Way to go Friday!

Hello friends and happy Friday!

Speaking of Friday; what do you usually think of on Friday? Happiness, chillax, casual, TGIF, weekend, days off, partay?

These are all things I think but today started off different. I needed new tires on my race machine (haha maxima) so I went to Big-O early for tires and alignment.

The bad news: ma’am the front struts are leaking pretty bad and will need to be replaced (he also said something about the back- but I blocked that information). I inquired how much that would be- admitting struts are expensive. He said – well they CAN be expensive-puleese I know they’re $$$ and I know it takes more time. I had a baby meltdown- tiny really- I just said-well I need to get to work I can’t sit here that long.

Ma’am we have a “loaner” car you can take ?? Really you do? Well now I’m fine other than $$$.

The “loaner” car ends up being something I think competed in a demolition derby. One of the doors doesn’t have a inside cover , the car is about 4 inches from the ground and is barely running. LOL makes me appreciate my race machine for sure.

Then after I arrived at work, hubs tells me his battery and alternator stopped working, he dropped car off at shop, took Uber to work and it’s another $$$.

Another $2000 later I’m thinking, “Friday! How could you be like that”?! (This is Monday kind of stuff, wth) đŸ˜‚

Happy weekend friends!

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