Addiction and Sadness

Hello friends!

I’ve had a sad week, you all know I’m a therapist IRL right? Well one of my clients overdosed and died early Tuesday morning. I haven’t had a client pass away before and it’s been painful. It also remind me of why I’m a therapist; I wanted to make a difference in the fight against addiction. Sometimes this is a sad fight.

I had a work training today; I was part of a group activity where the leader asked us all to (create) and remember each person’s individual (thought up) hand gesture as part of a mindfulness activity and I started sobbing-almost uncontrollably- that wasn’t a super convenient time for me to feel my sadness although I’m overwhelmed right now so I guess it comes out in weird ways.

I usually have a really cheery personality so I feel exhausted to be super sad all the time. I’m sad but I am worn out and don’t want to be sad. I’m conflicted for sure because it’s normal in this situation to be sad. I haven’t sobbed in meetings with other clients so somehow I guess I’m keeping it together.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that emotions are normal and I know it’s unreasonable to expect ourselves or others not to have emotions in normal sad situations. We are human after all.

(I wish we could win the war on addiction, I wish the road led to recovery)

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