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Fierce boots (and public naps)

Hello friends! I hope all your weekend was enjoyable!

Hubs and I went to Thriller at the Tuacahn Amphitheater in Ivins Utah yesterday, it was a fun weekend getaway.

Last week on IG I posted a picture of boots I wore compared with converse I wanted to wear while trapped in a mall (not usually difficult for me) while my iPhone is repaired.

That morning I wasn’t thinking about mall walking- I thought about chic as I got ready for work. I wore my patterned red sweatshirt (sort of a sweater) from H&M with my boyfriend jeans -Target and my shiny spiky red boots ASOS. Although after Apple store told me it would take an hour- I was conflicted. Should I stomp around the store in my not super comfy heels (comfy for work, not for mall walking) or should I just pass time in my car?

I choose my car and actually fell asleep for about 20 minutes-no WiFi became more of a bigger issue. That’s when I remembered the few times I have fell asleep in public:

#1- on my school bus in high school- I fell asleep with my face on a magazine, (luckily I was last one off) so no one saw the newsprint transferred to my face! Lol

#2-in the library at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) I was solid asleep on the table and drooling a little bit.

#3- in one of the halls at UVU for my Bachelor degree- I napped during class (I was there all day to save time running from campus to home every day several times) and weeks later at a study group- one male participant commented I looked like someone he saw sleeping in the hall with their mouth wide open! Awkward! 😂🤣

I don’t have good history of sleeping in public without something odd happening so although my boots were fierce (Jodie this was your comment ❤️), at least I didn’t nap inside the mall!

Fashion for Fall

Hello friends! And happy Wednesday! Sometimes I get overwhelmed on Monday (it seems a lot to get three groups accomplished between Monday-Tuesday) but this week I had more energy and not so overwhelmed. It might be I’m having a Cabi party on Thursday and Saturday traveling to St George Utah to see “Thriller” at Tuacahn Amphitheater. So yeah I’m super excited this week!

But I wanted to share one secret of dressing for fall and I promised to share my super affordable coat from OldNavy ($10).

My friend ANNE (!) found this amazing jumper on clearance ($7) at Target but unfortunately (for her) it didn’t fit and she passed it on to me. It fits me perfect and I used a strip of leather as a belt along with a nude t shirt and cognac heels (these cheap from OldNavy too).

Now it’s been super cold in the morning but warmer later in the afternoon so this morning I’ll be wearing my gorgeous new taupe (cheap) trench type jacket from OldNavy and the taupe really pops with the jumper underneath. It’s such a fun combination.

I hope this idea helps you think of ways you can also dress for fall (cold in morning and warm afternoons)! It doesn’t have to be so hard ❤️ plus you can do it very affordably!

Affordable Chic

Hello friends and happy weekend! Thank goodness we made it through the work week right??

Today I’m sharing how easy it is to be trendy and chic on a budget. When I say budget, I normally mean 40% off at JCPenney or 25% off Cartwheel app at Target or rewards from OldNavy cutting the price of a gorgeous coat to $10. This is my budget definition 😊 I love to get something fun and trendy for a great price!

Recently I found a gorgeous pair of pants at Target-Universal Thread that are a deep wine color- on sale -bogo 50% off. I also found a cute print top with a fun neckline and sleeves at JCPenney for 40% off. I combined these two things with last fall’s plaid jacket (also Target-WhoWhatWear and I believe on sale when I purchased) and my last year white boots from Charlotte Russe online-they were $20 and I’ve worn them tons of times.

Some people think you have to spend a lot of money to be on trend but these stores I’ve mentioned almost always have what I’m looking for -for the best price!

Next post I’ll share my $10 coat from OldNavy !

Hat Smackdown

Hello friends!

Happy Wednesday! Our week is halfway through (halfway, halfway, ya got me halfway?? -who knows this movie reference? It’s one of my favs!)

Anywho…I want to share some of my distress over buying hats! Yes hats! I absolutely love hats but have always had some struggle finding one that fit.

This story starts a couple years ago when my oldest son bought a motorcycle. He dropped by the house to show it and his cool gear off. He related how he had to buy the biggest helmet made and tried to squish my head into it (this was my first indication of trouble) -THE THING WOULD NOT FIT and actually felt like my skull was cracking. My son stepped back in awe and said “that’s where I got it”- skull size LOL

So fast forward to this week, I found a lovely burgundy hat with black bow around the shaft. It is the cutest hat (found at Target of course) and the darn thing does not fit! WTH my head is really one of those things that I absolutely cannot change. I can change the color of my hair, my makeup, my clothes, and I can exercise to feel more healthy but I cannot change the size of my head. Beanies usually fit because they stretch but it’s hard to find a structured hat that doesn’t squish my brain and give me a headache…so sad.

To further complicate matters, I took out a measuring tape-this is never a good idea, do not do this at home (a soft sewing one) and measured my noggin. My head is 23 inches…..WTH again?? I googled a normal size head for a woman and it is 21 3/4 inches; normal size for a man’s head is 22 3/4 inches….seriously what happened? I mean this is the kind of thing you can only laugh at! No wonder I’ve always had a hard time finding a hat to wear, the things are three inches too small! Like I’m gonna get a special made hat….OS fits all! NOT??!

I’m feeling a little plus size head discrimination going on! Who’s with me??! Spread the word! LOL (my sad face below)

Finally Share my Hair

Hello friends and happy Sunday!

I hope you all have had a great weekend!

I finally decided to share another of my “hair” adventures. I blogged about possibly cutting my own hair about a week or so ago but I finally did it!

I got my own hair cut in a chin length bob type of style. I wanted to be able to leave my hair down when I wasn’t wearing my extensions (just cause I’m tired of doing the same thing everyday and sometimes the extensions hurt and I want a break). I also fatigued of my hair being in super tangles every morning- it was so fine and thin at the bottom.

So last Wednesday my stylist cut about five (?) inches off to where my hair is thicker ( as I lose hair and grow back hair- most of it is around ear length) so it looks thicker shorter.

Friday I bucked up enough courage to go to work WITHOUT MY EXTENSIONS! I know right?? I was super anxious but people around me are very kind and supportive and I’m so thankful as my hair is kind of a sensitive subject for me.

So I’m passing on my bravery to you my blogging buddies. Here are a couple pics of me and my own hair. Be Brave friends!

Corduroy Love History

Hello friends!

Happy weekend!

I wanted to share my early love of corduroy pants! I remember as a sophomore in high school (maybe a freshman?) my mom gave me a pair of blue (baby blue) hip hugger-flare corduroy pants. They were my favorite pants and every time I wore them (coincidentally my crush wore his blue cords) and I took it as a sign he liked me! Oh my goodness, the way my mind worked when I was young! 😂

Anyway, I digress.

A couple weeks ago I discovered a baby blue corduroy jacket and pants (high waist this time) through another popular IG @sassyredlipstick on ASOS (online clothing) and it reminded me so much of my baby blue pants in high school that I couldn’t wait to wear them!

Until I started blogging I never knew how much clothes have had an influence on me through my life.

I’ve wore my new cords twice so far and really like them. I wore once with my Rolling Stones Tee, black loafers from Target, polka dot socks from Amazon, and my red fanny pack also Target. It was such a fun look!

The next time I wore them with my bright colored sweater from Target – again my loafers and dotted socks (I’m in love with those two) and my black circle bag (coincidentally also Target! 😂)

I hope these two outfits give you ideas on how to style corduroy or a suit. My muse is Cate Blanchett’s character on Oceans Eight- she wears an amazing blue suit in one scene (it’s to die for).

Corduroy and blue suit for the win!

Closet Problems

Hello friends! (Happy almost Wednesday)! You and I have almost made it through the week! I’m so proud, it’s so hard 😂

I’ve noticed that I can clean my closet, be so organized I should get an Oscar, and have a plan for my outfit the next day… but somehow by the end of two days I’ve got the makings of several outfits clumped together and all my previous planning and organization appears to be a waste of time. 😳

Saturday I even tried several things on and took pictures to remind myself of what I liked together (things that seem new but shopping my closet- which actually makes me feel like Wonder Woman-REALLY) and I felt so productive and had a sense of accomplishment….and today my closet is messy.

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!? Why can’t I maintain my closet?? These are my odd and obviously very important thoughts this Tuesday evening. I’m open to feedback…maybe LOL!

before:after: (obviously a fictional depiction and not my actual closet cause I’m embarrassed!) 😂🤣