Is Houston really Portland?

Hello friends!

So we made it from SLC to Dallas (I got a T shirt in Dallas airport, I have this weird thing, I need a T shirt from every new city I visit-this one is pink!) to Houston. Anyway I think we’re in Houston, the map and airport says we’re in Houston…but it’s been raining the whole time so I secretly wonder if we’re in Portland?

I’ve been to Portland before, a couple of times actually, courtesy of my employer. We had a DBT training twice in one year for one week each time and it rained almost constantly (in March and October). It’s such a pretty place, I’m just not used to all that rain.

And here we are apparently in Houston and it’s raining. Is this unusual or is this normal?

Anyway, I realized that as we got off the plane, all of a sudden my hair is hanging in my face? That’s odd, but when we get to our hotel I found out my hair is almost completely straight! It must be the humidity? My hair has some natural curl and a couple of years ago, hubs and I went on a trip to Chicago with his work and my hair was curling crazy (of course it was shorter) so my hair being straight is odd.

I’m doing my hair this morning and the curls aren’t staying for more than a couple minutes….wouldn’t you know I didn’t bring hair spray??? What was I thinking?? LOL

So then we’re on a hunt for hairspray, luckily the convenience store next door has a travel size that works perfectly! Other than that, it seems I have brought everything I need!

We are now waiting to take a bus to the pier in Galveston where we will board our cruise! I’m so excited!(pics from our hotel window and do I have enough luggage?? Just checking!) LOL

Stay tuned for my vacation adventures!

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