Shaved or Wigs?

So now that I don’t have incredible neck pain (it’s just really stiff but I do have pain if I’ve held my head up too long-I’m building my stamina 😂) that contributes to arm and leg pain; I’ve got a conundrum. Do I go back to wearing wigs since they don’t cause pain or do I stick with my silver shaved hair??

The last year or so, it’s been really painful to wear wigs; they caused headaches and severe neck pain. I got comfortable with my gray/silver hair that I get specially shaved at my favorite barber. Sometimes I have him etch designs in my scalp.

I love my wigs! I have two beautiful red wigs that have almost purple hues. I have two blonde wigs; one beautiful bleached wig which makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe. And the other a California blonde shoulder length. One wig that is brown with highlights and it’s quite long. One black ear length wig. And one sandy highlighted shoulder length wig. So I have lots of variety in my wigs which is fun.

I wore wigs because my hair just kept falling out and it was super frustrating and emotionally painful. Then I couldn’t wear wigs because it was physically painful-GREAT.

So I found someone to cut my hair stylishly and super short. It worked! And I’ve really grown to love my gray hair. I’m not sure it’s super feminine but I’ve made the best of hair loss.

What to do?

I always liked dyeing my hair and experimenting with different colors. Wigs let me do that along with different lengths. And now wigs are more expensive than I’ve ever seen.

I won’t get rid of my wigs but maybe I will wear them every once in a while when I feel the need for a change. I still love my gray/silver hair shaved hair!

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

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