I (heart) red

So I’ve been really happy the last few months because red is such a hot color! I mean “hot” fashion wise, like it’s a new color previously undiscovered! It seems like there is red everywhere which is really good for me because I’ve always loved red and it’s a flattering color for my skin tone/hair.

I’ve had red pants for years…and just now (since it’s in vogue) I’ve got a red bag, red boots, red faux fur coat, red sunglasses…seriously I’m in heaven. What else red can I snag before it’s not in???

I really love red.  This makes me think of something else I love…About 14 years ago I got a distressed (holey and embellished) pair of capri length jeans that I saved and saved money for (got them at Dillards). They went out of style about a year after that, but I saved them and now poof! They’re totally in! I was rewarded for my loyalty.

What do you love that has gone in and out of style before you’re ready? What do you hope stays in style for awhile??

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