Amazon Gets Me (Prime Wardrobe)

Hello Friends!

Happy Hump Day! Seriously we are halfway through (more so cause it’s later afternoon!) Thank goodness right?? Me-I’ve been on call (am a therapist) since last Friday at 5pm, so day after tomorrow at 5pm…I’m done! I’ve made it through! Friday’s are a big deal here 😉

I got on Amazon to check out the digital arrival of a couple of my favorite movies and whaddaya know??? Amazon is on the fashion wagon! They’ve got a new feature for Prime members, it’s called Prime Wardrobe. I can shop among their Prime Wardrobe items and pick up to eight items which will ship to me….I can then “try them on” for seven days and at the end decide which I want to keep and which to send back. What a great idea!

I’ve done StitchFix before and got a couple good items but some of the pieces I was sent were odd shape or my stylist did not know how to dress modest while at the same time trendy and fun. It didn’t work for me very well. However, if I’m able to pick my own things and ship for free (return) the things that didn’t quite work, then I’m on board!

I’m waiting til June (although I have items in a cart) is over cause I have a monthly budget for clothes that I believe I am close to the edge 😉 but after that, I’m sending in my Prime Wardrobe request and see what fun happens! AMAZON KNOWS ME SO WELL!

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