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How to: Double Denim

Hello friends and happy almost Wednesday! (I love the week when it’s halfway through so maybe I’m jumping the gun) LOL!

Denim is a big trend now, so I thought I would share a way to wear denim that you might not have thought before.

This is a denim on denim look. Don’t be afraid to try this one, it’s very trendy but fun! I matched a denim jacket with denim jeans (both from OldNavy but the jeans -cropped flare raw edge-were on clearance for $8) along with a black tee (Madewell) and black (western style) fringe boots (Target). The way this outfit works is the wash of the jacket and jeans need to match quite closely- don’t use two different washes.

I also added a Betsy Johnson heart shaped leopard necklace and earrings and a pop of a leopard backpack and there you go! A classy but trendy look that any woman can rock!

Together at Last! (A boot story)

Hello friends and happy weekend!

I’m sharing a story of two loves recently reunited! It involves a cold spring trip to Chicago 😂

In 2016 I accompanied hubs on a work training he had in Chicago the end of April. I was super excited because I had never been and I could do some sightseeing while he was training.

I checked the weather on a couple of apps and it said 50 degrees or so and so I brought several warmer spring outfits and a couple light cardigans. (Those of you living in Chicago or having visited at that time might guess what happened) 😂🤣

It was freakin cold! Everyone was bundled up, still wearing coats and boots and I brought spring clothing! Holy cow! I even brought sandals. Yes I was miserable and the only one in the city wearing sandals but I still went out and took a (very cold) boat tour of the city. It was amazing and I’d love to go back-in the summer.

While I was there I momentarily visited the (is it five stories) Macys downtown! Normally I could spend all day doing this but I was with two other (work wives) and they weren’t much into shopping-unfortunately 🙁 but I was looking for a pair of boots! There are always good reasons to buy boots but this time I was looking for something to keep my feet warm.

I ended up finding a black suede pair with fringe on the side- only they were a 9 1/2 and I wear a 10. They were a wee bit tight but I needed boots bad and they were cute.

I spent the remainder of the trip wearing these too small boots and by the time we were flying home I knew I couldn’t keep them. I gave them to my youngest daughter and she wears them with thick socks 😂

BUT! This week at Target (of course at Target) I found a cute (size 10) pair of short black cowboy boots with fringe! How lucky am I to reunite with my fringe boots???

Reunited and it feels (and fits) so good!!

Jogging pants = High Fashion?

Hello friends and happy Thursday! You are almost to the weekend! Push just a wee bit harder!!

Thanks for joining me again today! I’ve got the buzz for jogging pants for a year or so and want to explain cause I think they have a bad rap 😂

A year or so ago I saw a picture in a Fashion magazine of a woman wearing jogging pants with heels- and I thought- wow really? Can I get away with that? It would be sweet right?

Soon after I snagged a black pair and at a family New Years (around that time) dinner -I wore my black joggers, a sequin shirt, a eggplant (color) long cardigan, and some kickin black heels with zipper details (along with purple jeweled earrings)! Super fun look I’m telling ya!

Since then I have four extra pair of joggers- a red and a olive green pair with a slight slinky sheen, (From Bridgette Briana-linked below) and a pink and a cream pair (JCPenney) that are more terry material.

Today I wore the olive slinky pair with my leopard shirt, open toe tan booties, and gold/green jewelry. I think it’s a fun look!

It’s not sweat pants anymore baby! Dress those cuties up and be creative!

Bridgette Brianna Joggers

The Boot War

Hello friends!

Happy (end) of Labor Day weekend 😢 I know! I’m sad to see it go too! Time flies so quickly, doesn’t it?? I hope each of you had some fun this three day weekend before the long haul til the holidays 😂😂

Anyway I had an amazing discovery I thought to share with each of you!

I’ve been scouring sales and online shops for weeks to snag a pair of snake print boots! They’re so chic and such a great print to match most anything that I had almost given up hope to find a pair not sold out! 😢

Then a friend of mine shared a pair on her IG and whispered where she found them- Dillard’s online- a Steve Madden pair for $129 (normally a little steep for me)- yet I was desperate….so I ordered.

Then on an errand for something else- I spied a pair of snake print boots at TARGET- yes my friends TARGET-for $35- thirty five dollars! They are pretty comfy- have a black stretch inset for comfort on and off, pointy toe, and little silver nail heads around the boot!

So I got that pair and waited for the other pair to arrive and compare which I liked better.

Obviously I love Target price but other than that, the boots seemed fairly similar.

So the spendy boots came today and I had them side by side.

Steve Madden boots have a zip back for each in getting on/off and are more supple material-leather I believe.

Target boots have a black stretch V to get on/off easily but are comfy and I love the sparks of silver to dress it up.

Both boots have a pointy toe and look so similar to cowboy boots that either are a great buy depending on your budget….but…

I will return the Steve Madden boots as I am a thrifty shopper and can’t resist such a good deal on a sexy pair of boots!

Let me know what you think and which pair you like best!

End of Week Fashion

Hello Friends!

First I want to say thank you for reading my blog, I feel super grateful for all the support in my new venture into blogging and wanted all of you to know I appreciate you!

I thought for Friday fun, I would share my last couple of days of fashion choices 🙂

I try to combine things that are different but fun and here is what I wore yesterday and today!

Yesterday I felt like wearing my gray with pink polka dot shirt from Express, so I combined it with my pink Express jeans. I felt a dilemma because I needed a jacket but nothing seemed to match until I grabbed this tan cardigan from OldNavy, it has a pink hue and with my silver/sparkle boots from Nordstrom Rack set the whole outfit perfectly. I rationalized that tan is close to gold (hue wise) and thought it would be fun to add my gold earrings with silver stones and my leather tan wrap bracelet with pink stones. I think it’s fun to combine lots of different elements for a complex look! I think this one is a win!

Today I had to wear my new embroidered Express jeans! I’ve been searching forever for a well fitting pair of embroidered jeans and finally! Me and Express seem to go well together, their fit and rise is perfect for my shape, so I was super excited. In warmer months I would wear these jeans with a T shirt but it’s super cold so I grabbed a tan sweater (H&M) and my tan boots (I almost have a cowgirl thing going on which I totally love!) then the piece de resistance (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) is my H&M red Faux Fur coat….oh my gosh how much more fun can Friday be without being a weekend or a holiday???

High Waist Embroidered Stretch Jeggings

Polka Dot City Shirt

Short Faux Fur Jacket (similar to mine, but mine sold out quick)

Can I be a race car?

I used to have a black/red shirt from Macys (INC) that reminded me of a race car. The majority of the shirt was black and the red is a stripe that ran at an angle from one side to the other! I loved that shirt, although it was a cold shoulder shirt that I tried to wear as a normal shirt and it just didn’t work…so I had to get rid of it. I really miss that race car shirt…

Today I realized I have my race car shirt again! I found this awesome black sweater with red stripes around the cuffs at Express. Today I wore this sweater with my Express destroyed skinny jeans and my red Asos booties with my leopard JCPenney bag (just to break things up, I worried I looked like a burglar, too much black LOL) and just now I looked down as I walked through the hall at work and all of a sudden I realized….I look like a race car again!

How fun is this???? It’s sort of like I’m Lightning McQueen if you know who that is. And let’s be honest, the thing I love most next to fashion (and holidays and nerdy movies-Star Wars is on my radar!) is CARS…FAST CARS…so wouldn’t that be cool if I could be a race car?? I would be a red and black Dodge Challenger or a bright green Chevrolet Camaro…YES that would make my day. Dressing like a race car will have to do….FWP (first world problems-I told you I had an active imagination)

Asos Emberley Point Ankle Boots

Black High Waisted Distress Jean/Jegging

Striped Sleeve Funnel Neck Sweater


Morning my friends!

I love to layer and fall/winter is the easiest time to do this, but I don’t just mean “layers” as in coat, sweater, scarf; I mean layers as in textures, shine, shapes, patterns, and colors.

This morning I really wanted to wear my burgundy beanie with the pink poof. I’ve really been waiting to wear this for about a month when mama and I shopped at Express. I got this darling pink ruffle sleeve sweater and a burgundy beanie with a pink poof. Of course it was about 75 degrees a month ago and a beanie then is just too hot. Maybe you say a beanie doesn’t work for someone my age? I really don’t think that is the case. Look how cute this beanie is with the sweater! I’m in love!

So when I say layering; I paired the sweater with a plaid (gray/brown/cream) pants from H&M, my silver (Mars landing looking) Nordstrom Rack boots really shiny, square shiny silver earrings, my burgundy bag from Charming Charlie’s, and of course my new best friend: my velvet bomber from Target. This is what I mean by layering; this becomes an outfit with several complex, interesting, and complimentary items which makes it really fun! I had thought of doing pink velvet booties but I realized the pants bring out a kind of silvery brown look (if you cross your eyes looking at them Haha) so I thought the shiny silver boots would be fun and unexpected. Fun and unexpected is a thing I like! Be fun and unexpected today! How does that look for you??

Pink Clouds and Purple Mountains

So it’s a gorgeous morning today. The clouds are hanging low over and surrounding the beautiful mountains around me. In this light the mountains look purple and coincidentally that is my favorite color, so no wonder I love this view! I had to take my picture with the mountains in the background so you could see how beautiful it is.

I am wearing my Soft Drape Trench in Pink (you know how I love pink and with the clouds on the mountains, it just made sense!) I’ve worn this trench before with something else but I love finding new outfits to pair with my favorites so here is another bit of inspiration.

Originally I thought to wear this with my burgundy velvet bomber from Target but tried them both on and I like the trench better with the shirt, pants, booties and bag! I think it all blends so well together but not matchy matchy! I’ve had the shirt, booties, and bag since last year. I just updated my jean inventory with these skinny but curvy jeans from Old Navy (my previous pair are too worn and faded). I got my interesting blue/burgundy/pink print shirt from Stitchfix last year, my bag is from Charming Charlies last year, and my booties are DSW last year. I love burgundy so I guess even when it’s not in “vogue” I still buy and wear relentlessly! I think this point is key: I buy what I like 🙂 Happy FriYay all! Have a wonderful weekend!

Outfit Goals

So today and yesterday was a H&M day…I’ll explain what I mean! I found a darling pair of plaid flare pants from H&M! I just love the style and fit! So I got these darling pants and thought it would be fun to create several outfits from these one pants and share with everyone all of you!

Yesterday I wore these pants with a darling jade jeweled baggy sweater from H&M; I wore a camisole underneath (to well you know protect the view), and matched it with my white booties! I’m serious this is such a cute look! I also combined this with my white bag! I love breaking fashion rules with these cute booties and bag! I thought it a real fun way to wear my white booties…it’s a real crisp fall look.

Today I’m wearing the pants again! Yes that’s ok cause I work at a different facility and really I don’t think anyone notices or cares about that except for me….haha! Today I paired with a charcoal ruffled sweater from Target-WhoWhatWear and was so excited because I wore my stiletto red Asos booties and red shoulder bag from JCPenney! The neutral pattern of the pants and charcoal neutral of the sweater is a perfect backdrop for the pop of my red booties and bag! Seriously it’s so fun and I love it!

I also have ideas for other ways to wear these pants:

  1. Pair with my lite pink sweater and if I had some lite pink velvet booties that would be gorgeous! (anticipatory Christmas shopping, honey are you reading this??)
  2. Pair with my burgundy ruffle sweater and silver booties with my bright pink bag….yes I’ve paired burgundy and pink before and it is gorgeous ladies! Try it out!

So for these cute pants I’ve identified four potential gorgeous fun fall outfits that will brighten up the winter ahead! Check out check pattern pants for yourself and have fun combining them with other interesting pieces!

Ankle Length Pants

You CAN Go Go

Oh my goodness! Who else is getting on this white booties look?? The white bootie reminds me of a go go boot that I could wear with my Halloween (70’s costume) only prettier cause I’ve seen it with every day/work/evening outfits.

Some might think this is a young trend and something you can’t do…I guess you all know where I’m going with this. WHY COULDN’T YOU? It’s a darling boot, really fun, trendy, and I didn’t purchase the most expensive boot I could find either so it’s not a huge commitment. Some people might think it falls under the “don’t wear white after Labor Day”, but not me. I wear white pants most of the time too.

Important Fashion TIP: I think it’s helpful to go back to school when wondering what colors to put together in my everyday fashion choices: (my friend Sepideh taught me this a few years ago).Think of the color wheel, black for instance is a mixture of all colors and can match anything, white is no color and you can use it as a neutral (although a bright neutral), purple is mix of red and blue and matches either of these colors perfectly, orange is a mix of red and yellow, green is a mix of yellow and blue; Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colors. Leopard, camo, and polka dots are patterns as well as colors and can be mixed as neutrals. So when you think about a white boot, remember it can match almost any item or style because it is a neutral.

I thought it would be helpful to show you a few looks as examples for what I’m explaining (day/work/evening) The first pic could be an evening look but switch out the black jacket for a crew neck black chunky sweater and even the dress appears casual (just don’t have a sweater like that on hand). The second set of pictures could be evening (just because of the red jacket and is real fun; I love the pattern on the blouse, but of course I would probably wear this ensemble to work 🙂 The third set of pics I think definitely works for evening-the ruffles and sparkly stripes on the top along with the black moto jacket are super chic and would work for a night out. The last set of pic is what I wore to work today. You could also pair these booties with some jeans and a cozy sweater to run to the mall or hang out with your guy/hubs, and it’s a more casual look. Let me know how you found a way to have some fun with white booties! Really they go with anything! Links to a couple booties below:

Bamboo Peep Toe Slingback 

Faux Leather Block Heel