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Cara Mia Halloween

Oh hi friends!

I so wanted to share my Halloween style this year! It was a crazy few weeks but it all came together and I was so excited!!

So a couple months ago, you might remember I changed my hair and got super long extensions which made me think of Morticia Addams- one of my favorite Halloween characters- she is so chic yet deathly dramatic that’s I just love her and had to be her for Halloween!

Lucky for me, hubs is a good sport and agreed to be Gomez Addams also! (Coincidentally my oldest daughter planned to be Wednesday Addams!) (I got my dress and hubs costume from Amazon!)

The makeup was tricky and I watched several YouTube videos on Morticia’s makeup until I found one I liked. The day before Halloween and the day of -I wore my makeup to take pictures with my daughter and then to take less time getting ready Halloween night.

I purchased cheap foundation at the grocery store- the fairest I could find and my face (read:rosacea) did not like the drug store brand and both days appeared (close up) fairly irritated and peeling and red) but luckily has not continued since that day. It seems back to normal with my regular Estée Lauder Doublewear in Light Beige which is really soothing for my skin and lasts throughout my long days.

Here are our two pictures of The Addams family, first with Morticia and Wednesday; then with Gomez and ‘Tish… you’re gonna love this as much as I did!!(This might even be my Christmas card picture)

Eyebrow Emergency

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday! Isn’t Friday the most wonderful day?? It’s sort of like Christmas Eve, the day before the best day of the week leading to my favorite days of the week. Friday is usually always a good day 🙂

I had an eyebrow emergency yesterday. I grabbed my eyebrow pencil, Anastasia Brow Whiz and tried to roll up the pencil, but nothing happened and I realized it was empty! NOOOOOOOO…..hence my emergency. There was a little nub that I managed to outline my brows but it was not the same LOL

So after work yesterday I quickly walked to Ulta (from parking lot/car) and found my favorite eye brow pencil.

I’ve learned that my eyebrows are not exactly alike and that’s ok. Someone once told me, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins” and I love remembering that. I’m adding pictures today of before I do my eyebrows, after I do my eyebrows, and then with my hair and lips done. I’ve noticed my right eyebrow has more of an arch and my left eyebrow is more straight, no matter what I do to try and make them the same, they want to do their own thing.  I’m exercising acceptance with my eyebrows LOL!

When younger, my eyebrows were thicker and I also did not have rosacea so I didn’t wear heavy foundation (most times I did not wear foundation at all). Now my eyebrows are a little thinner due to age or thyroid disease, I am not sure; so I pencil more in and it seems to also match my dyed hair. I dye my hair (I have a lot of gray) and right now I like my hair this color; I also like the red streaks, it’s fun. Maybe when I’m older, I will let it go gray, I’m not sure yet. I’ve also tried lighter foundations because my skin tone is originally fair, but rosacea has made my face and neck so red that the lighter tones on my face look odd against my dark (red) neck. So I wear a darker foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) and pencil in my brows so everything kind of matches.

I hope this helps anyone else who suffers from rosacea or age related eye brow thinning.

Thanks for reading Friends and Happy Friday!

Makeup removal revisited

Hello Friends!

How was your weekend? Are you still in denial that a new week has begun?? Me too, you are not alone! LOL

I am pushing myself through this week because I’m going on vacation on Saturday and it’s always so hard to stay focused on work when I’m so looking forward to leaving! But I digress….my focus this blog post is about makeup removal!

I’ve wrote before that I have rosacea. I developed this in 2006, I think due to stress but some of it might have been my physical health problems surfacing. Since that time I’ve used Estee Lauder Verite Light Lotion Cleanser as my makeup remover star. I went to Dillards Saturday to buy some more, almost out (about a teaspoon left in the bottle) and the sales lady informed me it is no longer being produced. (I knew this was coming, for the last year or so, it’s harder and harder to find-Dillards has been the only store in stock, so I wasn’t completely surprised) I was however a little stunned because I’m all encompassed on my vacation that getting this news….well I guess I didn’t know what to say…I just stood there and couldn’t think of a response. Finally (seriously it must have been a minute) I asked what product she might recommend because of my rosacea and not knowing another gentle product (I’ve tried several others in the last few months anticipating this problem and the ones I tried exacerbated my skin condition ). She gave me a couple of samples to try and one I just love and thought I would share with you all.

It’s also Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm -link below (I know that’s a mouthful) but it reminds me of coconut oil, it’s very soothing, cleanses my skin thoroughly, and does not irritate my delicate rosacea facial condition. That is a big deal, I’ve used it a few days and it’s awesome! I’m so glad I found one that works, I was super worried and super annoyed at Estee Lauder for discontinuing one of my favorite items and now am relieved that I’ve found something else to rely on for another 14 years.

I took a couple of close up pictures (one without makeup) so you can see my skin- it is covered with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation that covers and protects my face (with rosacea, that is vital) but you can see my skin does not look very inflamed. I think the cleansing balm is helping with this, or I’m super skilled at applying makeup. LOL

Maybe in 14 years my rosacea will be a thing of the past? I can only hope 🙂

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm