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Dressing for Fall Weather

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!

We are nearly halfway through our work week! I do enjoy my work and I also enjoy my weekends, how about you? I love remembering it’s halfway!

I thought it would be fun to describe what I do to plan for a fall day that is 36 in the morning and 65 in the afternoon- 65 is such a mild temperature and could even pass for short sleeve shirts but the morning would not.

Something I try to do is layer….I wear my coat in the morning so I’m not freezing; then when I get to work I shed that but lots of times have a cardigan over a short sleeve shirt or light long sleeve shirt so I’m not too haute! (Remember my last post when I forgot and wore a huge sweater LOL)!

Today I tried something new for me, I wore a bright orange tank top but paired it with my leopard cardigan. So my arms are bare under the cardigan and it’s not too warm in my office or outside but perfect with the cardigan over the top! I also think it will work well in the afternoon because my cardigan sleeves are not a heavy blend.

I got my tank originally about four years ago from Nordstrom Rack and it’s such a pretty color, it deserves a rotation in my wardrobe. This is also super affordable; thrifting or shopping our closets are the most economical and ecologically friendly things we can do. The cardigan is fairly new, (I’ve been searching forever for a leopard cardigan) and it’s from Chicos, but I’m guessing it will last for years. I’ve had items from Chicos before and am still wearing them years later, so it’s definitely a piece to keep in my closet. I added some fun earrings that interestingly enough are fairly old (affordable) but also Chicos but look fun with the tank and cardigan; I wore some pre destructed jeans that fit my butt well from Nordstrom (Kut) and my boot like shoes from Target.

Here I am, ready for any weather that might pop up this time of year! And I’m shopping my closet! So this is a win win!

Have a great week friends!

Fall into Style

Hello friends!

I thought I would share a fun summer look that would transition easily to fall!

I found this rust colored eyelet top from Target and fell in Love immediately! It has a elastic neck and sleeves and is so comfy. It is eyelet but not see through as sometimes happens with this material.

I wore it with my Kut from the Kloth jeans, leopard slides from TJMaxx, and leopard backpack from ASOS and it’s super cute! I think this top would also be cute with any type of animal print pants or skirt. The eyelet really pops and is so fun!

When the weather cools down, I will add my leopard booties and a cream or black cardigan or possibly a denim jacket and it would be very fun while still keeping you warm!

I love items that can transition to the next season! It makes them so much more fun to wear and I end up wearing these items with several different things.

My Plaid Obsession

Hello Friends!

Happy Thursday! How are all of you doing? I’m not quite recovered from my training last weekend (I need a Saturday morning to lay in bed to complete the process) but I thought while waiting patiently for that moment to arrive, I would share my plaid obsession!

It seems like I go through stages that I have more of one style or pattern than others and I’m realizing this with plaid. The more I go through my closet, my more I realize I have! So I thought to share with you some ways to style plaid this fall!

Here are some awesome plaid pants I got from H&M for only $14.99. I paired them with my gray T, tassel necklace, black circle bag, and my bold silver boots. Honestly it is such a fun outfit, I love the vibe!

Then I thought to pair these same pants with a burgundy stripe blouse, also H&M and my burgundy booties with a white earring and gray bag.

For another outfit I have a burgundy sweater with ruffled collar and sleeves (in cooler temps), along with a black moto jacket and black booties with sparkly earrings.

There are so many ways to style plaid and it’s so fun for fall; jump right in and get mad for plaid!


Morning my friends!

I love to layer and fall/winter is the easiest time to do this, but I don’t just mean “layers” as in coat, sweater, scarf; I mean layers as in textures, shine, shapes, patterns, and colors.

This morning I really wanted to wear my burgundy beanie with the pink poof. I’ve really been waiting to wear this for about a month when mama and I shopped at Express. I got this darling pink ruffle sleeve sweater and a burgundy beanie with a pink poof. Of course it was about 75 degrees a month ago and a beanie then is just too hot. Maybe you say a beanie doesn’t work for someone my age? I really don’t think that is the case. Look how cute this beanie is with the sweater! I’m in love!

So when I say layering; I paired the sweater with a plaid (gray/brown/cream) pants from H&M, my silver (Mars landing looking) Nordstrom Rack boots really shiny, square shiny silver earrings, my burgundy bag from Charming Charlie’s, and of course my new best friend: my velvet bomber from Target. This is what I mean by layering; this becomes an outfit with several complex, interesting, and complimentary items which makes it really fun! I had thought of doing pink velvet booties but I realized the pants bring out a kind of silvery brown look (if you cross your eyes looking at them Haha) so I thought the shiny silver boots would be fun and unexpected. Fun and unexpected is a thing I like! Be fun and unexpected today! How does that look for you??

Outfit Goals

So today and yesterday was a H&M day…I’ll explain what I mean! I found a darling pair of plaid flare pants from H&M! I just love the style and fit! So I got these darling pants and thought it would be fun to create several outfits from these one pants and share with everyone all of you!

Yesterday I wore these pants with a darling jade jeweled baggy sweater from H&M; I wore a camisole underneath (to well you know protect the view), and matched it with my white booties! I’m serious this is such a cute look! I also combined this with my white bag! I love breaking fashion rules with these cute booties and bag! I thought it a real fun way to wear my white booties…it’s a real crisp fall look.

Today I’m wearing the pants again! Yes that’s ok cause I work at a different facility and really I don’t think anyone notices or cares about that except for me….haha! Today I paired with a charcoal ruffled sweater from Target-WhoWhatWear and was so excited because I wore my stiletto red Asos booties and red shoulder bag from JCPenney! The neutral pattern of the pants and charcoal neutral of the sweater is a perfect backdrop for the pop of my red booties and bag! Seriously it’s so fun and I love it!

I also have ideas for other ways to wear these pants:

  1. Pair with my lite pink sweater and if I had some lite pink velvet booties that would be gorgeous! (anticipatory Christmas shopping, honey are you reading this??)
  2. Pair with my burgundy ruffle sweater and silver booties with my bright pink bag….yes I’ve paired burgundy and pink before and it is gorgeous ladies! Try it out!

So for these cute pants I’ve identified four potential gorgeous fun fall outfits that will brighten up the winter ahead! Check out check pattern pants for yourself and have fun combining them with other interesting pieces!

Ankle Length Pants

Fashion Fits

Hello all!

I’m in such a cheery mood, even though this will post on Monday (it’s a couple of days before Halloween) and I just love Halloween! So even on a Monday I am happy! I love Fall, love all the holidays, (only tolerate the snow, except on Christmas Day), and I love to decorate and shop for special gifts. This is my season! But I digress…

I’ve learned something I want to pass on to my friends: wearing clothes that fit is such an important rule. I don’t necessarily believe really any rules but this one. WEAR WELL FITTING CLOTHING.

Three years ago I lost 50 pounds and am trying to keep it off through healthy eating and exercise, along with minimal sweets. I have to admit I love sweets. I’ve discovered I can eat a type of fudge that is made with coconut oil, maple syrup, almond butter, and cacao that is heavenly and one little bite does me for the whole day (keeps me satisfied). Since losing that weight I’ve had some discoveries in my closet: I hold onto pieces even though they no longer fit! Ahhhh! I have emotional attachments to clothes? That’s so odd right? Well the last couple weeks I’ve posted pictures of my outfits on a wonderful women’s Facebook page (I just adore these ladies- it’s called Style Your Way to Success Over Fifty-love this group). Anyway, as I’ve posted pics, some of my friends have noted that I have a tendency to wear some clothes that don’t fit, they’re too big. I got rid of most of my clothes when I lost weight but several items I did not: a black moto jacket, gray moto jacket, pink moto jacket, gray dress, and a couple of sweaters….so when I wear these items they look big on me and it’s not very flattering.

So Friday evening I went through my closet, and purged my large clothing…so difficult. But at the same time it’s a very healthy and positive action to take. I think sometimes I feel uncomfortable wearing well fitting clothing because it feels like I’m showing off my figure? Seriously I’m the therapist; I need to figure this out, I wonder if other women feel the same as I do? Let me know what you think about this? I would love to hear other women’s point of view?

To prove my resolve: here I am in a great fitting dress 🙂 It’s a blue number with gorgeous sleeves and great hemline length from Rachel Parcell collection. The material is not heavy but a tight weave and it is curve hugging so compliments my figure, although feels a little bit uncomfortable haha…Happy Monday! Wear clothes that fit! (This is similar to mine) Flutter Sleeve Dress

You CAN Go Go

Oh my goodness! Who else is getting on this white booties look?? The white bootie reminds me of a go go boot that I could wear with my Halloween (70’s costume) only prettier cause I’ve seen it with every day/work/evening outfits.

Some might think this is a young trend and something you can’t do…I guess you all know where I’m going with this. WHY COULDN’T YOU? It’s a darling boot, really fun, trendy, and I didn’t purchase the most expensive boot I could find either so it’s not a huge commitment. Some people might think it falls under the “don’t wear white after Labor Day”, but not me. I wear white pants most of the time too.

Important Fashion TIP: I think it’s helpful to go back to school when wondering what colors to put together in my everyday fashion choices: (my friend Sepideh taught me this a few years ago).Think of the color wheel, black for instance is a mixture of all colors and can match anything, white is no color and you can use it as a neutral (although a bright neutral), purple is mix of red and blue and matches either of these colors perfectly, orange is a mix of red and yellow, green is a mix of yellow and blue; Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colors. Leopard, camo, and polka dots are patterns as well as colors and can be mixed as neutrals. So when you think about a white boot, remember it can match almost any item or style because it is a neutral.

I thought it would be helpful to show you a few looks as examples for what I’m explaining (day/work/evening) The first pic could be an evening look but switch out the black jacket for a crew neck black chunky sweater and even the dress appears casual (just don’t have a sweater like that on hand). The second set of pictures could be evening (just because of the red jacket and is real fun; I love the pattern on the blouse, but of course I would probably wear this ensemble to work 🙂 The third set of pics I think definitely works for evening-the ruffles and sparkly stripes on the top along with the black moto jacket are super chic and would work for a night out. The last set of pic is what I wore to work today. You could also pair these booties with some jeans and a cozy sweater to run to the mall or hang out with your guy/hubs, and it’s a more casual look. Let me know how you found a way to have some fun with white booties! Really they go with anything! Links to a couple booties below:

Bamboo Peep Toe Slingback 

Faux Leather Block Heel

Bright colors=Big Fun

Hello all,

There are some bright colors that are very trendy this season (it could be these colors are trendy every fall/winter;) Burgundy and deep dark bottom of the ocean blue are so rich and just draw my attention.

That’s what I felt like wearing today; bright colors! I have a flannel plaid shirt (really I’m wearing flannel, but it’s also plaid which is trendy, so if you don’t tell, I won’t tell)that has deep blues and bright reds; and when the colors cross of course there are shades of purple and burgundy. I matched this with my dark wash skinny jeans, my burgundy (suede) lace up booties, my long ribbed gray cardigan….and my hot pink bag! Who says pink doesn’t go with burgundy? I saw my bag and thought “Oh my goodness, that is going to work and be so fun”! I wish I could walk around with my bag all day long… ha ha, I work and can’t really do that but I think (PINK) (and I like to rhyme) really works!

I love these colors, they’re so trendy right now, but also I think these are my go to colors. I think my coloring (hair, makeup, skin tone) really matches well with these, and so I love to wear them often! I sometimes think that women (possibly my age and older) think they cannot wear bright colors because of age or some other random fashion rule, but I think we need to challenge ourselves more often (if only with fashion; but as I’m a therapist-challenging ourselves keeps us growing and progressing throughout life, so that’s where I’m going with this). If someone reading this could do one thing that they don’t usually do and get out of their comfort zone I would be super pumped! Let me know the one thing you did that wasn’t comfortable (It could be wearing a bright color or speaking up when you normally don’t but do just one thing today!)


Good morning friends!

I realize it probably isn’t morning where you are and I post this later in the day but…it was morning when I blogged so there 🙂

I love fall…seriously, leaves are and have turned so many colors. The mountains just look orange now, I’m guessing because leaves are on the ground and that’s how it looks down here in the valley. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons.

I just wanted to share my morning with you: here I am at 8am outside, the sun hasn’t really came up yet, but there is a golden light all around. It’s not dark but not light yet. The area just above the mountains is glowing because you know the sun is coming and it’s so pretty and serene. I just love it. So I took pictures out in the road (being careful of traffic haha, everyone going to work or taking their children to school…yes I’m taking pictures of myself) and I tried to get the glow of the mountains behind me. It’s such a pretty time of day and it just fills my soul. There is sunshine in my soul today, which is nice because some issues at work have had me discouraged at different times this week. I need to fill my soul with things that bring me joy: reading my scriptures and watching the sun rise and just now seeing the beauty of the sun beaming through one of my trees that has turned a vibrant red. I’m so thankful for the beautiful world I live in and am surrounded by.

My outfit today matches the sunrise; a bright pink pleated skirt (you didn’t know you could get away with that right?) from Asos, along with a black/white plaid shirt and black moto jacket from JCPenney. I paired this with my textured pattern converse, a knotted silver skinny belt, and pink jeweled earrings (also JCPenney). My daughter Callie helped me with the skirt/shirt/belt combo because sometimes I just love something but the creative juices do not flow and my daughter McKenna helped with the jacket decision.

I’m so thankful for my children. It also fills my soul when I spend time with them. It was the joy of my life to be a mother and more joy every day as a grandmother. I feel so blessed.