR WELL FITTING CLOTHING.

Three years ago I lost 50 pounds and am trying to keep it off through healthy eating and exercise, along with minimal sweets. I have to admit I love sweets. I’ve discovered I can eat a type of fudge that is made with coconut oil, maple syrup, almond butter, and cacao that is heavenly and one little bite does me for the whole day (keeps me satisfied). Since losing that weight I’ve had some discoveries in my closet: I hold onto pieces even though they no longer fit! Ahhhh! I have emotional attachments to clothes? That’s so odd right? Well the last couple weeks I’ve posted pictures of my outfits on a wonderful women’s Facebook page (I just adore these ladies- it’s called Style Your Way to Success Over Fifty-love this group). Anyway, as I’ve posted pics, some of my friends have noted that I have a tendency to wear some clothes that don’t fit, they’re too big. I got rid of most of my clothes when I lost weight but several items I did not: a black moto jacket, gray moto jacket, pink moto jacket, gray dress, and a couple of sweaters….so when I wear these items they look big on me and it’s not very flattering.

So Friday evening I went through my closet, and purged my large clothing…so difficult. But at the same time it’s a very healthy and positive action to take. I think sometimes I feel uncomfortable wearing well fitting clothing because it feels like I’m showing off my figure? Seriously I’m the therapist; I need to figure this out, I wonder if other women feel the same as I do? Let me know what you think about this? I would love to hear other women’s point of view?

To prove my resolve: here I am in a great fitting dress 🙂 It’s a blue number with gorgeous sleeves and great hemline length from Rachel Parcell collection. The material is not heavy but a tight weave and it is curve hugging so compliments my figure, although feels a little bit uncomfortable haha…Happy Monday! Wear clothes that fit! (This is similar to mine) Flutter Sleeve Dress

Extended Halloween Weekend

So…I think this is my most exciting weekend EVER! Seriously! I’ll list some reasons why:

  1. Stranger Things came out on Netflix today…can you say binge watch weekend?
  2. Halloween Dinner (family tradition)
  3. Dressing up like (?) can’t say yet
  4. Giving out candy to the cutest kids (costumes) ever!
  5. Work Halloween party and potluck

I don’t know if anyone else is into Netflix series of “Stranger Things” but it’s awesome and I get to start watching today! Last season was super intense and fun and I’ve had to wait all year to watch more! Thing 1!

Every year my sister and I have a family tradition of a Halloween dinner, oddly enough always on Sunday…BUT anyways…we each try to create some creepy disgusting version of food (actually is food but looks gross) to creep each other out! Let me tell you, there have been some winners! (but left over food cause no one can eat it LOL) I am shopping for my dishes tomorrow and preparing some tomorrow. More pics to follow! Thing 2!

Dressing up! I’ve loved to dress up for Halloween forever and this year I finally talked the hubby into dressing up. So on Halloween I will post our pics! Thing 3!

Did I mention how much I love Halloween?? Really, love Halloween! I adore handing out candy to children of all ages and specifically get good (mucho chocolatey!) to hand out. I’m a therapist and I think it’s always better to have a 16 year old out  trick or treating instead of doing drugs and ending up at my facility. Who cares if I buy candy for someone if it gives me so much joy? Thing 4!

My employer is having a work Halloween party/potluck next Tuesday so I get to dress up and stretch out the fun before I go home and stretch out the fun! Thing 5!

Everything starts tonight and ends four days from now! Let the fun begin! I thought I would add a couple pics from years before family dinner so you know what I mean 🙂

Nerd and Fashion

I think it’s important to be myself; having said that, you should know I have always been a nerd! I remember having the hugest crush on Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford after Star Wars came out. I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, even in 1978.

Remember when Harry Potter was a “Scholastic” book in paperback and sold at your child’s book fair at school? Yeah we got several until it was cool for anyone. I’m not saying I’m ahead of the times, I’m just saying “I’m that nerdy”.

It being Halloween season I also feel the need to advertise my love for Harry Potter. I hope you’ll indulge how I incorporate this into fashion. My daughter and son in law got me a gorgeous t shirt at Salt Lake Comic Con and I paired it with my super serious (Sirius Black? Maybe that’s my jacket name?) tailored jacket from Target-ANewDay. This is a real trendy and fun jacket and is a little serious but pairing it with my Harry Potter shirt fits my personality, is trendy (graphic tees), and fun! I added my distressed jeans and gray booties that I’ve had forever from Macys. I hope you like it and get some inspiration to also dress your personality and have fun!

I’ve added pictures of my Harry Potter décor: floating candles, creepy table, and Sirius Black’s skeleton (or what’s left of him)! Have a fun day!

My relationship with Halloween

BSo I’ve always loved Halloween and the last several years associate Halloween with Harry Potter cause I love Harry Potter too. Notice the spiders crawling up my door next to me in the above picture.

In 1998, pregnant with my fifth child who was due on Halloween, and I was super excited. I mean, who wouldn’t want their birthday on Halloween?? How could it be any more fun than have a Halloween birthday??

But that was not meant to be. On October 9th, 1998 my son died (stillborn) due to the cord being wrapped around his neck too many times. My world came to a halt and I was heartbroken for a very long time. My relationship with Halloween also changed for a few years. I didn’t look forward to Halloween because I still grieved the loss of my son; sometimes I felt guilty having fun on Halloween because it is around the same time of his birth/death date.

These anniversary dates are difficult for many people, as a therapist I know that. I also know that with time, wounds heal and grieving lessens. I will always be sad for the loss of my sweet son Clayton Farrell Jenkins, he was six pounds and 19 inches, although I know I will see him again. I am LDS and part of my religious beliefs is that I will be reunited with my loved ones who have passed on. This belief carries me through difficult times.

On this day every year I feel (and times during the year) sadness about my son who would be 19 today. I can’t believe it’s been that long, oh my goodness. But I also allow myself to enjoy Halloween again. I think it’s healthy and positive that I can be involved and enjoy some silly things in life like spiders crawling up my wall just because 🙂

Since this is also a fashion blog; some of you might come here and be confused, although I didn’t feel I could be authentic today without sharing my experience. I will also add my wardrobe links  🙂 Happy Monday

Worthington Long Bell Sleeve (only plus size online, misses in store)

Karol Bootie by Shoedazzle

Here is my remembrance to Clayton and hoping he enjoys my spiders too.