Closet Problems

Hello friends! (Happy almost Wednesday)! You and I have almost made it through the week! I’m so proud, it’s so hard 😂

I’ve noticed that I can clean my closet, be so organized I should get an Oscar, and have a plan for my outfit the next day… but somehow by the end of two days I’ve got the makings of several outfits clumped together and all my previous planning and organization appears to be a waste of time. 😳

Saturday I even tried several things on and took pictures to remind myself of what I liked together (things that seem new but shopping my closet- which actually makes me feel like Wonder Woman-REALLY) and I felt so productive and had a sense of accomplishment….and today my closet is messy.

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!? Why can’t I maintain my closet?? These are my odd and obviously very important thoughts this Tuesday evening. I’m open to feedback…maybe LOL!

before:after: (obviously a fictional depiction and not my actual closet cause I’m embarrassed!) 😂🤣

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