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Let Me Adjust

Hello Friends and happy Monday!

My son moved out (again) into his own apartment Saturday and I found myself quite sad. I wondered why….

I started this blog when my youngest child (daughter) married and moved out last year, I thought it would help me adjust and focus on something else other than work or on being sad that my children were all moved out.

Then this January, my son found himself in somewhat of a quandary with a work position and his apartment lease ending. He moved in with us with the intention of it only being a month or so, but ended up being a little bit longer.

About a month ago, my oldest daughter and her husband (with two littles XOXO) moved in for a couple weeks until their rental house was available. So for some time, my house was quite busy as you can imagine. But my daughter moved back out and now my son is gone and I find myself a little sad as we (me and hubs) are empty nesters (again)! ?

I really think I can get used to this as long as it doesn’t continually change. I live with lots of people, I almost live alone, live with lots of people, live almost alone…I just need time to adjust and consistency! LOL I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE, HAVE I MENTIONED THAT? LOL

I need time to adjust (this involves chocolate and Netflix) and now I’m feeling sad again, so thanks for reading friends! Pretty soon I will be back to myself or who I thought I was before I live with lots of people and then living alone.

Bag Lady

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!

Thank goodness I made it to Wednesday, although it was terribly difficult to wake with my alarm this morning…hit snooze twice and then finally I rolled out of bed 😉

I bought a bag recently on Amazon (isn’t Amazon Prime amazing? Hubs noticed our Prime membership renewed and wondered if we could cancel and I’m like??? No way, don’t take that away from me! LOL) anyway, about the bag. It’s a really pretty bamboo, half moon bag and I got it in the mail Monday. It smells so good, like new cabinet smell, it’s very fragrant. It also appears delicate but the construction is not, so I love it.

I had never noticed before buying, but upon getting it out of packaging, it is somewhat open like a fence and I worry about my essentials falling through the cracks….I asked some IG friends how they would handle it and a couple sweet people (@gerbilu and @oysterstopearls) suggested lining it or putting my stuff in a smaller make up bag to sit inside (I’ve already learned how to downsize my bag). I like those ideas and I will look for a simple, plain (tan) makeup bag to put inside so I can use this fun bag more often and increase it’s versatility. I’m adding the link for the bag on Amazon as it’s super cute, trendy, and affordable for all (the high end bag is super $$$).

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope all of your dreams are affordable and ship quickly (think Amazon for life) 😉 LOL

Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag

Can I change? Can I be a small bag girl?

So the last couple months I found a couple really cute bags that I love….these are also SMALL bags….

In my purse’s I normally carry a big wallet, a cosmetic bag (five or six lipsticks depending on the day, dental floss, fingernail clippers, acetaminophen, lipgloss, fingernail file) a small lotion, my cell phone, cell charger, my reading glasses, car keys, and sometimes some coupons along with my pill container….so what do I get rid of?

Dental floss, phone/charger, lipstick are crucial, along with my pills and car keys. If I’m driving (which I always am) I need my license and debit card. I guess I don’t need anything else right?

It’s hard to downsize because what if I have a lipstick emergency or my nail breaks?? Everyone knows a ragged nail will drive me crazy all day long! I don’t like emergencies! I always want to be prepared, so most of the time I have a HUGE bag….a small bag is a big change. I also don’t like change too, did I mention that? NO CHANGES….;) (links to the tiniest cutest bags ever)

Women’s Cocktail Crossbody

Turnlock Crossbody Bag