You Don’t Remember??

Hello friends and happy Wednesday!

I’m sharing something funny to make your hump day hilarious!

Sunday I wore a necklace my husband bought me years ago. It quite dainty and the last few years I’ve been wearing bigger costume jewelry (this necklace is the real deal).

I wore a black maxi embroidered dress I snagged at TJMaxx (Free People) and it’s so fabulous, I thought I needed a piece of jewelry equally fabulous but a little understated. Then I saw my dainty silver, diamond framed, smoky quartz (I believe that’s the name of the stone!) necklace. It seemed perfect I thought…

After I dressed, hubs passed me in the hall “that necklace is really pretty, where did you get it”??? 🤨😳 uhhhhh👉🏻 you babe

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