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It’s a dress, no it’s a cardigan! (It’s not a plane)

Hello friends!

How is your weekend going?? Mine is good although seemed short; I know some of you might have the next few days off until the 4th, unfortunately I work tomorrow and Tuesday but yes I do have 4th of July off! We have a fun amusing day planned! ( we are going to an amusement park with the kids and grandkids!)

Leading up to the fourth I thought I would share one red white and blue outfit that might include a dress and it might be a cardigan! It’s up to you which you’d like!

I saw a cute lady on IG @chicover50 wearing an outfit like this and I had to imitate her! (Follow her; she is darling!)

Anyway I found a jean dress (button up) at Target – Universal Thread and amazingly enough it was on sale I think 40% off so it came up to about 13.99 and then I found the scarf in Target’s dollar ($3) section-although it was an infinity scarf so I just cut the seam and wore it as a regular scarf with red Target Sugarfix Baublebar earrings and red sandals. I also added red lips and my bamboo bag which is a great match all the red (cools it down I think 😜

I’ll spend more time this week sharing more of my red white and blue! Happy Fourth of July!

Summer Weather/Office AC

Hello Friends!

How is everyone doing?? I hope you are well, thanks for reading my blog!

I thought I would share some struggles that I think most women have: summer weather combined with the office air conditioning 😉 You might already know what I’m gonna say!

Now that summer is here to stay (I mean I don’t think it will snow again, never say never though), it was 85 today and earlier in the week 90, so I’m thinking for the most part it will be warm (give or take a random day). I am loving the summer sunshine! It’s absolutely gorgeous in the morning and I love seeing all the trees, flowers, bushes out in their green finery! I was ready for it!

At the same time I’m wearing my summer clothes that are appropriate for the office, I’m also planning to be cold when I get inside LOL and at the same time be ready to get in my black-leather lined oven of a car when I leave! It’s a delicate balance!

Take today for instance: I wore my summer floral dress and sandals (they are a couple years old) but I combined this with my new bamboo bag (Amazon and so summery) and (just in case I freeze later) my destroyed jean jacket from Forever 21! I always need to be prepared to be hot or cold! I usually always bring some type of cardigan or jacket just in case 🙂 I have lots of jackets, it seems to be a thing with me, so I am always ready in case I am cold!

The motto of the day: BE PREPARED!

Bag Lady

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!

Thank goodness I made it to Wednesday, although it was terribly difficult to wake with my alarm this morning…hit snooze twice and then finally I rolled out of bed 😉

I bought a bag recently on Amazon (isn’t Amazon Prime amazing? Hubs noticed our Prime membership renewed and wondered if we could cancel and I’m like??? No way, don’t take that away from me! LOL) anyway, about the bag. It’s a really pretty bamboo, half moon bag and I got it in the mail Monday. It smells so good, like new cabinet smell, it’s very fragrant. It also appears delicate but the construction is not, so I love it.

I had never noticed before buying, but upon getting it out of packaging, it is somewhat open like a fence and I worry about my essentials falling through the cracks….I asked some IG friends how they would handle it and a couple sweet people (@gerbilu and @oysterstopearls) suggested lining it or putting my stuff in a smaller make up bag to sit inside (I’ve already learned how to downsize my bag). I like those ideas and I will look for a simple, plain (tan) makeup bag to put inside so I can use this fun bag more often and increase it’s versatility. I’m adding the link for the bag on Amazon as it’s super cute, trendy, and affordable for all (the high end bag is super $$$).

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope all of your dreams are affordable and ship quickly (think Amazon for life) 😉 LOL

Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag

Lace and Straw=Spring

Hello Friends!

How are you all doing? How was your weekend? I had a wonderful weekend as I described in my previous post, but back at work this week. Mondays are hard, Tuesdays are manageable, Wednesdays aren’t as difficult, Thursdays are somewhat joyous, and Friday is a breeze…then I have my weekend and start all over again! (That’s my week in a nutshell LOL)

After the beautiful weather over the weekend, I craved wearing something springy, but noticed the storm clouds (of course, since I washed my car Thursday) but wanted to wear something that made me think of Spring! So that is what I’ve done!

I wore my super stretchy and comfy (yet trendy and fun) striped pants (link to this awesome pair of pants below) from Express along with last fall’s lace blouse (also Express) and I added a cute little bag I got a couple years ago on my vacation to South Carolina (purchased by my sister in law for me at Talbots! and it’s so cute and totally on trend right now! Have you seen all these straw/bamboo bags that everyone has and they totally make you think of a summer day!

I really want warm weather, I’m so tired of rain, wind, snow, and cold temps! I’m always like this Jan-April…seriously it happens every year! I get past Christmas and then I’m like…SICK OF BAD WEATHER….I WANT SUNSHINE….NOW! LOL

So there you have it, I’m tired of bad weather, I want what I want, right now! Who’s with me???

High Waisted Striped Cropped Wide Leg Pant