Cha Cha Change

So I went shooting last night with my two sons. I haven’t shot my handgun since fall of 2021.

I am a better shot now; it seems like surgery on my neck made me more stable/improved my stance. I hit the center of the target twice at 6 yards and just off the center twice at 10 yards which is improvement for me!

There is a downside; since surgery I can’t bend my neck. Ya know cause it’s fused. So I can’t hold my son’s s&w 22lr with my neck bent to my shoulder along it to sight (I don’t know if that makes sense)? I held it against my shoulder and could only shoot away without knowing where I was shooting. I hit the target once (outside of any circles, just at the edge of the paper) out of 24 shots LOL.

So since I can’t shoot shot guns or rifles anymore-at least I can’t “sight” any of those-I might have/need to get another handgun-just for fun. Last night was fun and distracted me from some distress at work which was real nice.

Happy weekend everyone!

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