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Welcome to the Jungle

Hello friends!

Here is my continuation describing my cruise fun! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I had experiencing!

The next location on our list is Belize; and Belize it or not, it is beautiful ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Our ship anchored five miles off shore because Belize has one of the worlds largest barrier reefs and ships moving through would damage this delicate system. So we took a tender to shore where we met our tour director -owner of (Butts Up) and I highly recommend going on this tour-Cave Tubing and Ziplining! They took such good care of us!

Outside the terminal/pier we met our guide (not before some local woman told me “honey, when you get back I’ll fix those braids”! Haha! I braided my own hair that day cause I knew I wouldn’t want to mess with my hair- too funny!) and we boarded a large van which took around 12 of us on a hour ride into Belize, where we were led hiking into the jungle (Guns N Roses- Welcome to the Jungle ๐Ÿ˜‚) seriously it was amazing- hiking this mud and rock trail in the middle of nowhere and you can’t see anything because of all the foliage and huge trees and palms!

It was all so green (our guide told us it is their dry season-rainy season is in the summer- but it rained almost all day so that struck me as funny) we are all wearing swimsuits and helmets with lights mounted on them (oh and I was wearing crocs! Haha we accidentally left our water shoes on the ship so we rented “pink crocs” for me to hike in-interestingly enough they work well there in the mud and water). We crossed a thigh deep river three times before we came to a big cave, I mean BIG CAVE!

Our local guide then tied 12 tubes together with rope and we set into a river that runs through this HUGE CAVE-it’s a national park-St Herman’s Blue Hole National Park (of course this is after I capsized my tube and almost drowned (in 18 inches of water with embarrassment) before setting off down the river! I do this kind of thing all the time- I’m not sure how I got this talent but it finds me at the most inopportune times ๐Ÿ˜‚

We float down the river for about 40 minutes in almost complete darkness except for the lights on our helmets. The ceiling of the cave is dotted at times with bats in little holes- it’s seriously the most amazing cave I’ve ever seen. And then we float out to where we first crossed the river going in. We stored our tubes, hiked back a ways, and got shorts on to hike additionally to a spot for zip lining! I got all geared up and up I go- trying not to trip over all the straps hanging from my waist down to my knees (you know I could do that fairly easy)!

We got to the first platform and all of us- even young kids are panting cause we’ve hiked straight up it seems, but there’s a reward to this! We go down several lines to the highest and longest (1000 ft long) and that was my favorite! I was probably zipping along at what seemed like 30 mph and cruised over a river- my friends this was such a RUSH! I loved it! You should all go zip lining! Over a river! At breakneck speeds! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I was giddy!

After two more lines we were done and hiked back to our van; then our guides took us to their main (jungle restaurant) where they gave us home made chicken tamales. It was such a fun experience! Check out Butts Up, you won’t be sorry ๐Ÿ˜ here are some pictures of our adventures (taken through a water proof case, so not the best), I hope you enjoy! (Tour took us back to the tender and we went back to the ship on time)

My next blog post will tell you all about our stop at Roatan, Mahogany Bay, Honduras.

Vacation Land

Hello friends!

I’m home from my vacation but I thought to give you a rundown on all the fun things to do and fun things we did on a Carnival Cruise!

I’ve told you about my first two days and the bamboo massage and facial; I highly recommend btw! This post will focus on our day at Cozumel and Tulum!

We arrived at Cozumel around 8am and were able to get off the ship to take a taxi and meet our tour at another pier. We took the tour through Shipmate Shore Tour of Tulum/ruins. We took a ferry to mainland and then a 40 minute van ride to Tulum. The ruins are amazing-and our local guide told us so many interesting details about the Mayan people, their customs, calendar, and symbols of the ruins- it is not to be missed if you ever go! I also got my daily steps goal plus a few thousand walking around.

There is a steep stair case behind the ruins leading to the most gorgeous beach and I played in the ocean for about an hour. The sand is like powdered sugar it’s so soft and the ocean is a brilliant turquoise. It was amazing; and looking up at the ruins while a ways out in the water was spectacular! I didn’t think to take my water proof case out there I was having so much fun, so no pic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We then made our way back to the van meeting place where our guides had picked us up some lunch for the drive back. I was famished but love Tulum. I think I want to live there! ๐Ÿ˜Š

We finished the day by taking the ferry back to Cozumel and boarding the ship (but first I found a “day of the dead” sarong to match my red swimsuit-life is good!

Itโ€™s a ship not a boat ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hello friends!

Well here we are on our Carnival Cruise! I’ve been on one cruise before and that was our honeymoon; we went on a NCL cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Boy that was fun!

So we are headed to Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay-Roatan Honduras. Our first day was spent getting to know the ship, finding our cabin, doing a safety training, and guys! I got a bamboo massage! It was fabulous ! I’ve never had one before!! She brushed my body previous to everything which seemed odd but maybe that’s normal- she said it was to open my pores. And then I got a 75 minute massage which was wonderful, along with the ship gentle rocking, it’s pretty amazing.

The whole aft end of the ship is dedicated to “Cloud Nine Spa” and we alto took a tour yesterday and it is state of the art!

This morning I’m going to get a facial which they say will improve my rosacea, (that would be a miracle, but I’m not opposed to trying it) and then I’m going to work out in their amazing gym! I’ll add some photos too!

Hubs and I have an appointment this afternoon to get our pictures taken (black and white session) so I’m hoping we get a nice picture to remember this trip. We did that on our honeymoon and it brings back a lot of memories when I see the picture. Tonight is also “elegant” night and I get to dress up for dinner! We all know I’m not ever opposed to that! LOL

Stay tuned!! Wish you were all here with me!

Is Houston really Portland?

Hello friends!

So we made it from SLC to Dallas (I got a T shirt in Dallas airport, I have this weird thing, I need a T shirt from every new city I visit-this one is pink!) to Houston. Anyway I think we’re in Houston, the map and airport says we’re in Houston…but it’s been raining the whole time so I secretly wonder if we’re in Portland?

I’ve been to Portland before, a couple of times actually, courtesy of my employer. We had a DBT training twice in one year for one week each time and it rained almost constantly (in March and October). It’s such a pretty place, I’m just not used to all that rain.

And here we are apparently in Houston and it’s raining. Is this unusual or is this normal?

Anyway, I realized that as we got off the plane, all of a sudden my hair is hanging in my face? That’s odd, but when we get to our hotel I found out my hair is almost completely straight! It must be the humidity? My hair has some natural curl and a couple of years ago, hubs and I went on a trip to Chicago with his work and my hair was curling crazy (of course it was shorter) so my hair being straight is odd.

I’m doing my hair this morning and the curls aren’t staying for more than a couple minutes….wouldn’t you know I didn’t bring hair spray??? What was I thinking?? LOL

So then we’re on a hunt for hairspray, luckily the convenience store next door has a travel size that works perfectly! Other than that, it seems I have brought everything I need!

We are now waiting to take a bus to the pier in Galveston where we will board our cruise! I’m so excited!(pics from our hotel window and do I have enough luggage?? Just checking!) LOL

Stay tuned for my vacation adventures!

(It’s SNOWING now, sooo glad we’re leaving) Packing in Earnest/And Weโ€™re Off!

Hello friends and happy weekend!

I’ve finally started packing for my trip! But before that, I made a few stops to pick up: Dramamine, ear plugs, small hand lotion, vitamins, hand sanitizer, cash, and gas in my car! Just normal stuff really.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve washed my clothes, got down suitcases, set out each of my outfits/work out clothes and brainstormed shoes/jewelry to wear on each day (not working out of course)…and my swimsuit bottom finally arrived! It fits and for the most part is cute with the top (that was cutting it close right??) Tell me what you think of my choices??

I have to make another decision-there are two fancy dinners to attend and here are the choices of dresses: silver/taupe sparkly, red velvet, and black/white striped. Which do you like better?? I will end up taking at least five pairs of shoes, I don’t see any other way around it now LOL

So now I just have makeup and hair stuff to pack which will have to be done in the morning-there’s just no other way to do it!

Our flight leaves at 1:50pm tomorrow!

Fashionista goes on vacation?

Hey my friends!

In one day and 15 hours I will be leaving on vacation and I’ve been concerned….maybe you don’t realize that I’m kind of a high maintenance woman? It might be clear with all of the makeup, jewelry, clothes, shoes….yada yada yada along with other essentials like shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, moisturizer, eye shadow, hats, sunscreen, (maybe a swimsuit, one shipment hasn’t came in the mail yet, little worried) comb, brush, clips, q tips, blow dryer, curling iron….you get the gist right???

How does a fashionista or high maintenance woman go on vacation without packing the whole house along the way?? I have a stack of outfits in my closet I’ve planned to wear in the climate we are visiting, along with a stack of possible swimsuits that aren’t going to work…I’m trying to decide exactly what shoes to bring. I can’t bring them all but want to make sure I have a couple pair of sandals and some shoes for walking…is that all I’ll need?? Well no, there’s going to be a couple fancy dinners over this period so I need to bring a couple of fancy dresses along with shoes, jewelry, and the obligatory shaper (the only thing I DON’T think I’ll need is hose) LOL.

Are you starting to see my problem? I also wonder what I’m gonna carry my essentials in?? I have several (many) purses here at home but I’m not taking several purses. I think it would be best if I just took one, so will my straw bag work? And should I take my myriad of lipsticks and liners just in case?? Oh my gosh, you are seeing my problem aren’t you? Obviously this is a first world problem and really not a bad thing but there ya go, I’m a super high maintenance woman trying to figure out how to pack minimally while STILL having what I need. THIS IS GONNA BE TRICKY!

Stay tuned…. ๐Ÿ™‚

(The picture I shared is how my vacation SHOULD look) ๐Ÿ˜‚ high expectations might get me in trouble! And FYI I’m not even packed yet- just thinking about it!

Makeup removal revisited

Hello Friends!

How was your weekend? Are you still in denial that a new week has begun?? Me too, you are not alone! LOL

I am pushing myself through this week because I’m going on vacation on Saturday and it’s always so hard to stay focused on work when I’m so looking forward to leaving! But I digress….my focus this blog post is about makeup removal!

I’ve wrote before that I have rosacea. I developed this in 2006, I think due to stress but some of it might have been my physical health problems surfacing. Since that time I’ve used Estee Lauder Verite Light Lotion Cleanser as my makeup remover star. I went to Dillards Saturday to buy some more, almost out (about a teaspoon left in the bottle) and the sales lady informed me it is no longer being produced. (I knew this was coming, for the last year or so, it’s harder and harder to find-Dillards has been the only store in stock, so I wasn’t completely surprised) I was however a little stunned because I’m all encompassed on my vacation that getting this news….well I guess I didn’t know what to say…I just stood there and couldn’t think of a response. Finally (seriously it must have been a minute) I asked what product she might recommend because of my rosacea and not knowing another gentle product (I’ve tried several others in the last few months anticipating this problem and the ones I tried exacerbated my skin conditionย ). She gave me a couple of samples to try and one I just love and thought I would share with you all.

It’s also Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balmย -link belowย (I know that’s a mouthful) but it reminds me of coconut oil, it’s very soothing, cleanses my skin thoroughly, and does not irritate my delicate rosacea facial condition. That is a big deal, I’ve used it a few days and it’s awesome! I’m so glad I found one that works, I was super worried and super annoyed at Estee Lauder for discontinuing one of my favorite items and now am relieved that I’ve found something else to rely on for another 14 years.

I took a couple of close up pictures (one without makeup) so you can see my skin- it is covered with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation that covers and protects my face (with rosacea, that is vital) but you can see my skin does not look very inflamed. I think the cleansing balm is helping with this, or I’m super skilled at applying makeup. LOL

Maybe in 14 years my rosacea will be a thing of the past? I can only hope ๐Ÿ™‚

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm