It’s a Patterned Life

Hello friends!

Even on Monday I somehow manage to feel happy! For the first time in about three weeks, I’m caught up on my paperwork at my paid job! That’s crazy right?? But to be honest, I’ve had two trainings during that time along with a holiday and I’ve been drowning (metaphorically) most of the time but NOT TODAY!

Today I am caught up (happy happy joy joy) and can now focus on other things 😉 such as my blog! LOL

I don’t know why but mixing patterns seems to just give me joy! I found this sweater, (yes it is a sweater, I wore to church yesterday and felt like I was having hot flashes…maybe I was but it’s a warm top- not for summer- it’s not online anymore 😢)at H&M, sometimes the cutest brightest colors are there or Zara (I love these bright colors, especially RED) and the skirt is last winter, ok maybe April but not now. I thought pairing them together is so fun! They have similar colors, red and black and for some reason the red goes perfectly with the blue which I can’t really explain (blue is the color of a college team I do not like-so I have some kind of emotion block in that area!) Then I used my white boots from Charlotte Russe (online) and white earrings from Target-Sugar Fix to calm down all the red. Now just to further complicate things, I wore my purple lip color from Sephora-Anastasi- in Rage because red+blue=purple right?? It’s totally logical and elementary my dear.

Give pattern mixing a shot, you might find you have some great fun with it!


Jogging pants = High Fashion?

Hello friends and happy Thursday! You are almost to the weekend! Push just a wee bit harder!!

Thanks for joining me again today! I’ve got the buzz for jogging pants for a year or so and want to explain cause I think they have a bad rap 😂

A year or so ago I saw a picture in a Fashion magazine of a woman wearing jogging pants with heels- and I thought- wow really? Can I get away with that? It would be sweet right?

Soon after I snagged a black pair and at a family New Years (around that time) dinner -I wore my black joggers, a sequin shirt, a eggplant (color) long cardigan, and some kickin black heels with zipper details (along with purple jeweled earrings)! Super fun look I’m telling ya!

Since then I have four extra pair of joggers- a red and a olive green pair with a slight slinky sheen, (From Bridgette Briana-linked below) and a pink and a cream pair (JCPenney) that are more terry material.

Today I wore the olive slinky pair with my leopard shirt, open toe tan booties, and gold/green jewelry. I think it’s a fun look!

It’s not sweat pants anymore baby! Dress those cuties up and be creative!

Bridgette Brianna Joggers

The Boot War

Hello friends!

Happy (end) of Labor Day weekend 😢 I know! I’m sad to see it go too! Time flies so quickly, doesn’t it?? I hope each of you had some fun this three day weekend before the long haul til the holidays 😂😂

Anyway I had an amazing discovery I thought to share with each of you!

I’ve been scouring sales and online shops for weeks to snag a pair of snake print boots! They’re so chic and such a great print to match most anything that I had almost given up hope to find a pair not sold out! 😢

Then a friend of mine shared a pair on her IG and whispered where she found them- Dillard’s online- a Steve Madden pair for $129 (normally a little steep for me)- yet I was desperate….so I ordered.

Then on an errand for something else- I spied a pair of snake print boots at TARGET- yes my friends TARGET-for $35- thirty five dollars! They are pretty comfy- have a black stretch inset for comfort on and off, pointy toe, and little silver nail heads around the boot!

So I got that pair and waited for the other pair to arrive and compare which I liked better.

Obviously I love Target price but other than that, the boots seemed fairly similar.

So the spendy boots came today and I had them side by side.

Steve Madden boots have a zip back for each in getting on/off and are more supple material-leather I believe.

Target boots have a black stretch V to get on/off easily but are comfy and I love the sparks of silver to dress it up.

Both boots have a pointy toe and look so similar to cowboy boots that either are a great buy depending on your budget….but…

I will return the Steve Madden boots as I am a thrifty shopper and can’t resist such a good deal on a sexy pair of boots!

Let me know what you think and which pair you like best!

Warrior Weekend

Hello friends!

Happy Labor Day weekend! For me it really was a Labor Day yesterday! 😂

We drove up to my parents home in Wyoming Friday night (late Friday night- I discovered how hard it is to see on the toad when the cars traveling toward me have new headlights)! Or maybe it’s age- IDK!

Anyway yesterday morning we wore our grubby clothes (my sisters remarked they were glad none of us were dressed up and are au naturel for this fun filled day😂🤣)and rode in the back of the truck toward the back end of the property next to the forest (can’t walk up through the property to the fence because the bushes, quaking aspen, and other trees are so thick a person can’t get through).

So my step dad drove a truck up the neighboring sledding hill in waist high grass to where we (two sisters, hubs and I, parents) could walk to the fence in tramped down foliage (the foliage is tramped in this area because of cattle grazing and wildlife). The fence posts back there are rotting at the ground as they are 15 years old; so we spent the first couple of hours using hammers and flat head screwdrivers along with anything else that would work, to force out (super heavy duty) staples (is that what they’re called? they’re pretty thick and look nothing like normal staples but I’m not your typical ranch hand!) holding the barbed wire fence up. There are about 10 posts (interspersed with smaller posts not anchoring anything) that are rotted, so while my hubby pounds the staples, I am either holding the posts up so he has some leverage or pulling the posts out and tossing them behind us in the pile to haul away.

At one point I pulled on a post and as it came free from the barbed wire fence, the wire flipped up and hit me in the face. No mirror-no foul right? Although my face stings and I feel blood- I’m kind of a low pain tolerance person but we took pictures of all our injuries and made it seem fun in a way (the barbed wire punctured one sister in the arm and left a nasty mark- we should’ve had long sleeves- although I did wear long pants and closed toe shoes- I can’t speak for anyone else!) 😂😂

It was an adventure working on the fence and then watching hubs and Bob (step dad) felling dead trees to prepare for winter.

Later that day we worked on removing bushes (they were huge BTW, some at least 15 feet tall- and 6-8 ft wide) from along the fence in the front yard- volunteer wild roses and choke cherry bushes- so that was less of an adventure and more like work, but those bushes met their match- we are warriors baby!

Videos and a pic of my day enclosed, hope you like the scenery I added.