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Amazon Gets Me (Prime Wardrobe)

Hello Friends!

Happy Hump Day! Seriously we are halfway through (more so cause it’s later afternoon!) Thank goodness right?? Me-I’ve been on call (am a therapist) since last Friday at 5pm, so day after tomorrow at 5pm…I’m done! I’ve made it through! Friday’s are a big deal here 😉

I got on Amazon to check out the digital arrival of a couple of my favorite movies and whaddaya know??? Amazon is on the fashion wagon! They’ve got a new feature for Prime members, it’s called Prime Wardrobe. I can shop among their Prime Wardrobe items and pick up to eight items which will ship to me….I can then “try them on” for seven days and at the end decide which I want to keep and which to send back. What a great idea!

I’ve done StitchFix before and got a couple good items but some of the pieces I was sent were odd shape or my stylist did not know how to dress modest while at the same time trendy and fun. It didn’t work for me very well. However, if I’m able to pick my own things and ship for free (return) the things that didn’t quite work, then I’m on board!

I’m waiting til June (although I have items in a cart) is over cause I have a monthly budget for clothes that I believe I am close to the edge 😉 but after that, I’m sending in my Prime Wardrobe request and see what fun happens! AMAZON KNOWS ME SO WELL!

Fashion Addicted Self Care

Hey friends!

How was your Monday? Glad it’s over??? Me too LOL

Last week I took a values assessment (work related) and I discovered in four values areas: work, relationships, leisure, and personal growth-health that I am lacking in the leisure area. Who knew??

I graded myself two dots away from “bullseye” in work and relationships but then realized I work pretty hard and am dedicated- along with being connected in the vital relationships in my life- so I thought that might be a judgement of myself.

I graded two dots away from bullseye in personal growth/health because of my nasty fall on my bicycle that still gives me a little grief (my knees at times), but I realized I was quite farther off the leisure bullseye so I committed to do several things this week: read for personal enjoyment, scrapbook a couple of pages, load some pictures and articles on my family history site and in those ways find more creativity and relaxation than I have lately.

Guess what books I got….

friends I’m so excited! Devil Wore Prada is one of my favorite movies so I got almost halfway done with the book today! It’s such fun! I loved the comedy, the actors, the lines, and ooh baby- the clothes. I snagged Chasing Harry Winston just because it’s by the same author, I’ll let you know what I think!

I saw Oceans 8 the day it came out and my favorite thing was the clothes. I notice clothes a lot in movies. I’m just a fashion addict doing some self care that doesn’t have anything to do with fashion………LOL

Thanks for reading friends ❤️

Urban Decay Beached How-to

Hello friends!

On this lazy Sunday I thought I would share my morning of experimenting with makeup!

A month or so ago, I got a new palette from Ulta-Urban Decay- Beached compact. It’s some really bright sandy, coral, and turquoise shades. It’s super pretty.

Then about a week ago, I saw an ad on IG for makeup but the colors were similar to my new compact so I thought I would experiment and see what happened.

Here are several videos of the look. Hope you like!

Parking Lot Shenanigans

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday and weekend! I wonder if any of you have sweet plans this weekend? I’m on call, so I’m staying close to my cell phone but hopefully things will be smooth 😉

Yesterday I WAS NOT ON CALL, so me and hubs lived it up with some of our married children and grandchildren! Our married son and daughter in law gave hubs an evening of bowling and so that’s how our fun started out! There were six of us in total, and I ended up winning (121)- still not a great score but it’s better than I did last time so that’s good!

Then we ate at Costa Vida which has a location right at the bowling alley. After that the little kids were getting pretty tired and they called it a night but I talked hubs into taking me to a movie! Jurassic World! Whee! (I didn’t like it as much as the previous Jurassic Park movie but really I got out and did something so that’s most important 😉

Although we had some struggles in the parking lot! We couldn’t find anywhere to park and so I suggested hubs drop me off and I would check in on our MoviePass app with both our phones….interestingly enough after I got out of the car I realized I left my phone in the car but spent the next ten minutes chasing after hubs car in the parking lot but he never did see me! He is driving away and I’m running behind him trying to catch him….he didn’t see me and turned down another lane, I went through cards and tried to get his attention but he didn’t see me again and this happened about four more times until he parked! Picture this woman running up and down the parking lot waving her hands and yelling! Yeah that was me! Hubs needs a new windshield if he can’t see me chasing after him! LOL

Running through the parking lot, I blended in with the asphalt with my black/white/gray/edgy outfit! It’s my high waist-wide leg striped pants by Express, my graphic Beatles Tee, my gray mini shoulder bag, and my white wedge sandals by JCPenney (at the movie theatre I had changed into flip flops-thus I could run hahaha and I got about 1000 steps so there’s that) and a new edgy eye shadow look inspired by an advertisement I saw on Instagram!

Hope your weekend is wonderful friends!

High Waisted Striped Cropped Pants

Great Men in my Life

Hello friends and Happy Tuesday!

I’m late with this post honoring the amazing men in my life for Father’s Day, but tomorrow is the anniversary of my dad’s death so honoring him now seems appropriate.

MY DAD: The first man that was important to me is my dad-Richard Lee or Dick as he almost never used Richard (to my knowledge). Everyone liked him, he was funny, hardworking, honorable, respectful to women, smart, (he was really good looking) although I don’t think he saw himself that way-he was very humble. I loved to sit and listen to him (around his brothers and sisters-at my grandparents house) tell stories. He was funny and I think people were drawn to him. He had this amazing story of being a chaperone at a school dance-he was a teacher-and a couple of drunk young men tried to crash the party. They postured him (smacked him in the chest and told him they didn’t need to listen to him) and he carried one out above his head and threw him into the road-he was the original Mr Incredible. He had a low tolerance for bullshit (my word, not his) but he was genuinely kind and caring, although didn’t much talk about his feelings LOL. I know many times that young men in his classes at school (he taught mechanical drawing/drafting and electronics) have remarked to me and others the great respect they had for him. He was also a great athlete. I remember being in junior high or high school (he played softball many times during the summer) watching him get up to bat and ALWAYS hit the ball out of the park. He played centerfield or left field and a guy was in trouble if he hit it anywhere near my dad. He either caught the ball or threw it all the way to home plate, no one had a chance. He was All Conference and All Guard (I hope that’s right) in football in high school ( he had his jaw broke- I think as a freshman (? Not sure his age) and broke his finger playing football- his finger didn’t ever point straight -it was always bent at the end) and he played basketball too. One time making a basket at the last minute from half court to win the game (pretty sure that’s not exaggerated). He died from cancer June 20, 1985….so a anniversary coming up. I miss him terribly, I miss having an adult relationship with my dad. I’m sure he would have had good advice for me many times in my life. I’m proud he is my dad.

My grandpa Cecil was an entreprenur…he started a grocery store in our little town, along with a meat processing plant, and a Drive In. He also drove a school bus for the high school. He was a big support in my life. After my mom, brother, and sister died in a car accident- I spent a lot of time at my grandparents home because (I think) my dad was at work or spending time with friend to comfort him. I don’t remember much of that time but I do remember riding on the school bus with my grandpa, I sat right by him on the big engine in front (probably not safe but I felt safe by him). I remember his big green chair, he loved those white mints with the green center combined with peanuts, and he had a beautiful voice. He sang in our church choir often. He died from a heart attack in 1978 (I think it was 78).

My grandpa Wilton is still alive, he is a marvel. He will be 97 this year, I know right?? He is a farmer, had a dairy years ago and this is the first summer he hasn’t raised grain.  He is kind of discouraged about that, but he has been falling often so he just can’t do what he used to do. I remember being in his barn while he was milking cows (when I was in junior high or high school) and the country music was playing and he was talking to his cows. I also helped my aunt Laurie (she was only four years older than I) wash the milk cans at night or turn the hay bales during the day to kill mice that would ruin the hay. He has always been a hard worker and is an example to me to stay busy in my life and work hard.

My step dad Bob is also a great man. My step mother (I call her mom) married him some time after my father died and he is the glue in our family (so to speak). I think he keeps everyone level headed and I know he cares about us all even though has only known most of us as adults. I love and respect Bob, he is a great man.

My husband is a great man (last but not least) haha he is such a funny, thoughtful, kind, hard working guy. He really supports me in whatever I’m doing, whether it’s work, my blog, my fashion obsession, or any of my outside drama that causes me pain- he is my rock! I love him so ❤️❤️❤️ he is also a genuinely good man- so connected to honesty, integrity and true to his relationship with me. He is such a funny guy- he will be telling me a story and it sounds believable but (I know for sure) is something he’s made up! He’s so funny! He loves cooking and car shows along with fixing things, “I can fix that”. A couple of his favorite tv shows are Storage Wars and Pawn Stars. He puts up with my nerdy obsessions too like Star Wars and Star Trek (he told me he didn’t like Star Wars when it first came out LOL but watches it with me cause he is a wonderful husband!

The pictures below are first five of my dad, next picture is my grandpa Wilton with my grandma, next two pictures are me with my husband and my husband alone, next picture is some of my family with my grandpa Wilton and picture is my grandpa Cecil when he was young (bottom on the right). Then I add a recent picture of Bob with mom and a recent picture of my grandpa Wilton.

Hair today…?

Hello friends and happy weekend! I hope you’re enjoying wherever you are! Isn’t summer weather wonderful?? (Personally I’m very fond of weekends AND summer)

I had a scary experience on Thursday! I got my hair trimmed 😳! Years ago when I had short hair, I got it trimmed about every 4 weeks. Since I’ve been growing my hair long- I’m kind of afraid 😱 of getting it trimmed!

Now I know what other long haired women go through! It’s such an odd experience!

I haven’t got a trim since January and really want my hair to be healthy and bouncy (as much as possible- I lost a great deal of hair last year when my thyroid medication was off) so my ends are terribly thin but the middle and top are filling out- I wear a Halo Couture to fill in for the hair I’ve lost (at least that’s what my hairdresser says and she’s not typically a liar 😂) so I knew it was time for a trim.

After my hairdresser dyed my roots and stuck me to BURN 😂 under the dryer, she washed/conditioned/combed my hair getting it ready for trim. I had to look down or to the side for a few minutes as she trimmed (I’ve never had this long of hair since I started seeing her- it feels weird sometimes) but as she finished I realized I had been holding my breath! Worried she would cut off too much! I laughed at myself realizing all of a sudden I was part of the long hair club!

I’ve always heard my friends talk about this phenomenon but never personally experienced it as my hair was always short!

It’s a new day! Milestones and adventures abound I’m telling you! (Pics below of the great color job my stylist did! Love her!)

Bright, Bold, and Confident in Yellow

Hello friends and Happy Friday!

How is everyone today? I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the weekend! I know I am! Thanks again friends for reading my blog, I appreciate your encouragement and follows 🙂

I discovered the most darling yellow striped tee at H&M (City Creek Center) the other day along with some bomb sunnies! (I also met one of my IG friends that evening @stylequeenie and she is such a doll! She is easy to talk to and we have so much in common!) Anyway, I bought the Tee and sunnies, such a good deal; they were each about $14.99 so I thought it a great purchase and so affordable.

My yellow striped tee reminds me of high school. I had a darling (terry material) bright yellow tee trimmed in red (around the sleeves and hem-my school colors) but every time I wore it, somehow horrifyingly coincided with an in school assembly, so for some reason that color really stood out in a dark auditorium. One particularly horrifying time, a musical group- a band came to play and pointed me out, asked me to stand-then they did a cover of Elvis’ song “Hound Dog”….really?? That’s exactly what a 17 year old, shy, insecure, and someone super aware of her acne needs to hear and be singled out. Needless to say, I got rid of that horrid shirt…who knows maybe I burned it? That’s a terrible memory, and to this day have not wore yellow…PTSD maybe?? LOL

So now you know what a big deal it is for me to actually buy a yellow shirt! This shirt is bold, bright, and really beautiful. I wore it with confidence friends 🙂 Sometimes it takes years to be confident, but better late than never right?