Weekend Assignment-Swimsuit

Hello Friends!

Did everyone make it through the first full week of January?? I know it was hard but yay you for getting it done 🙂 Yay me for getting it done 🙂

Now my treat to survive the week is finding a swimsuit for my vacation! Whaaaaaattt?? That seriously does not sound like a treat, really who would refer to that as a treat? Most women I know do not consider that a treat. Me either…stick a needle in my eye…

The problem with swimsuit shopping is complex…let me explain. Clothes shopping is normally a very fun activity and I get a little thrill when I find something lovely and even more when it’s on sale. I really don’t stress over my size, I just find something in my range that fits and for the most part, clothes look good.

This is not true for swimsuits and I think I speak for most women out there. I see a real pretty swimsuit in the store (I’ve had experience, so a feeling of dread grips my heart) and sometimes I try on in the store. Most times I don’t just because I’ve been there before. I used to try on suits in the store and the lighting is good for corpses but not for a woman figuring out which swimsuit to buy. It always looks better in the store…or on the hanger….swimsuits just don’t look the same on the hanger as they do on the body. Who designs these things??

I’m all about body positivity and age positivity although I guess the swimsuit area is one where body positivity eludes me. It’s a work in progress I’m sure.

So I found one suit at my favorite store-Target- of course did not try it on but took it home. It’s a one piece (normally one piece suits flatten what’s on top) but I don’t wear bikinis and there weren’t any tankinis, so I got the one piece. It’s a real cute jungle print and bottom half of suit fits fine but top is too loose. I might have a wardrobe malfunction if I do anything but walk. So I took it back for the smaller bust size which of course equals smaller hip size (which only happens in make believe world) and of course the top part now fits better but bottom part is tight and cuts into my nether regions…..

Most summers I don’t even buy a suit, who needs to go swimming anyway?? It’s not worth it really…but since I’m going on vacation soon…this is a need (I hardly ever use that word in regard to clothes haha but truly it is now)…

So I’ll share a picture of my Target suit (I think it would look cute with my cowboy hat and some shorts…also a need because I don’t have any) and one other from Dillards and if I find another cuter suit on Saturday I’ll run it by ya’ll. Give me your opinion!

La Blanca Beyond the Jungle

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