Hat Smackdown

Hello friends!

Happy Wednesday! Our week is halfway through (halfway, halfway, ya got me halfway?? -who knows this movie reference? It’s one of my favs!)

Anywho…I want to share some of my distress over buying hats! Yes hats! I absolutely love hats but have always had some struggle finding one that fit.

This story starts a couple years ago when my oldest son bought a motorcycle. He dropped by the house to show it and his cool gear off. He related how he had to buy the biggest helmet made and tried to squish my head into it (this was my first indication of trouble) -THE THING WOULD NOT FIT and actually felt like my skull was cracking. My son stepped back in awe and said “that’s where I got it”- skull size LOL

So fast forward to this week, I found a lovely burgundy hat with black bow around the shaft. It is the cutest hat (found at Target of course) and the darn thing does not fit! WTH my head is really one of those things that I absolutely cannot change. I can change the color of my hair, my makeup, my clothes, and I can exercise to feel more healthy but I cannot change the size of my head. Beanies usually fit because they stretch but it’s hard to find a structured hat that doesn’t squish my brain and give me a headache…so sad.

To further complicate matters, I took out a measuring tape-this is never a good idea, do not do this at home (a soft sewing one) and measured my noggin. My head is 23 inches…..WTH again?? I googled a normal size head for a woman and it is 21 3/4 inches; normal size for a man’s head is 22 3/4 inches….seriously what happened? I mean this is the kind of thing you can only laugh at! No wonder I’ve always had a hard time finding a hat to wear, the things are three inches too small! Like I’m gonna get a special made hat….OS fits all! NOT??!

I’m feeling a little plus size head discrimination going on! Who’s with me??! Spread the word! LOL (my sad face below)

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