Sister Pride

Hey Friends!

I’m sharing some pride in my sister, let me tell you all about it:

Last night I was scrolling through Facebook and found a post from a distant relative. It appeared she had taken a picture of the back/behind of two women in swim attire and proceeded to shame them based on their weight and appearance; calling them “visual pollution”….so offensive right? I was surprised to see this coming from someone I know.

I then scrolled down and read a comment my sister Tenae posted; saying she found this sad that a woman would take a picture of other women, denigrating their appearance and weight, calling this body shaming (which it is) and applauding these women for just being themselves despite society standard of beauty (which we all know is jacked up). I was so proud of my sister to stand up to a bully and speak truth. I commented on her comment that I agreed with her and we needed to all be kind to each other.

We then texted each other at the exact same time, “what is the deal”??? (Great minds right?) 😂

After that, this distantly related woman deleted BOTH our comments and I was like WTH??

But my friends, I’ve never been so proud to call Tenae my sister as I was in that moment that she spoke up for someone she didn’t even know and called out bad behavior! Bravo sweet sister! I love you! So proud of you!

Kindness is always in style my friends…pass it on.

Bullying and Body Shaming are never ok.

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