Hair Affair

Hello friends!

So I’m sitting here under a big blow dryer waiting for my newly dyed hair to set. Apparently I need to be nuked under the dryer til all my living cells die! (I’m so dramatic)!

I actually am excited to get my roots done because it means I’m that much closer to going on vacation!

I’m in a quandary; I think it would be fun to go all dark (come to the dark side) during the winter. Not that my hair isn’t already dark but I have red streaks throughout, and I sort of feel like a change. Lots of women do a darker shade in winter and I think it’s real fun BUT I’ve spent such a long time getting my red sections the perfect shade (actually my hairdresser-Danica has spent a long time doing that)! But I think it would be fun for a change!

At this point, the next time I get my hair done it will be mid to late February and is that too early spring to go DARK?

What does everyone think? Should I choose the dark side? Or continue to embrace my red spit of personality?? Let me know your thoughts!

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