Valentine Bandwagon

Hello friends!

Did you ever feel like there is a Valentines bandwagon in February?? Like we all have to wear Red or Pink and be deeply in love and have all these romantic plans for the BIG DAY that just blows everyone else away? Valentines Day is automatically highlighted in my calendar, just so I WON’T forget LOL

I normally wear lots of pink and red, it’s kind of my color and lots of fun to wear, but I gotta be honest. February 14th is a Wednesday and I’m just not up to staying up late on a weekday…we also just got back from vaca and need to tighten the belt, so we probably aren’t have a big shindig either! Does that make me a party pooper? I think not, and I don’t think I’m the only person that feels this way.

Sooooo…don’t expect me to post all gushy just because it’s February 14th! I told hubs I love him before I left for work today, we had a really fun weekend together and yesterday some of our children came over to watch the game, so I’m a happy camper no matter what happens on V-day.

Here is what I do like! I’m wearing my favorite white distressed jeans (JCPenney) with a fun tie sleeve pink sweater (Express), and combined this with a new thigh high pair of pink suede boots (AMIclubwear)…to make sure it’s super fun, I added my new bag that I snagged at the Dallas airport (Desigual), so it sort of looks like I’m on the Valentine Bandwagon, but really I just love PINK! I gotta be me!

Sexy Dust Pink Pointy Toe Thigh High Boots

Have a great week my friends!

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