To Lunch?

Hello friends!

Today has been odd- I don’t know- weird really.

To start with I couldn’t find a slip to go with my new wrap dress (apparently no one wears slips anymore!) seriously I can’t just flash my underwear if the wind blows, so my morning was less smooth than I like.

Then LUNCH: I made fish tacos last night and took leftovers for lunch BUT neglected to bring the tortillas (I know it’s the slip incident that threw me off!) so there I was at work with taco-coleslaw mix and fish- I started eating a fork full of fish and coleslaw as if it were salad and eventually felt a little 🤢 (it’s not as tasty as it sounds!) so I stopped.

Then I got home from work and (do I have to create a meal again??) seriously by Thursday my desire to cook has hit a wall and digging my dishes out of my lunchbox made me 🤢 again (thank goodness hubs dumped out my dishes- I couldn’t have done it without hurling)!

So I sat down with plump red grapes and plain yogurt for dinner and my tummy feels better.

Recommendation: Don’t eat fish and coleslaw by themselves. Learn from me friends!

You’re welcome 😉

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