Jogging pants = High Fashion?

Hello friends and happy Thursday! You are almost to the weekend! Push just a wee bit harder!!

Thanks for joining me again today! I’ve got the buzz for jogging pants for a year or so and want to explain cause I think they have a bad rap 😂

A year or so ago I saw a picture in a Fashion magazine of a woman wearing jogging pants with heels- and I thought- wow really? Can I get away with that? It would be sweet right?

Soon after I snagged a black pair and at a family New Years (around that time) dinner -I wore my black joggers, a sequin shirt, a eggplant (color) long cardigan, and some kickin black heels with zipper details (along with purple jeweled earrings)! Super fun look I’m telling ya!

Since then I have four extra pair of joggers- a red and a olive green pair with a slight slinky sheen, (From Bridgette Briana-linked below) and a pink and a cream pair (JCPenney) that are more terry material.

Today I wore the olive slinky pair with my leopard shirt, open toe tan booties, and gold/green jewelry. I think it’s a fun look!

It’s not sweat pants anymore baby! Dress those cuties up and be creative!

Bridgette Brianna Joggers

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