The Boot War

Hello friends!

Happy (end) of Labor Day weekend 😒 I know! I’m sad to see it go too! Time flies so quickly, doesn’t it?? I hope each of you had some fun this three day weekend before the long haul til the holidays πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyway I had an amazing discovery I thought to share with each of you!

I’ve been scouring sales and online shops for weeks to snag a pair of snake print boots! They’re so chic and such a great print to match most anything that I had almost given up hope to find a pair not sold out! 😒

Then a friend of mine shared a pair on her IG and whispered where she found them- Dillard’s online- a Steve Madden pair for $129 (normally a little steep for me)- yet I was desperate….so I ordered.

Then on an errand for something else- I spied a pair of snake print boots at TARGET- yes my friends TARGET-for $35- thirty five dollars! They are pretty comfy- have a black stretch inset for comfort on and off, pointy toe, and little silver nail heads around the boot!

So I got that pair and waited for the other pair to arrive and compare which I liked better.

Obviously I love Target price but other than that, the boots seemed fairly similar.

So the spendy boots came today and I had them side by side.

Steve Madden boots have a zip back for each in getting on/off and are more supple material-leather I believe.

Target boots have a black stretch V to get on/off easily but are comfy and I love the sparks of silver to dress it up.

Both boots have a pointy toe and look so similar to cowboy boots that either are a great buy depending on your budget….but…

I will return the Steve Madden boots as I am a thrifty shopper and can’t resist such a good deal on a sexy pair of boots!

Let me know what you think and which pair you like best!

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