Real Talk about Hair Loss

Hello friends!

I thought today would be somewhat different. I want to share my experience with hair loss.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease and my thyroid surgically removed. Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and I think things went downhill (health wise) after that, although the last couple of years have not been bad. I’ve struggled with low energy, low motivation, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, weight gain, digestion problems, menstrual problems, mood swings, hair loss, hair thinning, skin problems, insomnia, irritability….yada yada…seems like the list goes on and on…(oh and forgetfulness or brain fog).

In 2016 I started seeing a naturepath and eating gluten free. I also discovered being soy free has benefits; along with taking natural supplements and hormones. Early 2018 my hair started falling out and I reduced my thyroid medication a tad along with adding Zinc and Iron to my supplemental regime (along with special shampoo, which BTW DOES NOT WORK). For a few months my hair stopped falling out and I felt encouraged.

A few weeks ago, my hair began falling out again and who knows what the problem is this time. I don’t think I can go lower on my thyroid medication and it might be something nutritional IDK! Anyway I sort of felt like shaving my head, really it would be less stressful to worry about my hair falling out. I think it would be easier to wear a wig and just whip that thing on every morning. It sure would take the complication out of getting ready every day….:)

I told one of my cute IG friends about my ideas and she just happens to sell Halo Couture. It’s an easy apply hair extensions products. Human hair is woven into a type of hat thing that lays right above your neck with a invisible wire going over the top of your head. It really is amazing.

She just happened to have some at her house so I popped over and tried on two items: an 18″ Halo and a topper (fits on top of my head to create the look of fullness), both in dark brown. I was feeling a need to change, had been contemplating shaving my head and getting a wig but buying these two options would allow me to continue keeping my hair whatever happens and the two pieces together make my hair look very full! After I tried them on, I was hooked and my worry assuaged. (I was also super sick of curling my hair every day, cause my own hair is very fine and thin; doesn’t keep a curl and would not match my previous Halo if I didn’t curl it). These two new Halo’s are straight. Win for me, win for my hair! For right now I’m not shaving my head, I just got hair four inches longer than before!

So if anyone out there is struggling with thinning hair or hair loss due to aging or disease or hormones, please don’t be discouraged. There is a lot you can do these days to address or hide hair loss and it doesn’t have to devastate your life. I know the last few weeks I’ve been kind of freaking out cause I thought my hair loss was changing for the better. Realizing it’s not and that my disease will go back and forth between healing and attack (autoimmune disease) can be discouraging and feel hopeless.

Please if you have any questions for me, let me know. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all.

16 thoughts on “Real Talk about Hair Loss

  1. Sweet!!! So glad that you’ve found something to help with this hair then no your going through. You and I are a lot alike in the thin, fine hair dept. I don’t think I’m loosing more than normal but just wanting more than I have! I have one of those halo hair PCs that I bought let’s see …..15-20 yrs ago. Does this friend of yours sell what your using? I hope that your feeling better about yourself cause you’ve always been someone I’ve looked up too and admired hun. I don’t want to see you hurting. Someday we have to compare ancestors cause I have relatives coming from Star Valley , Afton area.

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    1. My friend does sell them if you’re interested. She lives in Springville, so super close. I think it works really well.
      I so appreciate you saying so, it was fun when we lived closer huh? I’ve always considered you a good friend. I try not to let it get me down although constant hair loss is a real bummer!
      We might be related! Thanks for reading Celeste!


  2. You experience is awesome and effective. But I noticed one thing in back 2004 and 2012 u are getting many troubles so why you do not go with a doctor. Who is waiting for the suggestion?

    Taking natural supplements and hormones is a good decision.


    1. Thanks for reading, I have seen six different doctors. I might not have said that. No one seems to figure out what is wrong and blames age; even though my hair loss starts and stops at different times which would make me think it’s not aging.


      1. Many doctors pass the doctoral degree and open their clinic. SO al about this is very bad. Your decision is right, Most people don’t take the rigth decision, you choose good treatment.

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