Buy versatile pieces

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday!

I read something online that emphasized having a positive attitude, so I’m trying to pass that along. I didn’t drive in snow this morning and it’s been a somewhat sunny day so that is wonderful. I hope your day is going well too!

I thought I would share my thoughts about buying versatile items; like the pants I’m wearing now for example. I purchased these pants at Loft last year, maybe in April? They were in the clearance section for a good deal and I fell in love with the floral and gorgeous blue background.

Last summer I wore with a bright melon top but they’ve really got my love over the winter. I’ve wore them with a tan stripe top, gray sweater (with burgundy jacket), bright pink sweater, and pink stripe top. They really flatter many different things because there are so many colors/tones in the pattern. They’re one of my funnest most favorite print!

I recommend, when you’re contemplating buying an item of clothing or shoes/jewelry; think to yourself, how many things can I combine with this? If there are more than two combinations, I think that’s a great buy! Sometimes you might want to buy something for a special occasion and that is normal, but I want my clothes/accessories/shoes to go with many different things. It’s like the ABC’s, there are only 26 letters but all those combine for dictionaries full of words! I hope I can make that many combinations with my clothes #clothesgoals right??

Happy Monday ya’ll! 🙂

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