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In Search of a Comfy Bra

Hi friends!

I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with covid crap, working from home/telehealth appointments with my clients, and life in general.

Last night I started my staycation and I’m feeling a little better. I went for a walk with my family on the river trail-so it was relaxing, shady, and there was a little breeze.

With all this work from home-I decided I needed a new bra-one that doesn’t dig, one without wires, and without tiny straps that hurt my shoulders.

I found one nice bra on Amazon (of course) and got a beige and black version. It’s so comfy and almost feels unnoticeable to wear.

I love this bra and might order more. I do need a white bra; I’m often wearing white blouses or TShirts and I don’t want my bra to be super visible but this bra doesn’t come in white. Thus I keep searching…and find one at Target. Actually two!

I ordered the Hanes bra in white and the Tru and Co in pink. They will be delivered in a couple of days so hopefully my uncomfortable bra days are over!

Yay for the end of the uncomfortable bra!

Closet Creativity

Hello friends! And welcome to another installment of my thriftiness/thankfulness marathon labeled as closet creativity! I hope my efforts to shop my closet help you think of ways you can also do the same!

Today I’m sharing a new (yet old) outfit I created from my closet and I really had some fun! First I snagged my blue floral pants by Loft (purchased last year or year before) a T shirt from Target, my striped cardigan (newer but not in the last two months) and I was stuck at what to do with my feet! These pants are normally a summer staple and wear with one or two open toe shoes but it’s not very warm although I still wanted to do something fun! Then I remembered my glitter pumps I purchased last year from White House Black Market and realized my cute patterned socks (Amazon) would match perfectly with the turquoise detail running through the pants!

All day I was mesmerized by the sparkle and floral of my shoes/socks/pants. I’m so glad I decided to shop my closet because I have somewhat forgot about these glitter pumps and it being the holiday season, glitter is so trendy and fun-not to mention adding the socks which is such a fun look I’ve seen on many of my favorite Instagrammers!

I have a typically difficult job as a therapist in a residential setting; most of my clients are difficult, complicated, and struggle with powerful mental illness and/or addiction. It’s normal for someone in my field to develop distractions or ways to make sure they don’t burn out. I have to say that my glitter heels were a much needed distraction the day I wore them.

Normally many people see fashion as frivolous and silly, but my blog, my Instagram, being creative with my closet, wearing glittery heels to work, this is what helps me avoid burn out and this friends: This Is Real World Problems.

Thanks for reading and being on my journey with me!the real world news

Cara Mia Halloween

Oh hi friends!

I so wanted to share my Halloween style this year! It was a crazy few weeks but it all came together and I was so excited!!

So a couple months ago, you might remember I changed my hair and got super long extensions which made me think of Morticia Addams- one of my favorite Halloween characters- she is so chic yet deathly dramatic that’s I just love her and had to be her for Halloween!

Lucky for me, hubs is a good sport and agreed to be Gomez Addams also! (Coincidentally my oldest daughter planned to be Wednesday Addams!) (I got my dress and hubs costume from Amazon!)

The makeup was tricky and I watched several YouTube videos on Morticia’s makeup until I found one I liked. The day before Halloween and the day of -I wore my makeup to take pictures with my daughter and then to take less time getting ready Halloween night.

I purchased cheap foundation at the grocery store- the fairest I could find and my face (read:rosacea) did not like the drug store brand and both days appeared (close up) fairly irritated and peeling and red) but luckily has not continued since that day. It seems back to normal with my regular Estée Lauder Doublewear in Light Beige which is really soothing for my skin and lasts throughout my long days.

Here are our two pictures of The Addams family, first with Morticia and Wednesday; then with Gomez and ‘Tish… you’re gonna love this as much as I did!!(This might even be my Christmas card picture)

Corduroy Love History

Hello friends!

Happy weekend!

I wanted to share my early love of corduroy pants! I remember as a sophomore in high school (maybe a freshman?) my mom gave me a pair of blue (baby blue) hip hugger-flare corduroy pants. They were my favorite pants and every time I wore them (coincidentally my crush wore his blue cords) and I took it as a sign he liked me! Oh my goodness, the way my mind worked when I was young! 😂

Anyway, I digress.

A couple weeks ago I discovered a baby blue corduroy jacket and pants (high waist this time) through another popular IG @sassyredlipstick on ASOS (online clothing) and it reminded me so much of my baby blue pants in high school that I couldn’t wait to wear them!

Until I started blogging I never knew how much clothes have had an influence on me through my life.

I’ve wore my new cords twice so far and really like them. I wore once with my Rolling Stones Tee, black loafers from Target, polka dot socks from Amazon, and my red fanny pack also Target. It was such a fun look!

The next time I wore them with my bright colored sweater from Target – again my loafers and dotted socks (I’m in love with those two) and my black circle bag (coincidentally also Target! 😂)

I hope these two outfits give you ideas on how to style corduroy or a suit. My muse is Cate Blanchett’s character on Oceans Eight- she wears an amazing blue suit in one scene (it’s to die for).

Corduroy and blue suit for the win!

Wrap Wonder!

Hello friends!

How are you all doing?? I hope you are well and thanks for reading or following my blog! This has sure been a fun road!

Today I wanted to share my newfound yellow dress! I’ve been on the hunt a couple months for a yellow dress- I’ve found several but style/size/length somehow hasn’t worked. It’s been a (buy the dress- I’ve bought two at Target)-then next day return for reasons listed above. (For some reason I really don’t like trying on items in the dressing room of a store-that annoys me) so I’m constantly or often returning ill fitting items that look good on a hanger. 😂

So late (9pm for me 🤣) I checked out some emails arriving earlier in the day and discovered one from someone I follow: Rach Parcell who launched her own clothing line. Amazingly enough I discovered a yellow gingham wrap dress that was in my budget (her every day line-less expensive) and yellow, along with wrap style (flatters my figure) and ruffles! Checks all the boxes right ??

I have to admit I ordered it that night and was excited when I got it two days later! It’s seriously a darling dress and I paired it with some pearl earrings, pearl necklace for church (no necklace for work) and my new white wedges from Amazon Prime Wardrobe! (I’ve wore the dress twice since I got it- and I think when the season cools I could wear it with my jean jacket and my blue cowboy boots and be super cute!)

I added a link to the dress and wedges so you can buy if you’ve been searching like me!

Have a great day friends!Rachel Parcell Cheery Gingham Dress

The shoe is Rockport Briah Perf Sling -when I try to add link it goes directly to my Amazon account- weird huh?!

Follow up to Prime Wardrobe (review)

Hello friends! Happy Hump Day!

I thought I would follow up with a review of what I got from Prime Wardrobe (Amazon). It’s a new service with Amazon Prime that a person can pick up to 8 items in fashion (shoes, clothes, jewelry, bags, etc) in a certain section of Amazon, have them shipped for free to your home, try on the items, and decide what you love while shipping back for free what you do not like and not paying for the items you don’t want.

I tried it a few days ago. I ordered two pairs of sandals, (one white one pink), a Betsy Johnson bag, and a pair of Betsy Johnson earrings. My package was delivered Monday and I had fun opening up all the “gifts”! I love getting packages in the mail, it’s a thing.

So the shoes are amazing! I wore the pink sandals (Franco Sarto Wedge Sandal)yesterday. It’s a little bit of a wedge but not really high and the pink material feels like leather and is a hot pink. I love them and will probably find many things to match them 🙂

The white sandals (Rockport Women’s Briah-picture below with fresh toenails 😂) are also a wedge but strap behind my ankle and the white material is perforated so it looks like polka dots! I’ve been trying to find a white wedge but unsuccessful until this pair. They’re super comfy too and I’m wearing them today.

The Betsy Johnson bag is so cute, although a little spendy $100 and the (inside room) is about the size of a small protein bar so I couldn’t justify keeping it. It is darling though and a fish, so how cute!

The Betsy Johnson earrings are super cute, although different than what I expected and I returned these also.

The return is simple; the package comes with a self addressed stamped (UPC coded) sticker and the box has an adhesive strip. I just put my unwanted items in the box, sealed it with the strip, and stuck the addressed sticker on the box over my address sticker. I then dropped the box off at UPS and it is now on it’s way back to AMAZON. Easy peasy!

I hope you try Prime Wardrobe, it was fun and I like my shoes (I don’t get any reimbursement for this BTW, paid with my own dough). I just like to shop. 🙂

Betsy Johnson Gone Fishing

Betsy Johnson Confetti Earrings

Amazon Gets Me (Prime Wardrobe)

Hello Friends!

Happy Hump Day! Seriously we are halfway through (more so cause it’s later afternoon!) Thank goodness right?? Me-I’ve been on call (am a therapist) since last Friday at 5pm, so day after tomorrow at 5pm…I’m done! I’ve made it through! Friday’s are a big deal here 😉

I got on Amazon to check out the digital arrival of a couple of my favorite movies and whaddaya know??? Amazon is on the fashion wagon! They’ve got a new feature for Prime members, it’s called Prime Wardrobe. I can shop among their Prime Wardrobe items and pick up to eight items which will ship to me….I can then “try them on” for seven days and at the end decide which I want to keep and which to send back. What a great idea!

I’ve done StitchFix before and got a couple good items but some of the pieces I was sent were odd shape or my stylist did not know how to dress modest while at the same time trendy and fun. It didn’t work for me very well. However, if I’m able to pick my own things and ship for free (return) the things that didn’t quite work, then I’m on board!

I’m waiting til June (although I have items in a cart) is over cause I have a monthly budget for clothes that I believe I am close to the edge 😉 but after that, I’m sending in my Prime Wardrobe request and see what fun happens! AMAZON KNOWS ME SO WELL!

Downton Comfort

Hello Friends!

I’m feeling kind of tired and discouraged today, I know that’s not fun to hear about but it’s real life (I get tired (worn down) of speaking about trauma and death all the time) so I came home to watch Downton Abbey on Amazon. I know it’s not new on TV but it’s still fun to watch and I’m so enamored of this era and all the fun clothing. I should have made it a priority to watch the Royal Wedding a couple days ago (It was so early in the morning!) but I love that kind of thing…fairy tales and all! Downton is cheering me up! I just love Aunt Violet (Maggie Smith); she is so funny and talented! There’s also a rumor going around about a Downton Abbey movie sometime! Wouldn’t that be wonderful??

Bag Lady

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!

Thank goodness I made it to Wednesday, although it was terribly difficult to wake with my alarm this morning…hit snooze twice and then finally I rolled out of bed 😉

I bought a bag recently on Amazon (isn’t Amazon Prime amazing? Hubs noticed our Prime membership renewed and wondered if we could cancel and I’m like??? No way, don’t take that away from me! LOL) anyway, about the bag. It’s a really pretty bamboo, half moon bag and I got it in the mail Monday. It smells so good, like new cabinet smell, it’s very fragrant. It also appears delicate but the construction is not, so I love it.

I had never noticed before buying, but upon getting it out of packaging, it is somewhat open like a fence and I worry about my essentials falling through the cracks….I asked some IG friends how they would handle it and a couple sweet people (@gerbilu and @oysterstopearls) suggested lining it or putting my stuff in a smaller make up bag to sit inside (I’ve already learned how to downsize my bag). I like those ideas and I will look for a simple, plain (tan) makeup bag to put inside so I can use this fun bag more often and increase it’s versatility. I’m adding the link for the bag on Amazon as it’s super cute, trendy, and affordable for all (the high end bag is super $$$).

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope all of your dreams are affordable and ship quickly (think Amazon for life) 😉 LOL

Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag