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Way to go Friday!

Hello friends and happy Friday!

Speaking of Friday; what do you usually think of on Friday? Happiness, chillax, casual, TGIF, weekend, days off, partay?

These are all things I think but today started off different. I needed new tires on my race machine (haha maxima) so I went to Big-O early for tires and alignment.

The bad news: ma’am the front struts are leaking pretty bad and will need to be replaced (he also said something about the back- but I blocked that information). I inquired how much that would be- admitting struts are expensive. He said – well they CAN be expensive-puleese I know they’re $$$ and I know it takes more time. I had a baby meltdown- tiny really- I just said-well I need to get to work I can’t sit here that long.

Ma’am we have a “loaner” car you can take ?? Really you do? Well now I’m fine other than $$$.

The “loaner” car ends up being something I think competed in a demolition derby. One of the doors doesn’t have a inside cover , the car is about 4 inches from the ground and is barely running. LOL makes me appreciate my race machine for sure.

Then after I arrived at work, hubs tells me his battery and alternator stopped working, he dropped car off at shop, took Uber to work and it’s another $$$.

Another $2000 later I’m thinking, “Friday! How could you be like that”?! (This is Monday kind of stuff, wth) 😂

Happy weekend friends!

Destroy an Ugly Car!

Hello friends!

I’m in the middle of a relaxing evening and hubs wants to watch a James Bond movie.

I’m always down for Bond; and we started Quantom of Solace. (I love Sean Connery although I think Daniel Craig is best bond evaa).

One thing I notice as the movie starts, DANG IT! THEYRE DESTROYING ANOTHER GORGEOUS CAR! Seriously how many Aston Martin automobiles must die in the name of Bond??

Couldn’t we just sacrifice a Pinto or a Nova or (LOL) a Prius?? Why can’t the pretty cars be safe??

I really like cars; did I mention that?? Just not a Prius 😂 (I would be giddy if a Prius was trashed in a Bond movie. I can only hope).

Get some relaxation in before tomorrow sets my friends 😜

Saturday Satisfaction

Hello friends!

I have to share!

You all know I love fast cars right?? (The other day at work someone showed up in a red Camaro and a couple people thought it mine-mine would be fluorescent green BTW! I just don’t know how I could go 80 on the freeway in a green Camaro? That would probably look like speeding tickets! Lol) but I digress!

I was at the freeway entrance next to a huge black truck; we’re both waiting to turn left to enter the freeway. He’s in left lane I’m in right lane. He (I assume a guy is driving souped up black truck) keeps inching forward to get in front of me (these are just my competitive car thoughts)….

The light turns green and I totally beat the big black truck! Adding to my enjoyment is the sun shining and sweet tunes (Believer by Imagine Dragons)in my sweet car (my baby is shiny, black, and fast). Hubs says I’m gonna get in trouble but I think not 😂

Can I be a race car?

I used to have a black/red shirt from Macys (INC) that reminded me of a race car. The majority of the shirt was black and the red is a stripe that ran at an angle from one side to the other! I loved that shirt, although it was a cold shoulder shirt that I tried to wear as a normal shirt and it just didn’t work…so I had to get rid of it. I really miss that race car shirt…

Today I realized I have my race car shirt again! I found this awesome black sweater with red stripes around the cuffs at Express. Today I wore this sweater with my Express destroyed skinny jeans and my red Asos booties with my leopard JCPenney bag (just to break things up, I worried I looked like a burglar, too much black LOL) and just now I looked down as I walked through the hall at work and all of a sudden I realized….I look like a race car again!

How fun is this???? It’s sort of like I’m Lightning McQueen if you know who that is. And let’s be honest, the thing I love most next to fashion (and holidays and nerdy movies-Star Wars is on my radar!) is CARS…FAST CARS…so wouldn’t that be cool if I could be a race car?? I would be a red and black Dodge Challenger or a bright green Chevrolet Camaro…YES that would make my day. Dressing like a race car will have to do….FWP (first world problems-I told you I had an active imagination)

Asos Emberley Point Ankle Boots

Black High Waisted Distress Jean/Jegging

Striped Sleeve Funnel Neck Sweater