It’s a dress, no it’s a cardigan! (It’s not a plane)

Hello friends!

How is your weekend going?? Mine is good although seemed short; I know some of you might have the next few days off until the 4th, unfortunately I work tomorrow and Tuesday but yes I do have 4th of July off! We have a fun amusing day planned! ( we are going to an amusement park with the kids and grandkids!)

Leading up to the fourth I thought I would share one red white and blue outfit that might include a dress and it might be a cardigan! It’s up to you which you’d like!

I saw a cute lady on IG @chicover50 wearing an outfit like this and I had to imitate her! (Follow her; she is darling!)

Anyway I found a jean dress (button up) at Target – Universal Thread and amazingly enough it was on sale I think 40% off so it came up to about 13.99 and then I found the scarf in Target’s dollar ($3) section-although it was an infinity scarf so I just cut the seam and wore it as a regular scarf with red Target Sugarfix Baublebar earrings and red sandals. I also added red lips and my bamboo bag which is a great match all the red (cools it down I think 😜

I’ll spend more time this week sharing more of my red white and blue! Happy Fourth of July!

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