White in Winter?

Hello friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I have had a lovely Saturday! I really adore sleeping and not using an alarm to wake. It’s so heavenly 😍 Saturday and Sunday are made for me!

I thought I would share my love for white today! I found a beautiful white coat on clearance at Express a couple weeks ago -40% off the already 40% off. It was the last one and perfect fit (what are the chances right?) it was waiting for me 😉

All my life I’ve heard this rule: No white after Labor Day. I have more white hue clothing now than I’ve ever had in my life but I’ve always had a great pair of white jeans! They really go with everything! I had one pair forever that I washed all the time and they always looked perfect! I wore them out LOL.

So I’ve always wore white fairly regularly and as I’ve aged I’ve kind of been a rebel in regards to what is “normal” and “appropriate” for a woman my age so when I hear someone say don’t wear white- I really go out of my way to do just that! LOL

I thought I would share some of my white looks this week in the middle of January! I think you will see that Winter White is very pretty and you might want to snag more white for yourself!

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