Corduroy Love History

Hello friends!

Happy weekend!

I wanted to share my early love of corduroy pants! I remember as a sophomore in high school (maybe a freshman?) my mom gave me a pair of blue (baby blue) hip hugger-flare corduroy pants. They were my favorite pants and every time I wore them (coincidentally my crush wore his blue cords) and I took it as a sign he liked me! Oh my goodness, the way my mind worked when I was young! 😂

Anyway, I digress.

A couple weeks ago I discovered a baby blue corduroy jacket and pants (high waist this time) through another popular IG @sassyredlipstick on ASOS (online clothing) and it reminded me so much of my baby blue pants in high school that I couldn’t wait to wear them!

Until I started blogging I never knew how much clothes have had an influence on me through my life.

I’ve wore my new cords twice so far and really like them. I wore once with my Rolling Stones Tee, black loafers from Target, polka dot socks from Amazon, and my red fanny pack also Target. It was such a fun look!

The next time I wore them with my bright colored sweater from Target – again my loafers and dotted socks (I’m in love with those two) and my black circle bag (coincidentally also Target! 😂)

I hope these two outfits give you ideas on how to style corduroy or a suit. My muse is Cate Blanchett’s character on Oceans Eight- she wears an amazing blue suit in one scene (it’s to die for).

Corduroy and blue suit for the win!

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